Comic Ceramic Tiles

A few tiles I painted.

Scarecrow was one of my few successful attempts at posing. Actually, my first successful attempts at drawing Scarecrow.

 Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody!

 Johnny Sorrow
Johnny Sorrow was a silent movie actor before his transformation, so I put him on the set of a classic black and white movie. I like the effect.

 Weather Wizard
This might be my favorite. Weather Wizard is among the clouds for a thunderstorm. Posing worked, there seems to be depth to the clouds, and the lightning looks like lightning.

Calculator against a Rubix Cube backdrop

 Agent !
This is actually posed based on the page in Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison

 Alias the Blur
Alias the Blur among the mists.

 Number None
I hit this with a yes, I know it' broken. It's supposed to look like that.

Kind of a dreamscape for Sleepwalk.

Jericho against one weird eye.
Posted by Decept-O

I really like Johnny Sorrow.  You have a very good imagination.  Painted on ceramic tiles, pretty sweet!
Posted by Krakoa



I think the first one was the best one

Posted by LightBright

Love them all. You're so creative! Legos, ceramics...make some shirts! O_O 
And some money. :P

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I love them!
Posted by ragdollpurps

great idea, i'd love to have some in my kitchen!

Posted by sora_thekey

I know none of these characters!
Yet they look very cool!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Likin the Sorrow. 
Great idea, I think comic tiles would sell.......
Posted by Icarusflies
@Decept-O: Thanks!  ^_^ 
@Krakoa: Thank you! 
@THE ZEPPELIN FAN: Scarecrow? Yeah, that one turned out pretty well. Nice and morbid. 
@LightBright: Ooh, shirts....hrm...and thanks! 
@Illyana Rasputin: Thank you! 
@ragdollpurps: These are going to go around a mirror when I have a few more. Why? I have no idea. The person at the pottery shop mentioned it and my mom adored the idea. 
@sora_thekey: Well get familiar with the characters! They're all awesome! And thanks. 
@Donovan Montgomery: They probably would. But it takes a really long time to make these least by my standards. Then again, with my attention span that's not surprising. And thanks!
Posted by thegreatfour

yay for bobble heads!

Posted by B-Tank

Are these DC Characters?
Posted by Icarusflies
@B-Tank said:
" Are these DC Characters? "