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@RoboShark said:

Hollows looks like a cool new book.

So, A.) Sweet name. B) THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! If I had gotten to the end of the comments without a single person mentioning how cool Hollows looks (even if your not a borderline obsessive Sam Keith fan like myself) I was seriously considering removing my Comic Vine RSS feed and never visiting this site again out of sheer depression. I mean, no lie, I felt my peripheral vision darkening as I scrolled through all the comments about buying Batman and Bloodshoot (Holy crap, people are going to buy Batman??? NOOOO WAY) and NOT ONE PERSON said anything about a new creator owned book by Chris Ryall and Sam Keith, that *GASP* didn't have a super hero in it and might be ORIGINAL. I get that Batman is supposed to be pretty amazing at the moment, and I'm not demeaning that in any way, but come on people, live a little. Try something new! Spend that extra $3. Challenge your preconceived notion of what comic books can be! Support creator owned comics. And for the love of all that is comics, READ SAM KEITH BOOKS. Hes Sam Keith people!!

Oh yeah, also getting Saga and Deathstroke =)

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Vertigo is definitely not dead. As people mentioned here, they still have Fable, and American Vampire isnt done yet either. Plus they just announced a new, ongoing Sci-Fi anthology called Time Warp that has some really talented people working on it, including the aforementioned Jeff Lemire, and that I for one, am really excited for. Like said, if you want to see more Vertigo books, buy more Vertigo books!

As to the actual topic of this article, it is sad to see Karen go as she has been at the helm for some really fantastic books and I hope we get to see her continue this trend wherever she lands next. Best of luck to Karen and thanks for all the hard work and great ideas you helped foster over at Vertigo!

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I would definitely use the X-O Manowar Armor to be a super hero, protecting the innocent and intervening in international crises, all for personal, profitable gain! Er, I mean, the name of all that is good (for me!)

Also, I would love to the the Remote Terminal feature, so that my duplicate could protect me ... from ever having to go to work again. Also, the idea of a replicant X-O armor suit sitting in my cubicle doing my dumb job is absolutely hilarious to me. I feel like I have won this contest just for providing me with that amount of entertainment while I'm sitting here, in my cubicle, doing my dumb job (aka, reading comic vine articles).

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@IrishX: This!

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Really? Im the first person to mention Deadpool MAX? I mean, I know I kind of just have a personal penchant for reading anything David Lapham writes but, still, that book is ridiculously good. I figured it would get a mention somewhere in here.

EDIT: I was not the first person to mention Deadpool MAX apparently. I just have poor reading skills. However, I am the first person to tout its SHEER OVERWHELMING AWESOMENESS.

P.S. Without tarnishing Deadpool's kick-assness, Lobo is still the better version of Deadpool. Lobo vs. Deadpool crossover anyone?

Oh, and Team-up sucked. Thank you.

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First off ... wow, this thread has been going for a long time. I was going to respond to some earlier posts until I realized they were over a year old.

Do have to put my two cents in though. Im a DC fanboy, but I have to say that Superman has always been too overpowered to be interesting to me. Which of course means I dont know all that much about the characters actually storyline at this point so it certainly may be a flawed view. But basically, I feel like there is less suspense and intrigue when a character is that powerful. Either he is going to beat the snot out of his opponent or they are going to pull a green rock out of their pocket. Also, it is extremely contradictory to my opinion on Lobo, who is also way overpowered being that he, ya know, cant die. Guess being an antihero and a comedic device makes him more interesting to me.

Also, while I still dont like Superman, having a nemesis that is equally powerful does alleviate some of the boredom. Hi battles with Lobo are always interesting because they bring the suspense back into the equation. How do two basically unkillable super beings settle things in the long run? One of them is going to have to pull something out of their sleeves (like a green rock! Apparently I'm all about contradicting myself today...).

Also, this whole topic is why I dont like the Green Lanterns being purged of their weakness to yellow. Superheroes need a weakness otherwise there is no suspense!!! There has to be some chance they might lose.

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@knighthood said:

I don't understand the Starfire hate and Mercury love.

Agreed. Buncha Marvel/X-Men fanboys up in hur.

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Blink (AoA) - 19

Mercury (X-Men) - 57 (-2)

Mystique - 45

Starfire - 47 (+2)

Domino - 32

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Haha he is a powerhouse indeed. And usually a really fun character. Ive been a little concerned because Rob said in a podcast that he wanted to make Lobo a more serious character which really goes against his MO. I think Deathstroke is serious enough for the both of them. I was just curious because I felt that Lobo's dialogue was a little forced. Like he used his catchphrases because he was supposed to. But we will have to see where things go.

Thanks for the solid review btw. I wasnt a huge fan of this book for a couple of reasons (Lobo and the young Omegas both kind of put me off since Im a big fan of their earlier incarnations) but I still think its getting too much flak from Leifeld haters so it was nice to read a more unbiased review. I would give it a 2 myself. Maybe a 2.5. But my complaints are the ones above and no slam against Leifelds artwork or anything. I liked the first few pages a lot since I have never read a Deathstroke book before and the introduction to the character was well done. Succinct and to the point. And I like Lobo putting his fist through a security guards face so Rob gets a point for that one.

@k4tzm4n said:

@TDK_1997 said:

I actually liked the issue and if I reviewed it,I would give it a 3,5/5.I didn't mind the artwork that much and expected much worse from the stroy but I didn't have problems with it.

I think that's the highest score it would have received so far, lol. CBR gave it a 0/5.

Wow, I dont know if Ive ever seen a book get a 0 before haha.

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So I was just curious, but you didnt mention Lobo much other than to say that the way he dispatched the guards was pretty cool (which it was). Lobo was the main reason I picked up this book so I was just curious if you were a fan of the character and what you thought of Leifeld's introduction of him back in to the DC universe? Im going to reserve my own opinion for now...