Agent Orange, Human Flame, Despero Legos...and Despero? (CoL #70)

Some fairly major contrast in Legos today. The really cool, really powerful Agent Orange...and the Human Flame. They don't get any more lame than the Human Flame. The fact that he looks better in Lego than in the comics says a lot about him.

Agent Orange was also my 300th Lego.

Also, Despero x2! Lego Despero and Frog Despero. Yes, you read that right, frog Despero.

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Anyway, Conquest by Lego! (And frog)

Agent Orange: Is even more greedy at this size. He visited the beach and wanted every grain of sand.

Human Flame: Wonders what he did to deserve this. Other than aiding in the death of the Martian Manhunter, upsetting the Krygystani mafia, being horrible to his family, being a nuisance at the hospital, etc.

Despero: Actually has fewer eyes than many of the other creatures his size.


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Posted by King Saturn
Human Flame and Despero are awesome