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Another story, yes. In case you have forgotten my last one here it is. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/gen-discussion-1/working-on-a-story-your-opinions-are-welcomed-1534684/

Anyhow...the premise of my story is simple. A new kid. A new school. Same old class warfare. I've taken some of my favorite leaders, generals, and warlords and put them back in school together. Wonder if he make it through the year??? The story so far....

Title: Class Warfare

Main Characters:

1. Ben "Franklin" (quiet, conservative, always studying, gifted inventor)

2. George "Washington" (awkward, wears braces, persuasive when needed)

Empire #1: The Bentley's (weapon of choice: money)

Leader: Alexander "the Great"

Facts: 1. Father is principle. Mother is nurse.

2. 3rd smartest kid in his grade.

3. Intelligent, gifted speaker, cold, manipulative

Second in Command: Joan "of Arc"

Facts: 1. Cheerleader

2. Takes self defense class

3. Very loud, bossy

Enforcer: Leo "nidas"

Facts: 1. Father is a football coach.

2. Plays Pee-Wee football.

3. Big kid, short-tempered, soft-spoken (most of the time)


Recess: 1. Pay to play on the swings.

2. Pay to play on the jungle gym.

Lunch: 1. Bentley's get first dibs on all sack lunches.

2. Pay to get extra food on lunch trays.

Black Market: 1. Sell all kinds of school products (pens, paper, etc...)

2. Sell hall passes

Outside Money: 1. Lemonade stands

2. Bake sales

Empire #2: The Jade Dragon (weapon of choice: information)

Leader: Sunny and Susan Chan "Sun Tzu"

Facts: 1. Sunny and Susan are twins.

2. Father is self defense instructor. Mother is a chef.

3. Very nice and friendly (to your face)

Enforcer: Connie "Genghis Khan"

Facts: 1. Built like a sumo.

2. Likes to eat.

3. Usually non-violent (except when hungry)

Enforcer: Lanie "Fa Mulan"

Facts: 1. Cheerleader

2. Understands english but only speaks it in class.

3. Silent Sociopath


Information: 1. Sell test answers.

2. Sell paper reports.

3. Spy on other kids.

Classroom Take-Outs: 1. Someone you don't like....detention.

2. Someone you really hate...suspended.

Empire #3: Little Caesar's (weapon of choice: spork)

Leader: Julian "Julius Caesar"

Facts: 1. Father owns a restaurant.

2. Loves Italian food and mobster movies.

3. Business-minded, Sarcastic, Passive-Aggressive personality

Second in command: Al "Capone"

Facts: 1. Plays Pee-Wee football.

2. Stutters when he talks. Always answers a question with a question.

3. Bully, loud, easily offended.

Enforcer: Mark and Bruce "Marc Antony and Brutus"

Facts: 1. Brothers but Bruce was held back due to poor grades.

2. Play little league baseball together.

3. Loyal to each other, friendly, like to have a good time


Odd jobs: 1. Mow lawn. (Their prices undercut all other competitors.)

2. Wash cars. (Monopoly on most summer jobs.)

3. Rake leaves. (Also known as, "the job king")

So what do you think?

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The Patriots aka Tom Brady has finally find out what Peyton Manning was dealing with when he started at Indy. Bad defense. Bad o-line. Basically everything anyone has ever said to defend Manning and why he's hasn't won more rings. He's gonna have to learn that he's not gonna have all day in the pocket to throw. Now maybe the last game was a fluke, i don't know. We'll have to wait till the end of the season to find out. But that team you saw last night...that was the colts when manning came in. We'll see if Brady can pull a Manning and keep his team afloat.

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I'm more surprised the let a woman who sang and played with a cup win the whole thing. Oh well.

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  1. Liquid metal body (T-1000)
  2. Matrix Brain (download any information straight into my brain)
  3. Transform parts of my body into machines (Generator Rex)
  4. Magnetism
  5. Teleportation

if not then:

  1. Earth/Metal bending
  2. Fire bending
  3. Water bending
  4. Air bending
  5. Haki (all 3 types)
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Sorry for the empty slots on the last two options. Can't seem to edit it. Anyways, I would go with Earth/Metal bending. All the swinging action of spiderman but with awesomeness of earthbending.

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10. Shania Twain

9. Shakira

8. Jessica Simpson

7. Beyonce (Destiny's Child)

6. Janet Jackson

5. Brittney Spears

4. Gwen Stefani

3. Katy Perry

2. Fergie Ferg

1. Carrie Underwood

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She should be stronger and more powerful than Superman in the movie. She's been Wonder Woman a lot longer then he's been Superman. He'll eventually do some spectacular feat to surpass her though.

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In the real world:

  1. Photographic Reflexes
  2. Teleportation
  3. Spider Sense
  4. Telekinesis

Fictional world:

  1. Teleportation
  2. Telekinesis
  3. Telepathy
  4. Technopathy
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Luffy...especially now that he has armament haki. Unless Zoro has Law level skills of cutting folks with armament haki. I don't think he does though.