Goodbye Marzipan :'(

I can't believe I have to write another one of these blogs. Barely a month ago my sweet old guinea pig Tater Tot passed away. This evening I received a phone call from my dad telling me that Marzipan died.

She had been in good health as far as I could tell, she was eating, and she wasn't particularly old. She did, however, have some kind of mutation from the start...her fur type was extremely unusual, and she had partial albinism. We believe that in addition to the visible mutations, Marzipan may have had some kind of heart defect or something similar. Whatever the case, she passed away peacefully, in her sleep.

Marzipan started out as a tiny little fluffball. She didn't know how exactly to eat at first, but Tater Tot taught her about the joys of strawberries and there was no turning back. Marzipan grew up to be big, strong, and the fluffiest fluffball that ever fluffed. She was always ready for a cuddle or a tasty snack. She acted as a nurse to the elderly Tater Tot, and a playmate and mother/sister to baby Onigiri. She loved to blow bubbles in her water bottle, and chew on sweaters when no one was looking.

Good bye Marzipan. You were taken from us much too soon.

I love you, and I miss you. R.I.P.

Baby Marzipan
Marzipan with Onigiri
Marzie and Oni
Marzipan and Tater Tot enjoying a snack
Cuddle pigs
Snuggle Pigs
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Posted by PowerHerc

I'm sorry about your guinea pig.

It's a profound kind of sadness to lose a pet.

Posted by Glitch_Spawn

@PowerHerc said:

It's a profound kind of sadness to lose a pet.

Ya, I still can't look at a pug and not miss mine

Posted by InnerVenom123


Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Not another one! That really sucks...

Posted by Referee

My sincerest condolences, I can't imagine the sadness you feel. My brother recently lost a dog and I see the sadness in his eyes when we mention her name. My heart goes out to you and your remaing guinea pigs. I will say a silent prayer for you and them.

Posted by Inverno

Geez, this is awful. Very sorry to hear this, my friend :(

Posted by cameron83

I am so sorry,very heartbreaking.

Posted by Icarusflies

@PowerHerc: Thank you. And losing pets is losing family. :(

@InnerVenom123: Thanks.

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

Not another one! That really sucks...

It REALLY does. And it probably makes me look like an awful pet owner. I really loved Marzipan though, and I did everything I could to take care of her properly.

@Referee: Thank you. I greatly appreciate it.

@CaioTrubat: Thank you.

@cameron83: Thank you.

Posted by minigunman123

D: this sucks.

Losing my dog would be awful, I'm very sorry that you've had to lose two pets in such a short amount of time. Hopefully you'll heal soon though, and be able to think fondly of them without becoming saddened by their memories.

I hope all the best for you.

Posted by YoungJustice

I am actually shedding a tear, so sorry, I'm gonna have to make a respect thread soon, for Tater and Marzi.

Posted by Icarusflies

@minigunman123: Thank you, that's extremely kind of you.

@YoungJustice: Aww, thanks dude.

Posted by The_Tree

I'm sorry for the loss. Losing a beloved pet is always a hard thing to get over, and I hope it doesn't keep you feeling down for too long.

Posted by JediXMan

Oh, man. I'm really sorry.

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Posted by deadpoolrules

Wow,dude,lose a pet on Christmas,I know the feel,its horrible.My condolences,may he rest in peace on Guinea Pig heaven

Posted by BumpyBoo

Oh gosh, this is such rotten luck....really sorry to hear.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Sorry for your loss, Icarus :(
Posted by Ms. Omega

I am really really sorry :(

Posted by Samimista

I'm so sorry Icarus. If you need anything always here for you. Rest in Peace Marzipan.

Posted by lykopis

I am so so sorry.


Words fail.

Posted by SmashBrawler

Really, really sorry to hear this. Rest In Peace Marzipan.

Posted by Pwok21

Despite the sadness of this thread can we take a moment to appreciate just how badass Icarus is at naming Guinea Pigs?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

god damit :(

Posted by slacker the hacker

I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted by tomlikesfries

Sorry for your loss Ica :(

Posted by Gambit1024

I'm so sorry :(

Posted by Nefarious


Posted by k4tzm4n

Darn, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sadly, I know how you're feeling, but at least you know Marzipan went peacefully while resting. Sorry :(

Posted by Icarusflies

@The_Tree: Thank you.

