Captain Comet, General Zod, Jericho Legos (CoL #80)

Some space-farers and Jericho for today. For those of you who only recently discovered Conquest by Lego or Calculations of Lightning, you can follow me on Twitter! My user name is Icarusflies77 and my 'real' name is Icarusflies. I post updates on the Legos I have made for the day, the Legos I have planned, and a series called 'You know you have been reading too much H.P Lovecraft when...'.

As usual, suggestions welcome. Now, Conquest by Lego!

Captain Comet: Is throwing pebbles at people to make them think they were hit by meteorites

General Zod: Did not realize that escaping from the Phantom Zone would have Lego side effects.

Jericho: Did not believe his sister when she told him that if he tried to posses a Lego he might get stuck.

Posted by Risky

Cool ones man. Especially like the Captain Comet one. Ever thought about making a Onomatopoeia lego?

Posted by #1ElderScrollsFan

Captain Comet is awesome !!!
i would love to see X-O Manowar

Posted by Icarusflies
Yep! Already posted.
Onomatopoeia:" Bzzzz, BANG, BANG, BANG" tiny Lego Onomatopoeia responds to a bee attack.