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Oracle: The Cure (2 of 3)
This has turned out to be a really disappointing series so far. I was expecting a lot from it, but it is not living up to my expectations. Yes, I get that Oracle is full of angst, but I don't want to read a comic about it. And I'm getting sick of all the "hey, you must work for Oracle" junk. I also expected a lot more Calculator in this series. And I would have thought he would have changed his code name in the online game after he killed the first hacker. Hopefully, the third issue will redeem the second.

Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat
The store got in their shipment, so here's my review. This was actually quite good. Again, I could have done without the Power Girl preview in the back. It's really disappointing thinking you have a lot of comic left, and then finding out that all that's in the back is a preview. The story itself was quite good. But didn't Man-Bat's wife also get bat powers? I liked that the Outsiders appeared, even though it conflicts with their current modus operandi.

Tiny Titans #15
Tiny Titans is pretty reliably good. I liked the appearance of Hoppy the Marvel Bunny. And it's pretty funny to see all the Titans with their pets. I really liked seeing the tiny Terror Titans. But why nachos?

Vigilante #5
It seems Jericho is learning a lot of new things about his powers. The whole Vigilante aspect of the story is not very good. The artist also doesn't seem to realize that the Titans have changed their costumes. They had plenty of notice; Raven's had a new costume since One Year Later. This crossover is not living up to expectations so far.

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