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No, he should've stayed. And Melo should've left also. If they were serious about winning titles now...they both made the wrong decision.

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True world peace, in my definition, is a world where you wouldn't even need money. Take Star Trek: TNG for example...from what I've seen they have found world peace. Money is not important, i'm not sure if they even have currency. So I choose world peace.

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My first two answers. Then I guess Gordon Ramsey.

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Here's my dream team:

The Leader: MYSELF

The Big Gun: Conan the Barbarian (gotta have someone who likes swords)

The Fighter: Raizo (Ninja Assassins)

The Speedy Gal: Black Widow (Iron Man 2...liked her better with long curly hair)

The Weapons Expert: John Preston (Equilibrium)

The Love Interest: Bernadette (Big Bang Theory)

The Smart Guy: Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. version)

The Mario: MacGyver (duh!!)

The Comic Relief: Darcy (Thor movies)

The First Blood: Lana Lang (Smallville)

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Gonna go with Team Stallone. Here's why.....

  1. While Dutch and Matrix are good...Rambo (imo) is still the better soldier. He's more experienced, better tactician, and a more accurate shooter. Explosive arrows proves my point. I don't believed he missed a shot with his bow.
  2. Conan is a non-factor in this kind of modern warfare.
  3. Stallone's characters showed better accuracy and range than Arnold's. Barney Ross (Expendables) and Ray Tango (Tango and Cash) showed excellent accuracy with their firearms. Then you have guys like Rath (Assassins) and Quick (The Specialist) who are assassins and explosive expert.
  4. John Spartan(Demolition Man) took down a super soldier in Simon Phoenix so I don't see him having trouble with anyone in Arnold's team.

The only trouble in Arnold's team would be the Terminator. But if Reese can damage it with home-made bombs, then i'm sure some well placed explosive arrows and do the same.

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Two Words......Roll Tide.

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Only two right answers, MLK Jr. or Cassius Clay (Ali).

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Who is the ultimate action hero? Dunno. Let's find out. Think of a action hero. Sorry, no one with super powers. That includes super soldier serum. Tell me if they can clear these action hero scenarios from these famous movies to become the greatest action hero of them all. It's gonna be one epic action movie.

Level 1: The Damsel in Distress cliche' (ala Last of the Mohicans)

Your hero finds a lady but guess what ,the bad guys get to her and drag her away. There are about 12 baddies in your way. All are armed with muskets and small knives. All you got is a knife and two single shot pistols. Can she be saved?

Level 2: Evil Russian cliche' (ala Rocky)

Your hero wakes up alone and in a boxing ring. In the other corner awaits, Ivan Drago. Can he survive 2 rounds in the ring against the Mad Russian. H2H only. Must stay in the ring.

Level 3: Enemy of the State cliche' (ala Bourne Identity)

Your hero is now a wanted man. Apparently Drago was important to the government. The US Government has orchestrated a nationwide manhunt in search of you. All you have is a knife, a cell phone, and $100 in cash. Can you stay hidden for a week while taking out random agents sent to take you out.

Level 4: Ambush cliché (ala The Boondock Saints)

Your hero has survived the week. Just when he thinks he's safe as he walks out of his door he's sees his maker, IL Duce. You only have one handgun while IL Duce has his six guns. Does he survive the firefight?

Level 5: The High Speed Chase cliche' ( ala Gone in 60 seconds)

Your hero is wounded but still kicking. The shootout has cops on the way. You get into your Shelby GTO and speed off. Does your hero have the driving skills to escape?

Level 6: Terrorist Take-Over (ala Die Hard)

Rested and all healed up you get a tip that your girl is being held at the top of the Nakatomi Building. You were able to sneak but lost your shoes in the attempt. Can you make your way to the top to save the day? You get one handgun and one extra clip.

Level 7: Boss Fight!! (ala Predator 2)

You make it to the top and find your girl tied up screaming, "It's a trap!" It's a 1v1 with the Predator. Predator has his spear only. All you have is your knife and the whole floor is your battleground. Who wins?

Level 8: End Credit Scene???

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Easy picks.

  1. Teleportation (Nightcrawler)
  2. Telekinesis (Sylar)
  3. Telepathy (Martian Manhunter)
  4. Super Speed (Quicksilver)
  5. Super Strength (Superman)
  6. Super Intellect (Tony Stark)
  7. Spider Sense (Spiderman)
  8. Intangibility (Kitty Pryde)
  9. Elemental Control (Avatar Aang)
  10. Chi Blocking (Ty Lee)
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Wonder Woman: Leader

Ms. Marvel: Versatility

Sue Storm: Versatility

Mystique: Steatlh assassin

Zatanna: Every team needs magic