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Lady being mugged. This filth deserves to die. I swoop down. I grab onto his neck and twist it ever so slightly. His body goes limp; say hello to Lucifer for me you bastard. Lady runs away in fear, only criminals run in fear. Catch up to lady, beat her to death. I must find the other Knightfalls. Tell my family crime is crazy now. Must find my family, where art thou mi familia?


The police come to the alley to find the dead woman and criminal. "Damn it! He got away!" said the Commissioner. "Is he really a Knghtfall?" asked a younger policemen. "No he is not, he is a madman who thinks he is" replies the old Commissioner.

The two men stare at a brick wall. On the wall is a message in blood, most likely the woman's blood. It reads:

"For those sinners within this city, be afraid! The Knightfalls reap the damned of the Land of the Living!"

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@iggy_knightfall: There comes a time in every child's life where they must tell them Santa isn't real and they aren't an adopted Knightfall. Obviously they never told you about the second one.

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I see a nice perspective that can be developed off of this, I like it.

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Saves her to then beat her to death* Nailed it!