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Since I'm always battling people, I thought this would just come in handy when I ask them to choose a character they want to fight. It is a brief summary of each character, with approximate power level. BUT STILL NOT AN EXCUSE TO IGNORE THE BIOS! I WORK HARD ON THOSE THINGS! Though this is helpful when I haven't actually written a bio for a character yet.

Please note that not all characters are linked to the multi-pass...I can't log in to those profiles, but I'm not entirely sure which ones they are. Note: I lost a few more when the newest site reboot came along.

Note: NBC stands for Non Battleable Character

Icarusflies -- Green Lantern guina pig. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

Portrait -- Daughter of Dorian Gray, paint manipulator. Minor magicks, and decent hand-to-hand combatant. (Upper-middle power level). nU Portrait is skilled hand-to-hand, but does not know magic.

IcarusMach9 -- Mentally unstable flying speedster. Healing factor. High-tech battle armor. (Upper-middle power level, can be taken by street levelers). Pretty much same nU.

Fractal -- Necromancer, Envoy to the King of Tears, controls the dimensional matrix. (Practically omnipotent)

Mortality-- Relatively accomplished magician, controls hellfire and has decent telekinesis. Limited shape-shifting. Good knowledge of weapons, able boxer. (Middle power level). nU version is a poltergeist.

Premonition -- Able to see the future, and choose which of the possible futures will occur, as well as perform temporal jumps. Telepathy and telekinesis. Sword-cane. Egomaniac. Blind. (High power level). nU version doesn't seem to posses all the same powers, most notably telekinesis.

Io -- Crazy Russian vigilante. Tectonic plate and water control, degree varying on the phase of the moon. Aware of the 4th wall. Loves explosives. (Power level variable)

Conductor -- Weather control. Deaf. Rather confused. (Middle power level, but not very competent)

Conductor II -- Weather control. Deaf. Knows what he is doing. Some hand-to-hand(Middle power level)

Solar Orchid -- Ghost. Plant manipulation over living and dead plant matter. Assisted by spectral jaguar. (High power level, but low self-confidence decreases effectiveness)

Starheart -- Avatar to star Sirius B. Gravity manipulation, elemental transmutation, heat/light control, supernovas when destroyed. (Very high power level) nU is a little more in control, a little less dangerous.

Rubix--- Supergenius. Relies on gadgetry and his superior mind. No hand-to-hand skills (Street leveler)

Solenoid Spin--- Completely insane. Able to spin at speeds up to Mach 3, and control metals. (Lower-middle power level)

Dead Money---Former Death Row inmate. Escaped with help from a priest. Constantly on the run from the law. Able to control razor-sharp cards. Half-fallen angel, which in times of stress grants him fire-control and some divine powers. (High power level, not sure how to use his powers)

Marvin the Robot---Depressed robot. Only fighting skill is to depress opponents. (Surprisingly high power level)

Zem the Mattress --Sentient mattress from Squornshellous Zeta. No powers. Soft and springy. Terrible singer. (Surprisingly high power level)

Brighteye--- Profile currently being redone, NBC at this time

Terrain---Former soldier, changed by government. Chameleonic powers, diamond bones. Able to control bones. (Upper-middle power levels)

Salamander -- Outcast from a civilization under the Earth's crust. Fire manipulation, wall-crawling, limb regeneration. Very sensitive to cold. (Lower-middle power levels)

Cypher-D---Government agent, possesses powers that allow her to mimic foes. (Middle power levels)

Somniac--- Channels variety of dream-beings, most hostile, some not. (High power level)

Triumvirate -- Three brothers who defy the laws of reality. Able to go in and out of reality, each has specific power set. (High power level)

Guide Dog---Former athlete and dog-fighter, he saw the errors of his way. Fights crime with his trusty dogs. (Street leveler)

Ptolemy--- At this time, NBC

Consumption -- Human gone feral. Cannibalistic, gains the powers from what he eats. Metal jaw. (Lower-middle power levels)

Gestalt -- Sentient viral swarm. (Middle-upper power levels)

Yportne--- Avatar of entropy, ages anything it touches. Shatters easily. (Middle power levels)

Josh Mardon -- Three versions. One, a child who barely comprehends his powers. Two,a full-fledged elemental, able to turn into a thunderbird. Good hand-to-hand combat. Three, an unstable and rebellious teen, quite violent (Version one: Very low power levels. Version two: High power level. Version three: High power level, little control)

Romulus--- Immortal half-wolf. (Lower-middle power levels)

Bat Vampire--- A bat that was bitten by a vampire. Has kinda/sorta vampiric powers (low power levels)

Randolph Carter-- Occultist, some magical abilities, very experienced. (Upper-middle power levels)

Matrushka-- Grand-daugher of Io. Can create up to ten duplicates, and has very-limited control over the void outside of space and time. Good hand-to-hand. (Middle power levels)

Homunculus-- Soulless body, formerly Mortality's. Completely resistant to pain. Hellfire manipulation. Resurrects if destroyed. (Mid power level)

Jupiter Storm-- Creature from the great hives of Jupiter. Warrior class. [Note: Must be fought with General Jupiter]. Super-strength, deadly weapons. (High power level)

Claquesous-- Trained by a secret French order. Ventriloquist. Skilled with the Punjab lasso. Short-range teleportation. (Low power level, slightly above street-level)

Messenger Mercury -- Super-speed post man. No fighting skills. (High power level, no skills) nU runs on bad news, and seems fairly skilled.

