Calculations of Lightning #23 Theme: Water-themed characters

Day two of Conquest by Lego! Today's water-themed pictures:

Hydro-Man: Caution: Do not put near hair-dryer or heater.

Tempest: Formerly known as Tiny Aqualad, he has recently mastered the ability to pick up dropped soap.

Black Manta: Now in fish-tank version!

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Okay, todays actual post. 

Weekly Comics (Spoiler Alert! Highlight below for entry)

Batman: Cacophony (3 of 3)
I was really disappointed by this series. Okay, I didn't expect that much since I really don't like the writer, but it was still sub-par. There were a lot of bits of the story that added nothing to to the plot, a lot of reflection on already defined facts (such as how the Joker claims that he and Batman have a yin/yang relationship). And for something called cacophony, there was way too little Onomatopoeia. Hopefully some other writer will use him and do a better job.

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?
I found the continuity a little confusing, but overall it was okay. Not very exciting, but I can definitely see it setting the stage for later issues. I think the return of Leslie will be a very major event if/when Batman returns. Spoiler however, should stop complaining. I think she's done enough as a super-hero, I mean, she started a major gang war (War Games), and has probably hurt more than she has helped. She should at least be a hero somewhere other than Gotham, where the psychopaths are less psychopathic, and where she can cause less trouble (Metropolis maybe?)

Solomon Grundy (1 of 7)
Nice to see Scott Kolins trying his hand at writing. The series shows definite potential. I was especially pleased by Etrigan making an appearance.

Strange Adventures (1 of 8)
I think the story is fine, but I have very little knowledge about any of the main characters other than Bizarro. The Adam Strange part made almost no sense to me, I know very little about Rann, the only thing I recognized about the Captain Comet part was the mention of Tigorr, who I saw in two Omega Men comics I bought on E-Bay because the lot had some good Batman comics, and I didn't know anything about what was happening with Hawkman. I liked the Bulldog alien though.

More to come!

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