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Cool list

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I should check out a few of those books, maybe I'll learn to love the spider more.
Widow X?>>> that is part of the porno age of Avatar, right?

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i never knew there was a spiderman: india! lol

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there is definitely a pattern here I'm sure of it. I just need to put the pieces together. 
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Nice lists dude!

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" Awesine "
чё? ой!  What?
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Do you like Spider-man? =]

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" Do you like Spider-man? =] "

You don't remember my List -   ARACHNOLOGY ?     
You have bought the scanner? ;)  
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Have you had the chance to read #37 yet?

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" Have you had the chance to read #37 yet? "

There are no chances! In Russia? Whence?    
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The fangs of widow and widow? I'll look it up. Most of them are good! =-)
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Wow, you reeeeeeeeeally like spider-man, don't you? :D
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SO much "spider" related-ness. Nice list :)

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Cool list