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I agree the reboot possibly won't resonate emotionally with the audience. Anyway I don't think they're rebooting too early. It's still going to be a lot different to the previous movies.

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I can't really see why people think he's so great. I see him as just a stuck up douche. There is the whole alcoholism part of his character, but he really doesn't seem all that great.

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@Andy Steven Summers: Could you elaborate on why you and your friend thought he was bad? He really didn't get the humor of Spider-Man down I guess, but that's because of the script.

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When I saw Spectacular Spider-Man and the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon I thought that their characters were completely different to Tobeys. Peter Parker was originally a nerdy bookworm in High school in the comics, and Tobey was just that though he wasn't really a genius. But when I see Spectacular, Ultimate and the new reboot, Peter seems to be more of a cooler guy. Did people dislike Maguire because he was too nerdy and awkward, unlike the new comics and cartoons? Or did you think he was good?

It was like Spectacular/Ultimate Spider-Man cartoons: Cooler, more confident kid Original Amazing/Ultimate comics: Nerdy, smart

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What are some of the main differences between the Peter Parker as a person in the:

Amazing Spider-Man Reboot

Raimis Spider-Man movies

Comic Book Spider-Man (616/Ultimate)

Animated Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Man)

I personally think the animated, comic book and spidey reboot all are quite different to Tobeys. Tobey was more awkward and quiet rather than all the other ones which have a sense of humor. Tobey was also a different nerd. He was smart but was more of a loner whereas every other Spider-Man isn't socially inept.

Amazing Spider-Man reboot seems to be pretty much exactly like the Peter from the comics, and so does Spectacular.

Not sure about Ultimate animated series, we will have to see when we actually have proper info.