My Team

I honestly think I'd be in ABSOLUTE heaven if the following was the roster for JLA:

Wonder Woman
Kyle Rayner
Booster Gold
Red Arrow
Zachary Zatara (or Zatanna)
Silver Sorceress

Lots of JLI members ... my favorite run. ;)

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Something Old and Something New ...

Justice League Europe
Justice League International
For me, nothing will ever top the classic Justice League Europe and Justice League International/America. They had some of my favorite characters (Fire, Ice, Silver Sorceress, Booster Gold, Crimson Fox) in some of the most ridiculous situations.

As for current comics, I'd have to say Checkmate. It's a great spy book with heroic aspects to it. I really can't get enpugh of it.
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Emma Frost

I want to see Emma return to her days as a villain. I loved how she would manipulate everyone around her. I mean ... she still does ... but ... it just seems less interesting. Return her to the Hellfire Club and have her face off against her former teammates and students in the X-Men.

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Fire and Ice

I would definitely LOVE to see my girls Fire and Ice (of the Justice League) get their own mini series. I personally think it is WAY passed due. Honestly ... what couldn't you do with a Scandinavian Ice Goddess and a Brazilian Supermodel-cum-International Spy? So much potential!
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