The Green Guinea Pig!

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Clementine: The Green Guinea Pig

Clementine Penelope G_____was a normal guinea pig. She would eat anything put in front of her, and purred loudly when cuddled. Then one day, she tried something very few guinea pigs had done before....she climbed up the stairs on her own. Her willpower was intense as she pulled herself up each step for that tantalizing piece of lettuce. Her little orange mohawk swayed in the breeze. As she bit into the piece of lettuce, her task complete, Clementine's life changed forever. A Green Lantern ring burst through the window. "Clementine of Earth, you have incredible willpower. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps" Clementine wiggled her nose to show she accepted the ring. It flew onto her little finger, and Clementine recited the Green Lantern oath:

In Brightest Day, In Purple House

No Cel'ry will escape my mouf

Let Those who hide Romaine wi'out qualms

Beware my power...

A bright green light filled the air, and Clementine became....the Green Guinea Pig. Fighting for truth, justice, and tasty vegetables across the universe!

Due to the insistence of her owner, Clementine took up a secret identity. She wanted to be called Destroyer of Lettuce, but decided to take her owner's mantle of Icarusflies instead. She is assisted in her eternal quest for justice by the Pet Lantern Corps, fuzzy guardians of the universe!


Clementine has incredible willpower, allowing her to use the Green Power ring to its full potential.

She also has a 'cuteness aura' preventing her from getting hurt in any way.

Clementine possesses the power of the 'epic nom'. While it does not do any real damage, it can pierce anything, and it REALLY HURTS!


Clementine has a 'tickle spot'. If she is rubbed there she wiggles uncontrollably and is more or less incapacitated.

FUD: If food is available, Clementine will be distracted by it.

Orange juice makes Clementine exceedingly hyper.


Clementine is beloved by both the heroes and villains of the Vine, who adore feeding and petting her.


Aside from flight, Clementine's favorite means of transportation is to ride in the upside-down Purple House.

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