Monsieur Annoying-- Really, really, really, REALLY annoying. (Extremely high power levels)

Hypochondriac--Biological weapons expert. Complete hypochondriac. (Basically street leveler)

~Mewtwo~ -- NBC, except for Pokémon battles

~Nyarlathotep~ -- Messenger of the Great Old Ones. (Very high power levels)

~Cthulhu~ -- Dead, but dreaming, in R'lyeh (Very high power levels)

Yog-Sothoth -- Keeper of Gateways (Very high power levels)

Ithaqua -- Wind-walker (Very high power levels)

Tsathoggua -- Sloth-like Toad demi-god (Very high power levels)

Yellow Priest--- Profile being redone, currently NBC

Curbstomp -- Internet troll who got a high-tech suit of armor (Low power levels)

Tornado Turbine-- Just like his father, Solenoid Spin (Lower-middle power levels [future battles/RPGs only])

Reine de Bourdon-- Bee Queen. Exoskeleton, flight, stingers. (Low power levels)

Catscradle --Unwilling channeler of the dimensional matrix. Held together only by his stitches. (High power level, but powers dangerous for him to use)

The Inertia -- NBC

General Jupiter -- Creature from the hives of Jupiter. Controller class. [Note: Must be fought with Jupiter Storm]. High density, high intelligence. (Middle power level)

Shuriken -- Ninja, and sushi chef. Very skilled with shurikens, and master hand-to-hand combatant. (Street leveler)

Metropolitan -- City manipulation. (Middle power level)

Weird Sisters -- The Three Fates. Decide who lives and dies. May answer up to three questions. (Very high power level)

Ethereal Murk --Weakened bonds between the molecules of her body allow her a degree of molecular control. By weakening the bonds further she can degrade into a slime-like substance, capable of clinging to walls or fitting into small spaces. She is capable of minor camouflage. Nihilist. (Low power levels)

Labyrinthine Web --Creature from the realm of Despair. Mirror-travel, despair webs, induction of despair. Feeds off despair. (High power levels)

Steve :) -- Incompetent henchman to Premonition. Amazing he's not dead yet. (Powerless)

Dali-- Chameleon from the Painted World. Can change colors, and hit people with his tongue. (Very low power levels)

Tidal Ripple -- Forgotten god. Super-strength, super-speed (in water) bioluminescence, hypnosis. (Upper-middle power levels, in water)

Domicile -- Sentient, changing house. (Middle power levels)

Draconian -- Romanian dragon prince. Tough scales, hypnosis, some telepathy, fire-breathing, claws, magical abilities. (Upper power levels)

Kraken of the Abyss --Transmuted deep-sea scientist. Strong tentacles, enhanced vision, color changing, ink. (Middle power levels)

Fugu --Transmuted deep-sea scientist. Poisonous spikes, able to increase size. (Middle power levels)

Angler of the Abyss --- Transmuted deep-sea scientist. Hypnosis, powerful jaws. (Middle power levels)

Midnight Orchid -- Crazed, homicidal, city manipulator. (Upper-middle power levels)

Glory Nights -- Son of a prominent wrestler. Matter-eating, very good fighting skills. (High power level, prefers to rely on street-leveler skills)

Fever Dream -- Comatose man who induces fatal nightmares. (High power level)

The Silent Secret Keeper --The original keeper of the world's secrets. Carries dirt from the Garden of Eden. (Very powerful)

~Dorian Gray~ --NBC….or is he?

Chernobog -- Io's arch-enemy. No powers, but peak-human strength. Weapon of choice is a sledgehammer. (Street-leveller)

InBrightestNom ---Blue Lantern guinea pig. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

Fuzzyful Fury -- Red Lantern guinea pig. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

Herbert West -- Scientist obsessed with re-animating the dead. One robotic hand. (Middle power levels)

Joseph Curwen -- Sorcerer who knows the secret to magically re-animating the dead. Forced his nephew to re-animate him. (Middle Power Levels)

Trompe L'oeil -- NBC since I forgot the log in and password.

