Calculations of Lightning #17

Crossover Expectations, future and past

Reign in Hell
Well, the final issue comes out in eight days. I expected a really awesome crossover, with cameos by all the dead characters in the DC Universe (and maybe Judge Death in the background). Instead, it was lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of panoramic views of Hell. And. Absolutely. Nothing. Happened. This book was paced so slowly, that I have no idea how they will wrap this up in one more issue. And most disappointing of all? Etrigan didn't rhyme.

Final Crisis
I forgot what happened between each issue. But it was okay. Some of the crossovers were excellent (okay only one: Rogues' Revenge). I really had no idea what was going on, but the major points came across. Like the whole thing with Batman.

Infinite Crisis
Awesome. All the books that tie into it are pretty great too. Well illustrated, and well written, it was truly epic.

Blackest Night
I really hope that there are lots of appearances by obscure dead characters, like I expected for Reign in Hell. The only problem is, DC Comics has brought so many of the major dead characters back to life that there may not be many of the heavy hitters. The main ones I can think of (not including the characters that have already been confirmed) are Thomas and Martha Wayne, Superboy, Maxwell Lord, Darkseid, the New Gods, and probably some long dead Green Lanterns. Add a comment for who you think will show up.

Flash: Rebirth
Okay, so it's not really a crossover, but it is too major to ignore. I hope the Rogues play a major role. I hope that the return of Barry Allen is actually explained, rather than avoided. And I hope some of those characters that haven't been seen in a while show up to create havoc.

I really don't know what to expect. I don't even know what it is. But I do wonder, why is Vigilante so tied in to the Titans? And why does Jericho have such a major role to play? And is Trigon back AGAIN?

Underworld Unleashed
I thought that the trade paper back would have more of the whole crossover, like the return of the Rogues. I found the plot somewhat mediocre, but the group villain scenes were pretty good. It really went downhill from there. Maybe if someone other than the Trickster had narrated it, it would have been better. If the second Trickster had been around yet and narrating it would have been great.

More to come!
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Nice post, Icarus.

For Blackest Night, pehaps some of the Black Lanterns will be characters who are not dead yet, but who die and come back in the course of the series.   That could make the Black Lanterns really frightening -- imagine fighting an enemy who gets stronger as your fighters die and go over to the other side.

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Cant Wait for Blackest Night