John Constantine, Martian Manhunter, Corinthian Legos (Col #53)

Okay, so this was supposed to be an all Vertigo post, but then I realized I only had two real Vertigo Legos left. I had meant to make more, but I forgot. So I threw in Martian Manhunter because he made a brief appearance in the Sandman series. 

By the way, would anyone be interested if I posted a video of me making these things in one of these posts?
 Now, Conquest by Lego!

John Constantine: Wonders why this kind of thing always happens to him

Martian Manhunter: Is ecstatic that at this size, Oreos are bigger than he is

Corinthian: Is searching for Daniel again, but Delirium is not helping. She thought it would be fun to be Lego.

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Posted by xerox_kitty

You should take a picture of Martian Manhunter attacking at a giant Oreo ;)

Edited by Icarusflies

Great idea! I'll post the Oreo massacre when I get a chance.

Posted by geraldthesloth

john constantine is awesome!