Ubik -- Half-dead, in cryo. Able to eat time. (High power levels)

Klein-- Rubix's evil twin. Super-genius who relies on gadgets. (Street leveler)

King Mab -- Able to control wind, and butterflies. Flight. (High power level)

Triple Helix--- Genetic manipulator. Able to splice genome. (High power level)

Counterfeit-- Portrait's half-brother, powerful paint manipulation skills, able to make people 'see Pan' (High power level)

Mnemosyne-- Spectral memory. Able to see and change the past. Empathic resonance. (Mid power levels)

Polaroid--Spectral memory. Able to see and change the past. Empathic resonance. (Mid power levels)

Paranoia--Able to manipulate feelings, plant the seeds of dissent. Immortal. (Mid-low power levels)

Leafy_Green--Able to take over anything with a brain. Small and hard to hit. (Varying power levels)

Vampire Bat ---Vampire gifted with bat powers (Low power level)

Mandy ---NBC

_Wyvern__ --Draconian's future daughter. Dragon abilities, focused more on speed than strength. (Middle power levels)

AllYourNomsAreBelongToUs -- Orange Lantern dog. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

Kissy_Capybara ---Star Sapphire Capybara. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

HedgehogsAreNotPurple-- Indigo Tribe Hedgehog. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

Fearfully_Cute --Sinestro Corps guinea pig. Protected by 'cuteness aura'. (Near unbeatable)

GarfieldLynns --NBC

TedKord --NBC

Daedalus_--Speedster who ignites the very air around him. Totally insane. (High power levels)

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico -- One brother of a set of conjoined twins. Can exhale coal dust. Attacks with pickaxe. (Low power levels)

Volcanoconiosis -- One brother of a set of conjoined twins. Can exhale coal dust. Attacks with pickaxe. (Low power levels)

Amazing Grace -- Top Secret, NBC at this time

Masterful Margarita -- A woman whose deal with the devil went wrong. Demon control, ghost powers, illusion master. (High power levels)

Afterimage --A speedster with the ability to control her 'after images'. (High power levels)

Ult_Portrait--The Ultimate Universe version of Portrait. Government agent, merc for hire. (Upper middle power levels). Basically same nU.

Ultimate_Io---The Ultimate Universe version of Io. Russian mobster with metal control. (Varying power levels, maxed out at times of syzygy.)

Ult_Clementine--The Ultimate Universe version of Clementine. Size changing carnivorous guinea pig, but SO CUTE! (Near unbeatable)

Ult_IcarusMach9---The Ultimate Universe version of IcarusMach9. Two brothers able to call upon the spirit of Icarus. (Lower-middle power levels)

Doctor_Wesker---Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. Master of the Uruboros virus, evil genius. (High power levels)

Blementine --Clementine's evil twin. Has the same cuteness aura, plus 'ebil powers' (Near unbeatable)

DragonflyBoy---Flight, powerful vibrations, strong jaws. (Low power levels)

The Dada Dozen---A dozen art-powered characters somehow related to Portrait. (Power levels vary by member)

"Cat"--A man who is obsessed with stealing ALL THE PUDDING IN THE WORLD! (Incompetent street leveler)

Killzo the Clown---A heroic clown who turned to crime when all the children were afraid of him. (Street Leveler)

Kresnik ---Slavic god of storms, the sun, and the summer solstice. Currently amnesiac. (High power levels)

Bang --- Need to finish something up before I can use this guy OR give information... (Medium-high power levels)

Twilight Orchid -- One of the Clockwork, harbinger of death. (High power levels)

Dawn Lotus --One of the Clockwork, harbinger of war. (High power levels)

Noon Lotus --One of the Clockwork, harbinger of famine. (High power levels)

Dystopia ---The incarnation of entropy, the most feared of the Man-Made Gods. (VERY high power levels)

AnansiFableweaver --- Claiming to be a relative of the god Anansi, he tells stories that become true. (Varying power levels)

Ult_Polaroid ---A serial killer who takes pictures of his victims. (Street leveler)

_Meteorite_ -- A hero who becomes more invulnerable the faster she's moving. (Low power levels in a long fight)

__sLeNdErMaN__ --- The Slenderman. Who even knows what he does, but it's creepy as %#@ (I don't even know)

Zem2_the_Ultimate_Mattress ---I...I don't know what this is. It's...another Zem I guess? (None? Maybe?)

Zem_the_Mattress_on_Fire ---Same as Zem, just on fire. (Why? WHY?!)

Algernon --A ghoul, a corpse-eater from the Dreaming. (Lower-middle power levels)

_Masquerade_ --A happy-go-lucky kid who has control of his personal gravity field (Lower-middle power levels). Basically same nU.

_Hansel_ --A disgraced German hero whose powers I refuse to reveal until someone actually fights/RPGs with him. (Not telling.)

Damocles -- An Israeli hero with technological powers (middle power levels)

_Null_ --A sound-controlling hero (lower-middle power levels)

HP_Lovecraft ---H.P. Lovecraft (Writer powers)

Quintessence ---A troubled boy with object essence powers (medium-high power levels)

Brother Yaga ---Raised by Baba Yaga, he's a skilled hunter and controls her chicken-legged house. (Street-leveler, or slightly above)

_Hermes_ --AU son of IcarusMach9. Telepathy, slight telekinesis, body swap, teleportation. Fights along side space-bat, Suga. (Mid-range)

_Destiny_ --Mysterious repo man. Space/time warping, plus unknown powers. ~Mysterious~ (Ridiculously powerful)

Fata_Morgana --Two characters: Changeling and Fata Morgana, one an escaped changeling and the other a fey. Changeling is street level, Fata is middle range.

xCryptidx --Some sort of cryptid, no one really knows. Appears to be in the middle power ranges, but it's hard to hit.

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