Calculations of Lightning #4

Characters no-one I know has ever heard of:

Today's character...Zebra-Man! He was a super-villain who developed a device that repelled everything! He used it to fight Batman, creating the (Very) short-lived Zebra Batman. Needless to say, Zebra-Man was never a major character. The lesson: Herbivores don't work for super-villain themes. Especially to fight Batman.

Now that there have been entries on Zebra-Man and Kite-Man it's time for...Who would win? Kite-Man vs. Zebra-Man! (Failed villain edition)

Zebra-Man would repel Kite-Man. Kite-Man would be unable to do anything because all his kites would be repelled. Zebra-Man would try to punch Kite-Man. It wouldn't work because he forgot to turn off his repel field. This continues exactly like this for two hours. Then Batman shows up. He defeats Zebra-Man, and while punching him accidentally elbows Kite-Man in the face. Kite-Man passes out. Batman takes them both to Arkham where they are laughed at by the other inmates. The lesson: Failed super-villains fail when fighting each other.
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