To make for Conquest by Lego

This list is of characters I intend to make out of lego, as part of my Conquest by Lego series. For more information check out my blog, Calculations of Lightning. This list is not all inclusive.

Edit: I developed an allergy to the paint I used for these, so the Conquest by Lego project is on indefinite hiatus. :(

List items

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Interesting list.

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Got a tip for you to help with your Ash, some years ago Lego made a chainsaw blade piece, it was clear orange and included with some sets from a arctic based space line

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How many of these characters have you made with legos? 

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@KRYPTON : About 360...they're on the Completed for Conquest by Lego list.
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looking forward to the Dr. Trap and Psycho Mantis conquests

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This list reminds me how much I miss making these things. :(