@JediXMan: Thanks.

@deadpoolrules: At least I'm Jewish! And thank you, I really really appreciate it.

@BumpyBoo: Thank you.

@TheGoldenOne: Thank you.

@Ms. Omega: Thank you.

@Samimista: Thank you, I appreciate it. >hugs<

@lykopis: Thank you very much.

Posted by Icarusflies

@SmashBrawler: Thank you.

@Pwok21: Okay, I laughed at that. Thank you!

@Jonny_Anonymous: :(

@slacker the hacker: Thank you.

@tomlikesfries: Thank you.

@Gambit1024: Thank you.

@Nefarious: Thank you.

@k4tzm4n: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Posted by Blood1991

I'm so sorry. To lose both so close together is beyond heartbreaking.

Posted by _Cain_

Oh God, As a fellow Guinea Pig owner, This is heart breaking

Posted by Icarusflies

@Blood1991: was just like a double sucker-punch to the heart. I can't believe this happened. :'(

And thank you.

@shadowknight666: Thanks dude.

Posted by God_Spawn

@Glitch_Spawn said:

@PowerHerc said:

It's a profound kind of sadness to lose a pet.

Ya, I still can't look at a pug and not miss mine

I can't look at my phone and not miss the 16 year old dog I had since I was 3 years old. Probably cause I have her as the wallpaper and have her picture behind my license.

But it really is hard to lose pets and I am sorry for your loss, Icarus.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

I know pet loss pain too well (finding your birthday fish dead in your room is a daunting experience if you're a kid). Marizipan's in pet heaven now, eating strawberries and playing with Tater Tot.

Posted by JediXMan

If I may, how old was she?

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Edited by Icarusflies

@god_spawn: Thank you.

@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Aww, that's awful! D:

And thank you. I certainly hope so.

@JediXMan: I think she was about 3? Maybe a little older or younger, but not by much. So late-middle age or so.

Edit: She was about 2 years, eight months old.

Posted by JediXMan

@Icarusflies said:

@JediXMan: I think she was about 3? Maybe a little older or younger, but not by much. So late-middle age or so.

Edit: She was about 2 years, eight months old.

Aw, I'm really sorry. She was too young.

I also feel bad for Onigiri. How's she doing?

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Posted by Icarusflies

@JediXMan: She was, she was my baby. v_v

I think Onigiri is fine, but I'm not sure. My dad was taking care of the guinea pigs while I went to see my grandparents. So he's making sure Onigiri is okay until I get back. Poor Onigiri though...I think she thought that Marzipan was her mom. She always hid under Marzie when she got scared.

Posted by TDK_1997

I am really sorry for your loss! :(

Posted by White Mage

I am so sorry to hear about this! My thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes are with you man........She was adorable

Posted by blackadamFTW

Sorry, bud! I had my 7 year old guinea pig die a few years back, and I know how bad it feels. Those little fluffballs really get into your heart!

Posted by DarkDay

Sad to hear.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Really sorry to hear of your loss :(

Posted by Nefarious
@Icarusflies: Your welcome.
Posted by laflux


Yeah, My condolences. She looked very cute, and sounded like a loving pet. Best of luck for the future.

Posted by Icarusflies

@TDK_1997: Thank you.

@White Mage: Thanks man. I really appreciate it. And she was absolutely adorable.

@blackadamFTW: Yeah, they really do. Thank you.

@DarkDay: Yeah. v_v

@Omega Ray Jay: Thank you.

@laflux: Thank you. She was extremely loving, she liked to cuddle.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Sigh. Well, she has either gone to a batter place, or reincarnated at this point.

Or maybe she`s a ghost? If so, hopefully not for long.

Or maybe there`s nothing after death...That would suck...


I got carried away again, didn`t I?

I`m not sorry that she died, because I didn`t kill her. But you have my sympathy. (= (