Titans and Teen Titans Legos, Part Two (CoL #73)

Some villains this time...and Kid Eternity. There may eventually be a Titans and Teen Titans part three, or the characters may be posted in separate posts.

Now, a question for Bart Allen fans:
 I plan to make him out of Lego, but would you like to see him as Kid Flash or Impulse?

As usual, suggestions welcome. I will be posting the most recent batch of suggestions soon. I've been busy, so I have not had much chance to work on the Legos. But those who submitted suggestions, don't worry, I have not forgotten.

Anyway, Conquest by Lego!

Trigon: Had a really hard time finding a skull small enough for his belt.

Brother Blood: Is completely upstaging the vampire bats.

Kid Eternity: Wonders if he will only be able to bring back Lego people now.

Mammoth: Almost got stomped on by a mouse today. He is now thinking of changing his name.

Shimmer: Is really glad she switched from the gold costume. Shimmering attracts birds.

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Impulse please!

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Jo Nah

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Trigon looks great! Good job as usual Icarusflies! :)