Thor, Dr. Strange, Loki Legos CoL #36), Plus weekly comics.

Okay, weekly comic review first. As usual, highlight to see the entry, and there are definite spoilers. And does anyone know if the whole Vibe: Rebirth thing is real, or just an April Fool's joke?

Batman: Battle for the Cowl--Man-Bat
No spoiler, since the store forgot to hold the comic, even though I signed up for it weeks ago.

Flash Rebirth (1 of 5)
Great comic. It incorporated many of the key Flash elements, including the Rogues. While the focus was lopsided in favor of Barry Allen (obviously), Wally and Bart got attention too. The scenes with the dead Black Flash (yes, that is an oxymoron), were also pretty great. This story also had a key example of something I discussed way back in Calculations of Lightning #12 (yes, that's what CoL stands for, I did not just make a mistake abbreviating Conquest by Lego). Characters that are created/brought back just to be killed again. Savitar has been gone for a long time, and now he's brought back and lasts two pages. Could have done without the Power Girl preview I already saw that in Teen Titans. Can't wait for next issue...

Justice Society of America #25
Wow, wiping out Black Adam, Isis, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel all in one comic? Really too bad. When written correctly Black Adam was pretty cool. Very moving last page or two, with the statues of Black Adam and Isis. On another note, it was fairly amusing seeing the evil Mary Marvel and Billy Batson. They used to be so incorruptible... (for more on that, and for images of Lego Black Adam and Captain Marvel, see CoL #27. If you just want to see the Legos, check out my image gallery and tell me what you think)

Teen Titans #67+Teen Titans Annual 2009
I never thought I would see Kid Devil in his Kid Devil costume is really lame. Nice introduction to the characters being held in the Dark Side Club. But where did Aquagirl come from, I thought she was dead? I half expected the Calculator to play some role in this, due to his recent control of Kilg%re, and the appearance of Marvin (thanks to Kid Eternity). Deathtrap is definitely off to a good start, but will need to mix it up a little more. Jericho wreaking havoc will only stay interesting for another issue or two.

And now...Conquest by Lego, day 13!

Loki: Asguardian god of mischeif. But even he falls prey to the Legoifying prank.

Thor: At this size, anyone can lift Mjolner. Except that tiny Lego Thor is busy using it to squish ants.

Dr. Strange: Is not quite the master of magic he thought he was. While trying to reverse the lego spell, he made a preying mantis thirty feet tall. Details at eleven.

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The Doc Strange Lego Man is Awesome
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I like the Loki most.

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All three of them look awesome good job!!!