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Yeah ... me too. My brain hurts over #4 on the crossovers ... :(

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@JackAs said:
 It's shocking turns like Ares' death is what keeps making me buy Marvel comics. Unlike DC.  

Unfortunately EVERY month seems to have a "shocking death" of someone. Soon Marvel will be out of character to brutally murder. Eventually the "shock" wears off and your left with no characters left.
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You've got to be kidding me. Sentry killed ... no, wait ... mutilated Ares? Lame.
I REALLY hate Sentry. I REALLY hate Marvel. One more reason to just stop buying their crap. Seriously.

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Dark Avenger or not ... I'm REALLY tired of characters dying. I really am. What's the point in reading this stuff these days if everyone just gets killed off.
The only way this won't drive a further wedge between myself and Marvel is if they kill Sentry. I REALLY hate that guy.

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My vote would definitely have to go to the following: Hellions (all of them ... especially Bevatron, Tarot, Roulette, and Catseye), Feral, Rusty Collins, Pyro, Banshee,  Siena Blaze (I think I'm probably the ONLY person on Earth who likes this lady), and Darkstar.

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I voted British. It is how I first knew her in the 80s. She always seemed so ... I don't know ... great. She was weaker (physically) than the others and that gave us some great stories (her lack of confidence in a team setting, Wolverine giving her the armor after Sabretooth almost gutted her, etc). She wanted to be an asset and valued.
The body switch just made her into another shallow, big breasted, ninja-woman that the 90s were so fond of.
Everytime they hint she'll get her British body back, my heart skips a beat ... and then they do something horrible to it. Almost as if to spit on the idea.

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You know, I haven't read any of the Ultimatum storyline but ... I decided to Wiki the event. All I can say is ... sick.
Don't they understand that people grow attached to these characters? Some have dies in BRUTAL and callous ways that it's just plain sick ....
On a side note, now I know I won't be wasting money on the trade.