Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Pitt Legos (CoL #83)

I have started with the Lego Legion of Super-Heroes, so if you want to see any particular Legionnaires let me know. Any non-Legion requests are also welcome. 

Thanks to ~The Wanderer~ for providing pictures of the Legionnaires.

Now, Conquest by Lego!

Superboy: Did not realize that a combination of Supermans DNA and a Lego would work, but it did.

Cosmic Boy: Knew that the Legion changed histories a lot, but a Lego Legion?

Saturn Girl: Does not like the mental messages she is receiving from the dog. She thinks that if she does not run away fast she will become a chew toy.

Pitt: Has to admit that his experiments with Creed DNA and Lego have not gone according to plan.

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No one has any suggestions?

Posted by King Saturn
Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl look awesome as hell...

Keep Up the Good Work
Posted by geraldthesloth

Dang I like your work on the Legion keep it up :)

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Ferro Lad, Star boy, Timber Wolf

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Saturn Girl loooks so awesome!!!!!!!!!