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He is Catholic, but I wouldn't call him devote. I think it's both a source of comfort and guidance for him, but he doesn't agree with all of it.

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A series based on one of my fave shows, by one of my fave writers, with team-ups of some of my fave characters.. Definitely picking this up.

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@irishx said:

I read about 30 titles and none of them were a part of that top ten.

I'm going to just say that if Warren Ellis's Moon Knight isn't a part of your list I consider it invalid.

Well like I said everyone has their own list and their own tastes. I like and shared this one cause I agree with most of the choices. It's quite silly though to consider any list invalid if you never read anything on it. You don't have a basis for comparison.

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Don't know why Vader toyed with the guy so long. Should have snapped his neck at the beginning. But I guess that wouldn't have been as funny as seeing Batman pull out a lightsaber.

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Excellent news..everything looks good..Lets hope for a kick ass script and everything is set to go..hope they don't make another GL fiasco...

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Willing to bet Marvel will announce the Captain Marvel director within a week.

Agree with u my friend.I believe they did the same thing with Civil War storyline, to match DC.

Doubt it, the Russo brothers began writing the third Cap before Winter Soldier actually hit theatres in April. It just wasn't announced to be based on Civil War until Marvel could make their big phase 3 reveal.

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A lot of these had me wondering what year it is, but still good stuff.

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Once again Marvel cancels/ends another great series like Elektra, a series with some of the best art around, just to capitalize on the GOTG cash cow with a Gamora book and GOTG team-up book. Now we just have to wait for them to cancel/end two other books so we can get a Groot series and a Drax series

Yeah, Elektra didn't sell enough. Sure, it's a good series but if not enough people buy it then Marvel has no choice but to cancel and replace it with something that they might actually buy. If more people bought Elektra then it wouldn't be cancelled. And that's it. At the end of the day it's the lack of fans who are to blame.

Makes no sense for any company to continually invest in a product that does not give them a return on the investment. That goes for every business, not just publishing, yet comics companies get blamed for cancelling quality books as if sales weren't important. They are a business, sales is all they have to go by.

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I always look forward to awesome art picks. Great stuff.

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Depends on the story. You could make an argument that every time they put down Kang, they are avenging the death of the Swordsman. Every time they take out one of the Masters of Evil, they are avenging the assault on Jarvis. It really depends on the context you place an individual adventure in. There are lots of Avengers stories where civilians die, & the team comes in and resolves the situation. Just because they don't state up front, at the beginning of every adventure that they're avenging "this guy" or "that person" doesn't mean that their name doesn't ring true.