Halloween Costume: Corinthian

This year for Halloween, I was the Corinthian. I had a fantastic time. I literally almost gave one of my professors a heart attack.

Sandman has a very special place in my heart because it was what got me into comics.

Your favorite worst nightmare
You'll have to fight me, king of dreams!
Lend me your eyes
They call me the Eye Guy, Shades, the Killer Angel. I'm the dark mirror of humanity.
What shall we do today Matthew? What gods shall we destroy?

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Nice! Awesome costume :D

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who's Corinthian <_<

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Great costume!

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Awesome costume! Don't know much about Sandman though lol.

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I regret to say I have never heard of Corinthian but after your Blog I looked him up. Awesome guy and Awesome costume, You truly go above and beyond with your costumes. Oh and the mouth in your eyes were creepy, super creepy, how did you make them?

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Love Sandman, Love the Costume!

I swear next year I'm rocking constantine...

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@icarusflies: Damn straight, I might go Amazon crazy and buy the coat right now!