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Far to overcomplicated and silly. Little barbs on the backs of the wrists. Senseless straps around the thighs. Lace up boots. Kneepads, but no elbow pads? Back of the neck left unprotected. Overall a desgin that harkens back to the leather clad, strap wearing, horrors of the '90's.

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Sounds like the writer didnt know how to play office politics to me. Rule number one, your boss is always right. Then find a way to way around his restrictions. But I guess if take your ball and go home is your way of doing things thats what you have to do.

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Crossovers aside there is a great amount of cohesion in this new 52 universe. It is subtle but there if you pick up on all the small points running through all the books.

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Black Widow Buttocks!!

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Ah the House of the Mouse begins to exert its power over the world of Marvel. I really did not want a teenage Doom story. That concept should never been approved to begin with. Same goes for the Destroyers. Another hero we never heard of from the past returns. The house of ideas seems to be running a bit dry these days.

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No new powers here folks move along, move along. Barry has always been able to do this. He can run at near light speed so his brain must have the ability to process what he sees fast enough to react to the outside world. Now if you want to say that Barry has been holding himself back from his true potential because he didnt want to feel less human or something that would be ok. But to say he has a new power is absolutely silly.

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Two minutes of my life I will never get back.

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I fail to see how this will be difficult for new readers. They are there when it begins. they do not have to come into 60 years of history and understanding of multiple Earths. Here is Earth 1 and the New 52 and here are some stories from Earth 2. And oh by the way we can tell stories from another 50 Earths if we want to, Interested? They only thing I would like to see is a once a decade, yes only once a decade crossover. That would make it special and somethng to look forward to . Any more than that and it becomes meaningless.
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Can you fly Bobby? Bitches leave. Dead or alive your coming with me. You burned the money!! I know Dick Jones. I'll buy that for a dollar.  So many great lines in this movie there is no way a reboot can top that.
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Back into your graves you Marvel Zombies!!! Your universe needs a cleansing. . Many people have above have said Marvel does not need to reboot because its not something they do. Hogwash I say. The entire universe has turned into a mixed up, unconnected, fractured place that has zero continuity. Events in the x-books are ignored in the rest of the universe and vice versa, unless we need a tie in.  
The history of the characters has been updated just as many times as at DC but Marvel just tries to keep things running on the same rails and explain it all away instead of using a single event to alter things. The exception being Heroes Reborn which they couldnt get out of fast enough. Steve Rogers was pulled out of the ice in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, just to keep him current with today. The FF have been updated, Spidermans history is a mess, The X-books are a confusing group of characters that shifts without thought or direction every couple of months.   
Most recently your Universe has been event driven to the point that the original core ideas of the characters has been changed to such a degree that they dont resemble who they were created to be. Stories are no longer driven by characters but by whatever the event of the moment is.
Yes my Marvel friends you are lying to yourselves if you think your universe is in good shape. Embrace the boot and start over with a clean slate. You know its the right thing to do.