In my room

Well, since I do not own a spacecraft interdimensional portal, or secret lair, I settle for the next best thing. I read my comics in my room. It is quiet, there is a comfortable chair, and my little brother is strictly prohibited from bothering me. Plus, I keep all my comics there anyways.

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One-Year Vineversary! (With Legos of course. Lots of Legos)

So it's been a year since I joined the Vine. It feels like a lot more. Since I joined I: 
Started my blog, Calculations of Lightning, later shortened to CoL so I would have room to post the names of the Legos I added. Just to be confusing (no, not really) I called the Lego series Conquest by Lego. Since the blog series started, I've written 85 entries or so. Then....they were posted at less and less frequent intervals and stopped altogether. But fear not! I have decided to continue Calculations of Lightning! If you submitted requests I still intend to make them! If you have not submitted requests you should, and I will make that character! You can see the list of characters I plan to make here, and ones I have made here. And naturally here are some Legos to celebrate this occasion.  (More after the Legos!)

Krypto Fighting the injustice, evil, and the indignity of not being allowed to eat human food.

Two-Face: "Heads, I attack tiny Lego Batman. Tails, I attack giant non-Lego Batman. I'm really glad this coin only has heads."

Heat Wave: "It does not matter if you are tiny if you can hit someone with 900 degree fire. So stay out of my way."

Weather Wizard: "Tornado Alleys worst storms will seem like a gentle breeze compared to the storms I can whip up "

Punisher: "The penguin thinks it is hard to get tiny, umbrellas, but he never tried to get a teeny tiny grenade. I could not. I am carrying a pea that looks kind of grenady.

Jay Garrick: Warning: Contains small pieces: keep hat away from children under three, and super-villains who value having un-broken bones.

Asmodel: Destroying the universe, one dimension at a time

Rorschach: And people think Batman is scary.

Dr. Manhattan: Sure, pants are hard to come by when you are three inches high, but all the other Legos managed.

Comedian: At three inches tall, he seems like not much of a threat. But he is still a choking hazard for children under three. And he has a machine gun.

Ozymandias: Because no one ever suspects the multi- billionaires who happen to be the world's smartest people.

Nite-Owl: At this size, more like Nite-Hummingbird

Deathstoke: New, pocket sized assassin! Perfect for going to foreign countries! Warning: May utterly destroy buyer.

Calculator: Being tiny has allowed him to solve all the problems of subatomics.

Delirium: Thinks being tiny is a great way to view the world. Barnabas is a little less happy.

Deadpool: Would be the tiny Merc with a mouth, but since he is a painted Lego, he does not have one.

Dr. Octopus: Tiny Doc Ock is very unhappy that the doomsday device he had perfected is too big for him to activate now that he is only three inches tall

Swamp Thing: Tiny Lego Swamp Thing is hiding out in a mud puddle




Johnny Sorrow: Messenger of the King of Tears, it would be fatal to see his face, but his mask is glued on.

Killer Wasp: Has become the leader of a nearby hive of wasps

Ace the Bat-Hound: Wishes that he was standing on a gargoyle overlooking the city. The chair just seems much less dramatic.

Guy Gardener: Is thrilled, because being tiny and Lego lets him be rude in so many more ways. He just has not thought of any yet.

Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe: Are both thrilled that acorns are as big as they are.

OMAC agent: Now in swarm size! Caution: May try to wipe out all superhuman life. Keep away from children.

Maxwell Lord: Did not think that becoming Checkmates king would mean becoming the size of a chess piece.

Captain Atom: Accidentally quantum jumped into a dryer and shrank. He also found all the missing socks.

Howard the Duck: Is unimpressed. Being Lego is not so bad. He has seen worse.

Metamorpho: Did not know that Lego was an element

Mr. Terrific: Thinks maybe he should test new T-Sphere applications on things other than himself

Dr. Mid-Nite: Is hiding from his pet owl. Owls seem to have a taste for Lego.

Nova: Is demonstrating a tiny supernova at the planetarium.

Agent Orange: Is even more greedy at this size. He visited the beach and wanted every grain of sand.

