Static, Red Arrow, Blackfire, Pantha Legos (CoL #77)

More Titans and Teen Titans (and their villains)! I think this is Titans and Teen Titans part three. As usual, requests are welcome.

Static: The REAL reason balloons stick to peoples heads.

Red Arrow: Is shooting acorns at squirrels to keep them away.

Blackfire: Thought the Psions were bad. Then she met the Legopolitans.

Pantha: Is running from some birds who want payback.

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Hey Hey Hey  !  Not Bad... I like Red Arrow and Static
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 like Red Arrow, Static and Blackfire.
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I really like static

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Red Arrow and Static are awesome!

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I want a Static Movie.

Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Great Job!!! You should try to make Parasite

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@Sidney:  totally agree it would be cool
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@RedK said:
"@Sidney:  totally agree it would be cool"

Yeah Static got one of the best villians in comic book history.
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Static's probably my favorite outta of the ones you've made. How about some Wildstorm characters? Backlash, Midnighter, and Grifter :D

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All great suggestions! I'll get started on Parasite and the Wildstorm characters tomorrow, but I'll need some pictures of the Static villains.

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You should do a Cyclon one.
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@harleyquinn12: Do you mean Cyclone?
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Sorry,i have horrible spelling.
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@harleyquinn12: No problem. I'll post Cyclone in my next blog.