Forever my Comic Store

There is only two comic book stores in my heart. TFAW and Comic City. Just recently found a comic book store near me. Never showed up in the Comic book store location website. Anyways this place is amazing to me. Great people and of course lots and lots of comic books which is pretty much all i need, Now that i found my comic book store i can see my collection getting bigger and bigger
I'm going to start a tracker on my blog for any of my followers to show how far i came from at this day until lets say a year, or just later on as i post up new blogs. ( i really need to work on my grammar. )


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I love this website already!

I know I'm new here and it's probably known of my business for somebody as new as me to just walk in here already making changes to a website but i feel so alive when i wright about comics. I just started collecting comics and i know i might be late to the party but i didn't think buying one could lead me to buying 30 more.It started with Assassin's Creed, then i found a comic book website, which led me to buy Mass Effect and Batman the Dark knight. Then there was a sale for $0.25 per comic which i bought 28 different comic books, 4 manga, and 1 graphic novel, now i was hooked. I got a nice beginners collection. Some Spectacular Spider-Man, 1991 x-men, Slam Dunk manga, The losers TPB, and a few more comics. As i read them for the first time i also notice not much information isn't on this website, so i thought i give some heart back into these forgotten comics. I want to buy more, and write down more on this website. I want to be a monitor, and offer my help to this website. I love to do this.