Black Hand: Is carrying around a can of bug-spray, then raising the dead bugs from the dead. Is that cheating?

Human Flame: Wonders what he did to deserve this. Other than aiding in the death of the Martian Manhunter, upsetting the Krygystani mafia, being horrible to his family, being a nuisance at the hospital, etc.

Despero: Actually has fewer eyes than many of the other creatures his size.

Roulette: Is running around a roulette wheel because she lost a bet.

Wonder Girl: Is participating in a rodeo. But the rodeo is having trouble finding a Lego bull.

Firefly: Is jealous of the other fireflies lights.

Beast Boy: Did not know Lego was an animal. But thinks this is awesome.

Trigon: Had a really hard time finding a skull small enough for his belt.

Brother Blood: Is completely upstaging the vampire bats.

Raven: Wonders if her soul-self is also Lego.

Adam Warlock: Wonders if he can find a tiny soul gem. Having to lug the big one around would just make his opponents laugh.

Cyborg-Superman: Thought being metal and immortal was bad enough, but tiny, Lego, and immortal is even worse.

Ravager: Thinks this is the best way to annoy her dad EVER!

Argus: Thinks Legovision is really cool. Except that it backfired.


Red Arrow: Is shooting acorns at squirrels to keep them away.

Hawk: Did not realize quite how chaotic working for the Lords of Chaos would be. Being turned to Lego was the last thing she expected.

Dove: Thinks this is actually pretty cool. She can use the bird-feeder now!

Kestrel: Is having trouble destroying things when most of them can just step on him.

Grifter: Has taken over the vegetable garden as a base. The carrots provide good cover.

Midnighter: Is plotting revenge against the fake bird in the clock.

General Zod: Did not realize that escaping from the Phantom Zone would have Lego side effects.

Jericho: Did not believe his sister when she told him that if he tried to posses a Lego he might get stuck.

Backlash: Is hiding at the skatepark and grabbing the skateboards from people mid jump.

Invincible: Is worried that he may not be so invincible now that he is made of Lego. The cat is definitely willing to test that theory.


 Branching out with the Lego theme, I posted Arkham Aslyuminorah to celebrate Hanukah. Yes, it is what it sounds like. An Arkham Asylum themed Lego minorah.  

 As my comic fanaticism grew, I went to Baltimore costume! Not only did I wear a costume (Agent "!"), but I convinced my mom to wear one as well! (Sleepwalk).  

Me and my mom as Agent ! and Sleepwalk, about to leave for the convention

Eventually I discovered what the RPG section on the vine was. About six months ago I created my first, and main, RP character, Portrait. I was trained by Quality, and learned quickly. I am now considered maybe not a veteran, but at least a promising RPer. And now I shall answer a question many other RPers have: "How many RP profiles does she have?" The answer: 18! far! And to go a step further, I'll tell you which they are: 
Solar Orchid 
Jupiter Storm 
Marvin the Robot 
Zem the Mattress 
Randolph Carter 
Messenger Mercury 
Not bad for a year, is it?

Lego Arkham Asyluminorah (Happy Chanukah!)

Hi! Icarusflies here, creator of Conquest by Lego with my most recent project: Arkham Asyluminorah! Enjoy, and Happy Chanukah! 

Arkham Asyluminorah

 Front view

 Side view

 Poison Ivy

 Dr. Destiny

 Riddler and spiderweb



 Closeup of the front

 Putting in the candles

 And....Happy first night of Chanukah!

 Closeup of the candles

Icarusflies trip to Baltimore Comic-Con '09

Hi! Icarusflies here, creator of Conquest by Lego!  (And for fans of that, my costume was the reason for the extreme delay)
Yesterday I went to Baltimore Comic-Con! It was amazing. 
First of all, I had to prepare my costume. I chose one of my favorite characters, Agent ! of the Brotherhood of Dada. I convinced my mom to go as Sleepwalk, another member of the Brotherhood of Dada. So I made the costumes, and we were on our way!  While making the costumes I discovered that felt is almost impossible to cut.

