Calculations of Lightning #3

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Faces of Evil: Brother Blood, with references to Reign in Hell
Wow. I had never actually read anything with Brother Blood in it before. I would say that he would be one of the worst people to be a 'mother' to. So when did Misfit and Traci 13 actually join the Teen Titans? And is Misfit still on the Birds of Prey? This issue raises another interesting question: What part does Trigon play in the war in hell? Also, one of  the Teen Titans claims that Brother Blood drains powers, not blood, but that directly conflicts with the flashback earlier. All in all, a great comic.

Reign in Hell #7
For a series called Reign in Hell, this is really slow paced. There are also so many different things happening that nothing really happens. I expected a fun series with lots of appearances by dead characters, and maybe Judge Death in the background, but it's been really disappointing. Plus, you don't put the result of a fight on the cover! I mean, Satanus holding Neron's severed head...and then winning the fight? At least print a variant cover with Neron winning. Also, there are a whole lot of demons left over from a demonic reversal spell.

Final Crisis #7
I actually kind of liked this. I really didn't get it, but I still liked this last issue. Hopefully more will be explained in the aftermath, and Legion of Three Worlds. But Infinite Crisis was way better.

More to come!
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