Earth Icarus

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Earth Icarus is thought of as one of the 'lost worlds of the Multiverse'. Here familiar, yet not so familiar, characters roam the cities. They work on a regular basis with characters from the 'Vineverse'. (Most often found in Afterimage's posts).

Please note that while they're total rip-offs, they're MY total rip-offs. Ask me before you use them in anything.

Here's an introduction to some of them (AKA the ones I've drawn). Expect this blog to be updated regularly, there is, after all, an entire universe of these guys. Let's start with part of the Weasel family:

The Weasel Family

Night-Weasel is a man defined by tragedy who made it his goal to wage war against criminals. Playing on the fear of the 'thing in the dark', he honed his body and mind to perfection and took up the role of Night-Weasel. Night-Weasel prowls Dusk City, a crime-ridden land full of masked psychos.

Night-Weasel's partner is also his son! Ferret is not the first to go by that name…he's the fifth actually. Trained by Night-Weasel, Ferret makes up for his un-intimidating costume with wicked claws.

The original Ferret, Dark Otter relies on his acrobatics rather than the tooth-and-claw tactics. Dark Otter protects Red Valley, a city slightly outside of Dusk City.

The second Ferret, James Tadd was brutally murdered by the Pierrot. He returned to the land of the living when Pinnacle-Alpha bent the fabric of reality itself. Furious with Night-Weasel for not avenging him, James took up the helm of the Red Fox and dished out a harsher type of justice.

(More Weasels to come)

The Speed Freak Family

Speed Freak is not the first to go by that name, but he is the one most associated with the mantle. William Winick gained his powers through the 'speed blitz', a super-charging of the cells. He fights crime in Chicago, with his daughter Afterimage, as well as Kid Freak, synapse, and the ORIGINAL Speed Freak, John Granger.

Afterimage (Note: total OC, NOT 'inspired' by another character. Click link for bio).

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