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I'm 20 feet tall, I weigh 3 tons, I have a grey, rock-like skin, I'm twice as strong an' powerful as Doomsday, I'm can move at 2000 mph an' I'm as durable as Darkseid an' Thanos combined. I also have a Red Lantern ring an' battery (but I aint on Atrocitus's side, I'm still in the JL lulz) an' I have an ironforged will an' I'm skilled in boxin', brawlin', wrestlin', street fightin' an' I have a lotta military trainin'. Of course this is all if I were a superhuman you brain-smashed idiot.

EDIT: I edited my powerset lol....I toned it down a bit. It was way too OP before. Too OP aint fun.

I'm pretty much a huge fan of Transformers, Marvel an' DC Universe. 'Nuff said.