Santa and Heralds of Galactus Legos (CoL #89)

Conquest by Lego is back! Or it turns out I may be allergic to some of my Lego supplies, so I'm not going to be able to make any more for a while. Hopefully this issue will be sorted out soon. So I have not completely finished my Heralds of Galactus set, I still need to make Star Dust. But since it will be a while, I am going to post what I have. So now....Conquest by Lego! Why is there a Santa Lego here? Because I had lost my camera around Christmas and only recently found it.

Red Shift: Wonders why he is yellow when his name is Red Shift.

Santa: Now has Lego spies to see if you are good or not


Morg: That is the last time Morg is going to use an off-brand anti-balding cream. EVER!!

Air-Walker: Well, he is light enough to maybe float a little now...

Firelord: Is happy that his barbell is way easier to carry now.

Frankie Raye: Is trying to win the record for worlds smallest comet. So far, she has not won.

Terrax: Is hoping he can continue to be a universally feared warlord. But he fears the worst.
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Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Great job as always, and I hope you are alright.

Posted by King Saturn
Air Walker is very nice...
Posted by Icarusflies

Glad you like them. 
@#1ElderScrollsFan: I should be fine. Just need to figure out exactly what is going on. Thanks for your concern.

Posted by jloneblackheart

They are all great. I love Terrax. Hope you figure out what's going on. You being allergic to Legos is like Beethoven being allergic to pianos.

Posted by Matezoide2