Okay, here it is! Calculations of Lightning #50! Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions. I believe I completed all of them. Believe it or not, I have more of these things, so if you want to give me a suggestion I will post it at a later date. Now, without further ado, Conquest by Lego!

Top: Is dizzy because some little kids mistook him for a real top

Trickster I: Is wondering if he can create a gadget that will duplicate the effects of Legoification

Magenta: Became stuck to a refrigerator

Fallout: Has been trapped in a test tube in a science lab studying radiation

Double Down: Is concerned because at this size the wind is so strong that all his cards are being blown away

Rainbow Raider: Is being chased by insects who are drawn by the bright colors.

Power Girl: Wonders if this is a side effect of being thrown from one world of the Multiverse to another. Or is Booster Gold is somehow responsible

Crazy Quilt: Is running away from some bedbugs that mistook her for a real quilt

Vixen: Wonders what animal power she used that might have caused this

Pariah: Thinks this is still better than being called to dying worlds

Alexander Luthor: Did not actually believe the myth that there was a world in the Multiverse where everyone is Lego
Psycho-Pirate: Is wondering if emotion manipulation powers work on Legos

Zebra-Man: Is trying to team up with the zebra fish at the aquarium

Kite-Man: Jumped onto a kids kite, but then got stuck in a tree

Murmur: Is finding the constant noise from insects annoying. Especially because they are as big as he is.

Plunder: Is trying to convince Mirror Master to send him to a mirror world where he is not a tiny Lego

Zoom: Is having trouble running with tiny Lego legs.

Cicada: Is not so happy with his codename when faced with the real thing.

Professor X: Is learning the hard way that telepathy will not make cats ignore potential Lego food.

Peek-a-boo: Is finding her roller-skates great for riding on all the banisters

Oracle: Is finding it very tiring working on the computer, because she has to roll to each key to type. And the wheels of her wheelchair are not working very well because they are made of clay.

Angel: Is hanging out with some birds by the birdbath.

Colossus: Is annoyed that he is made of plastic instead of metal

Shatterstar: Is not having much luck with hand to hand combat, because his arms only move in a straight line.

Ghost Rider: Is having trouble because not only is he too small for his motorcycle, but his eyes are also incapable of expression, so no penance stare.

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Posted by BizarroMan

These are incredible!! What an amazing imagination -- and fun captions.  Are these for sale anywhere?

Posted by TheDrifter


Posted by Icarusflies

If you want sale information, just send me a message.

Posted by Matezoide2

amazing,not only these captions are fun,but these legos are fantastic,congratulations man

Posted by Vance Astro

I'm sorry but Vixen,Oracle,and Crazy Quilt are Hilarious.

Posted by xerox_kitty

These are hysterical with a touch of genius!!  Nice work!

Posted by geraldthesloth

Angel Top Shatterstar and Trickster were done great.

good job man

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

I'd like to see one of Gambit and Lady Shiva please :D

Posted by Asymmetrical

haha! Power Girl's cleavage :D

anyways, awesome job

Posted by pixelized
Vance Astro said:
"I'm sorry but Vixen,Oracle,and Crazy Quilt are Hilarious."
Why Vixxxen?
Posted by Apparition

lol those are terrible looking!  ;)

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Vixen looks like James Brown

Posted by Darkchild
Gambler said:
"Vixen looks like James Brown"
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
Darkchild said:
"Gambler said:
"Vixen looks like James Brown"
hahahahaha I'm for real look at it
Posted by Darkchild
Gambler said:
"Darkchild said:
"Gambler said:
"Vixen looks like James Brown"
hahahahaha I'm for real look at it "
I did thats why i laughed so freaking hard lmao
Posted by No_Name_

You did Oracle for me! Thank you so much! She looks awesome :D!!!! You did a fantastic job!

Posted by Zoom

Awwwww sweet.

Trickster and Murmur look the best.  Cool to see Zoom and some lesser known Rogues as legos.

Posted by TheDrifter

Seriously thanks for doing GR for me! :D

Posted by geraldthesloth

Oh btw

Great job on psycho pirate

Posted by King Saturn
Holy Crap... Thats Amazing