Icarusflies trip to Baltimore Comic-Con '09

Hi! Icarusflies here, creator of Conquest by Lego!  (And for fans of that, my costume was the reason for the extreme delay)
Yesterday I went to Baltimore Comic-Con! It was amazing. 
First of all, I had to prepare my costume. I chose one of my favorite characters, Agent ! of the Brotherhood of Dada. I convinced my mom to go as Sleepwalk, another member of the Brotherhood of Dada. So I made the costumes, and we were on our way!  While making the costumes I discovered that felt is almost impossible to cut.

Me and my mom as Agent ! and Sleepwalk

Looking very in character

Yes, I remembered the plane with bird feet in the bird cage

Why it was so easy to find me at the con

I was too exited to stop long enough for mom to take photos at first, so the description will have to be enough. The con was on the second floor. On the first was an aerobics class. Those ladies must have been really confused! Once on the convention floor, I ran around like crazy meeting writers and getting things signed. During a rest where I was getting my comics in order, my mom spotted Scott Adsit, Pete of 30 Rock! We ran to meet him. Apparently he is a HUGE comic fan. He even recognized who I was. Lego 1 of 3 was given out. (I brought three with me to give to the various writers and artists, Superman, Green Arrow, and Calculator.) Scott chose Superman.  
While walking around the convention floor, I ran into Scott Adsit, who plays Pete in 30 Rock! Apparently he is a huge comic fan, and recognized my character
I met some of my favorite writers, such as J.M DeMattois from the JLI era. He is also writing the Metal Men co-feature. Others are in the pictures. (I highly recommend the new Doom Patrol series, as well as the older one written by Grant Morrison)
Franco of Tiny Titans was the second to receive a Lego. He got Green Arrow. He also drew me a Tiny Titans style Agent !. If you don't read Tiny Titans, you should. 
Last among the writers, I went and saw Mark McKenna, who inked the original series that Agent ! appeared in! He got the third and final Calculator Lego. 
Franco, of Tiny Titans, drew me a tiny titans style Agent !. I gave him a green arrow Lego.

Mark McKenna, who illustrated the comics Agent ! appeared in

At various times walking around the convention, little kids were terrified by me. Why? I'm not sure. But they looked at me like "who is this crazy person and how did I end up within 10 feet of them" Yep, I sure have a way with kids.
I also ran into one of my friends who runs a comic store in my city.  
After about 5 hours of this, I headed to the DC Nation panel. Mom and I got there early, so we sat in on some of the Image comics panel. For you Image fans:  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.  Eventually the DC Nation panel started. They really could not reveal much about upcoming events. However, I can confirm that while magic users will be playing a major role in the DC Universe, the Demon and Shadowpact will not be getting their own series in the near future. On a more upbeat note, a sequel to Wednesday Comics is being considered. 
After the panel I headed home. And started bugging my parents about the next comic-con. 

Stephane Roux, cover artist for the Birds of Prey

Jamal Igle, artist of 52

J.G Jones, artist of Final Crisis

J. Calafiore, writer of Gotham Underground

Georges Jeanty, writer of Faces of Evil: Deathstroke

Todd Dezago, writer of Impulse.

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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Awesome blog. Georges Jeanty killed it on Faces of Evil: Deathstroke. That comic was tight.

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

good for you.
your mom is awesome BTW.

Posted by Asymmetrical

great costume! 
but for some reason when I click on the pictures they don't enlarge, is this a problem on my end or in the post?

Posted by drdanny10293

holy crap great costume :) and i love your smile ;)

Posted by King Saturn
Thats Awesome Man... You Seem To Have An Amazing Ability For Creating Cool Blogs and Threads for this Site Dude... 
keep up the Good Work Dude
Posted by geraldthesloth

Wow, so lucky! seems like you had the time of yer life

Posted by jloneblackheart

Nice costume. Sure looks like you had fun. I have yet to attend any comic convention.

Posted by Icarusflies

Thank you everyone for your nice comments!