Injustice Society Legos (Col #51)

Here's the Injustice Society! Yes, Johnny Sorrow was posted in another post, but a)this is an improved version, and b)he is a major part of the current Injustice Society, and c) he is one of my favorite characters, so he gets to be posted twice. Anyway, Conquest by Lego! And if you want to see anyone made of Lego, send me a message or leave a comment and I will post it. It might take a little while, but I try to fulfill all requests.

Johnny Sorrow: Messenger of the King of Tears, it would be fatal to see his face, but his mask is glued on.

Solomon Grundy: Has no idea what day of the week being turned into Lego is supposed to happen on

Killer Wasp: Has become the leader of a nearby hive of wasps

Wizard: Is running away from the rabbit he pulled out of his hat before he became Lego

Gentleman Ghost: Just turned tiny so he could help out the Injustice Society, but was not responsible for the Lego effect.

Icicle II: Is making a little extra money freezing snow cones

Tigress III: Has teamed up with a neighborhood cat

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Ha ha!  Fantastic!!  I think killer Wasp is my fave, with his antenae & waspy protrusions ;)

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Gentleman Ghost and Killer Wasp are amazing!