Calculations of Lightning #40 Weekly Comics

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Batman: Battle for the Cowl (2 of 3)
It seems that Two-Face has completely forgotten the existence of the Great White Shark. He blames Penguin for everything. I'm not completely sure why Black Mask has only struck at Two-Face so far, though I would guess it would be to keep Penguin and Two-Face from teaming up. Black Mask has chosen a good team of villains, at least while he has the power to kill them all due to that chemical thing from last issue. The art remained fairly good. I think the story would be somewhat better with fewer viewpoints, but it is still pretty good. I have to wonder why Jason Todd is doing what he is doing, especially because of the unknown instructions he got from Batman in another comic. It might have been Battle for the Cowl #1, but I'm not really sure.

Green Lantern #39
I found this issue strangely funny. The Orange Lantern Corps are great. Though I think there may only be one Orange Lantern. I'm not quite sure why Hal is so opposed to the Blue Lanterns. The Guardians I can understand being upset. I thought Scar had already left the Guardians. Does each lantern color have a guardian? It looked like the Blue ones did.

Solomon Grundy (2 of 7)
Quite a clever comic. I was very glad that Etrigan appeared in the comic, and even more happy that Scott Kolins remembered to make him rhyme. And the rhyming was a lot better than in some comics. The high point though, was the meeting between Solomon Grundy and Bizarro. Bizarro seemed so happy to have a friend, and it was highly amusing.

Titans #12
This crossover is just not as good as I thought it would be. The parts with Jericho in them were good, but the Titans themselves are not being very interesting. They just do not seem to know what they are doing at all. The art also was somewhat spotty, being good in some places but not in others.

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