Completed for Conquest by Lego

Completed comic book character Legos. (Check out my gallery for pictures!)

Edit: I developed an allergy to the paint I used for these, so the Conquest by Lego project is on indefinite hiatus. :(

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Posted by GT-Man

kool wish i could see them
Posted by Icarusflies
@GT-Man: You can! I post a few of them in each of my blogs, so just check those out! Searching 'CoL' or Legos will probably also let you find them.
Posted by GT-Man

OK no need to get mad :D

Posted by Icarusflies
@GT-Man: Wait....I'm mad? I didn't know that...I better go get my punching bag...I mean little, wait, that was supposed to be punching bag.
Posted by GT-Man

"GULP" okay I'm to lllleeeave now iffff that's okay with you hehehehe RIGHT?

Posted by RoninTheFury

haha, nice! I remember when i was a kid, my dad would secretly buy me a different Lego kit once a month, and put it together for me so when i woke up in the morning, there it was, ready to be played with. good memories.

Posted by Silkcuts

I would love to see the John Constantine Lego.
Great list indeed

Posted by Lurkin

That's hilarious, It's like your dad would buy you a gift, but in a way was buying himself a gift that he had to put together.  I think he was a legomaniac and used this as his way of buying and building while making it appear differently.