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Christopher Nolan's Batman would seem totally out of place in a Justice League movie. For that matter, I always felt Batman seemed out of place in the JLA regardless.

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I give 100% of my vote of Gemma Arterton!

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Is it just me, or does any one else think that Cassaday's cover art doesn't even come close to doing this series any justice? I liked what he did with Astonishing X-Men, but these covers are so bland, two dimensional and just generally disappointing. I've never seen an event where the covers are outdone by the spin-off covers.  For an event like this I think artists like Adi Granov, Marko Djurdjevic, Clayton Crain or Francesco Mattina should be assigned to do the covers.  I'm so sad when I see the covers for Shadowland. They don't even come close to matching the awesomeness of this event. 

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@Blackestnight said:
" PUKE !!!
I don't have the energy to spew how much I hate this. They are butchering the New Spiderman with metro sexual tools.  What are they doing just seeing who happened to look like a character like oh they both have red hair, that sounds good enough hire him. 
Metro sexual tools?! Lemme guess, you're one of those WWE-type macho dudes that wear mustard-stained muscle shirts and is clearly overcompensating for something. 
And btw, Anton has brown hair. 
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If you think about it, acting really isn't that hard of a job compared to most nine-to-fivers out there. You basically get paid to play around. So with that in context, $500,00 is a ridiculous amount of money, not to mention the 1 and 2 mill.  
So yeah, if I had the part I would gladly take $500,00. Besides, it's not just the cash, it's the fame that comes with it, and then more cash comes with the fame and so on and so on. . . 

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Commenting I am.

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Well, I'm glad it was him over some of the other suggestions. Still really sad that it wasn't Logan Lerman. I guess we'll see what this guy can do. 

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 I would be okay with Zach Snyder and Guillermo del Toro. Perhaps even Alfonso Cuaron.
" I hope it doesn't SUCK as much as the Dark Knight. "
Are you entirely insane?! 
"   Had Nolan made a bad movie yet???? "
Inception. "
How can you say that? It's not even out yet. At least wait to see it before giving a verdict.
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Yeah! Free Comics!

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 I still don't get why Samuel Jackson was cast for Nick Fury. If they're looking for more prominent black comic-book characters in movies I'd suggest the studio starts pushing for a Black Panther or Luke Cage movie.  I think this next Spider-man movie should stay even closer to its roots than the Rami trilogy.  

 I understand that to deny him the role is, in a sense, a form of discrimination. But the actor has to fit the part. A Chinese person wouldn't be cast to play Winston Churchill just as a white person wouldn't be cast to play Nelson Mandela.  Imagine the hullabaloo that would've occurred if Storm had been cast as a white person. 


I’m still hoping that Logan Lerman gets that part.