Me and my mom as Agent ! and Sleepwalk

Looking very in character

Yes, I remembered the plane with bird feet in the bird cage

Why it was so easy to find me at the con

I was too exited to stop long enough for mom to take photos at first, so the description will have to be enough. The con was on the second floor. On the first was an aerobics class. Those ladies must have been really confused! Once on the convention floor, I ran around like crazy meeting writers and getting things signed. During a rest where I was getting my comics in order, my mom spotted Scott Adsit, Pete of 30 Rock! We ran to meet him. Apparently he is a HUGE comic fan. He even recognized who I was. Lego 1 of 3 was given out. (I brought three with me to give to the various writers and artists, Superman, Green Arrow, and Calculator.) Scott chose Superman.  
While walking around the convention floor, I ran into Scott Adsit, who plays Pete in 30 Rock! Apparently he is a huge comic fan, and recognized my character
I met some of my favorite writers, such as J.M DeMattois from the JLI era. He is also writing the Metal Men co-feature. Others are in the pictures. (I highly recommend the new Doom Patrol series, as well as the older one written by Grant Morrison)
Franco of Tiny Titans was the second to receive a Lego. He got Green Arrow. He also drew me a Tiny Titans style Agent !. If you don't read Tiny Titans, you should. 
Last among the writers, I went and saw Mark McKenna, who inked the original series that Agent ! appeared in! He got the third and final Calculator Lego. 
Franco, of Tiny Titans, drew me a tiny titans style Agent !. I gave him a green arrow Lego.

Mark McKenna, who illustrated the comics Agent ! appeared in

At various times walking around the convention, little kids were terrified by me. Why? I'm not sure. But they looked at me like "who is this crazy person and how did I end up within 10 feet of them" Yep, I sure have a way with kids.
I also ran into one of my friends who runs a comic store in my city.  
After about 5 hours of this, I headed to the DC Nation panel. Mom and I got there early, so we sat in on some of the Image comics panel. For you Image fans:  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.  Eventually the DC Nation panel started. They really could not reveal much about upcoming events. However, I can confirm that while magic users will be playing a major role in the DC Universe, the Demon and Shadowpact will not be getting their own series in the near future. On a more upbeat note, a sequel to Wednesday Comics is being considered. 
After the panel I headed home. And started bugging my parents about the next comic-con. 

Stephane Roux, cover artist for the Birds of Prey

Jamal Igle, artist of 52

J.G Jones, artist of Final Crisis

J. Calafiore, writer of Gotham Underground

Georges Jeanty, writer of Faces of Evil: Deathstroke

Todd Dezago, writer of Impulse.


Silver Surfer and Thanos Legos (CoL #88)

Some highly powered cosmic Legos for today.  
Next on my high-priority list (aka requests) are the rest of the major Heralds of Galactus, and Madrox. If you have any requests, let me know! 

Requests help me know what people want to see, so without them I just make characters that I think are fun or that will complete one of my sets. Also, do not be intimidated by the length of my To Make for Conquest by Lego List, because unless it has a high priority thing next to it, they are just characters I want to remember so I can make them some other time. I usually prefer making requests, and as those who have submitted requests will probably tell you, I make those my high priority Legos.
So, as long as I'm posting long boring announcements, here's another: You can now follow me on Twitter! My user name is Icarusflies77 and my 'real' name is Icarusflies. I post updates about the Legos, a thing called 'You know you have been reading too much H.P Lovecraft when', and random other stuff. 
Sorry for the boring stuff, I'll try to write something more interesting for the next post. Anyway, without further ado, Conquest by Lego!

Silver Surfer: Thinks he preferred his punishment of being stuck on Earth without ever being able to return home to this. Who listens to an inch tall herald?

Thanos: Wonders what possessed him to pick up the Lego Infinity Gem. Now he is Lego, and so unable to move his arms to take it off his gauntlet.

Amalgam revisited!

  1. First, make the stories less of a soap-opera
  2. Have another Amalgam mega-crossover
  3. After Amalgam, Marvel characters take over Earth-16 (I believe this is the Lord Havok universe)
  4. Continue Marvel stories, but have characters visit the DC Universe on a regular basis
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