Calculations of Lightning #21

Weekly Comics (Spoiler Alert! Highlight to see entry)

Outsiders #15
I know this came out last week, but the store had forgotten to hold it for me. Well, they held it this week, and now I have a review. While not much actually happened, the comic did a good job of introducing the characters. I enjoyed the portrayal of the Creeper.

Faces of Evil: Kobra
Another comic that was not held for me until this week, Faces of Evil: Kobra was not as good as some of the other Faces of Evil. This is mostly because I am completely unfamiliar with Kobra. Other than that, I found it a good comic. I was surprised by Superman's role with Checkmate. Admittedly, this seems slightly out of sync with continuity, particularly Final Crisis.

Batman: Gotham After Midnight #10
The comic continues to be horribly slow, as well as poorly illustrated. There is little actual story, and places where the illustrations should be dark are multi-colored. The characters have very little of their actual personality. In this issue, Midnight killed some people and Batman grieved over yet another killed girlfriend. He then (this is issue 10 out of twelve) finally solved what was making the villains act strangely. He is supposedly the worlds greatest detective. What took him so long?

Green Lantern #38
This was a very interesting comic. Seeing Hal Jordan as a Red Lantern was great. However, I think it might have been one of the most short-lived major plot twists in comics. By the end, he was a green/blue lantern. I was also surprised by Sinestro's survival, as he did seem to get pretty badly zapped by Hal's death construct. There was very little Laira (since she was killed last issue) for a comic that was originally supposed to be Faces of Evil: Laira. Looking forward to Blackest Night...

Justice Society of America #24
Black Adam seems to be having his doubts about resurrected Isis. In this comic, I see why he was at one point on the JSA. The return of Atom-Smasher was a nice addition. Since I never read much Captain Marvel, I liked the flashback to the creation of Black Adam. And I really, really never expected to see Mary Marvel possessed by Desaad again. I file her under the 'worst current costume' folder.

Reign in Hell #8
Finally! It's over! This was one of the most slowly paced comics I have ever read. And the quality was pretty low too. Predictable ending, probably forced by the sheer number of viewpoints. "Hey look! We never teamed up before! We can get out easily in the face of certain doom now! Yay!" And everyone who isn't dead lives happily ever after. Yet, in this whole story arc they never solved the one question I had. WHY IS ETRIGAN STILL HUMAN!!!! I want to know the fate of the Demon, not Shadowpact. In fact the whole point of the series seemed to be to reestablish Shadowpact. And the Lady Blaze as ruler of Hell twist was...well...kinda lame. At least it's over.

Teen Titans #68
Looks like Kid Devil is gone for good. At least the Kid Devil part. I was hoping for more Brother Blood in this issue, but building up for a bigger story arc with him is fine too. However, it was not really very smart to reveal the winner of Reign in Hell the same week it came out. Okay comic though. Way better than Reign in Hell

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