Awesomeize Clementine Contest Voting Thread!

Sorry that this is a few days late…(Meant to have it up on the 2nd but I went away without Internet access)

Voting will end on July 11th.

Here's a link to the original contest thread

Everyone's entries were FANTASTIC! I really mean that…I laughed, I sqeeed, really great job guys.

So now it's time for voting: Please list the THREE artists you think deserve the win when you vote…please keep in mind that artists' WERE allowed more than one submission. Artists' names under the images, let's get voting!

BIlly Batson
M.S. Feather
Final Arrow
The Poet
The Poet

Video Suggestions

So as many of you know, I've recently turned my hand to filmography.

In the above video I said I wanted people to send me 'letters' (PMs) which I'd address in-character in the next video. So far I have a grand total of no letters.

Daywing recently had the idea to have my characters talk about all your characters, which gave me the idea to ask you all…what do you want to see?

I want to make more videos, but I'd like a little feedback here…you get a chance to watch my 'characters' ramble on about whatever, so tell me what you want. Please?

Or AT LEAST send some letters to Portrait. :P


Make this Pic Even More Awesome (Prize)

So I pretty much have a League of Clementine's in the work, what with Normal Clementine, Green Lantern Clementine, and now the evil….BLEMENTINE!

So it's time to let all you artists have a go at this. Simple concept: Take either the picture of Clementine I've provided, and photoshop it into awesomeness, or draw a picture of an awesome-ized Clementine. (Examples: Green Lantern mask was one, you could make a 'gentleman Clemy' with top hat and monocle, etc) You can submit as many entries as you want.

As a prize I'll draw you something of your choice.

Contest ends July first. (I'll put up a voting thread July 2nd)

Template Clemy
Reference Clemy for those of you who aren't using Photoshop

Idea Overflow

Since I've gotten almost NOTHING done in the last few weeks, I've succeeded in overloading myself in RPGs/Fan-Fics…again. This isn't really a problem since I can just play the 'I'm sick and tired and wasn't able to post' card as much as I need to (mostly because it's true). What IS the problem is that I have MORE ideas and need some help prioritizing. I'm not usually a fan of letting people know what I'm planning ahead of time, but I guess there's a first time for everything. So here we go:


1. It seems I have a lot of crazy re-animator type stuff going on right now…so this would be a team up between Herbert West and Doctor Wesker, vs….I dunno, preferably two other re-animators. I might end up fan-ficifying this, but for now I'd be interested in outside participation.

2. He's been a senator for what…three months? It's time to step up the game! Premonition for president! YEAH!

3. The Return of [Classified]. Yeah, it's that big. It will change some of my characters so much I can't put it in the title.

4. Journey to R'lyeh. It's what it sounds like. Oh, and it will reveal a lot about the amnesiac Tidal Ripple.


1. Introducing…Amazing Grace! Who is she? What are her motivations? And which character's life will she change forever?

2. Cityscapes: There can only be one urbomancer. And Midnight Orchid is determined to claim that title…only Metropolitan stands in his way. One WILL die.

3. Dinnertime conversations: This might be a series. Basically it's one of those 'what if [name], [name], and [name], had dinner' and all the shananiginnery™ that goes with it.

4. Mortality and Herbert West vs. Homunculus and….that lab assistant Herbert never bothered to learn the name of.

5. Basically an Olympics with my characters.


Plans for Thursday, May 5th

Here's what I hope to get done tomorrow on ComicVine:

Get up part 2 of Earth Tangent
Get up part 4 of the Final Days Saga
Finish current drawings (prizes) for the trivia contest

I want to post in whatever it is I'm behind in, but I can't remember what that is exactly. So if any RPGers know what I need to post in I'd kinda like to know. 


And that's what I hope to accomplish.
Start the Conversation

RPG Trivia Contest

I'm really sick of no-one ever reading my bios, so I've decided to do something about it. Namely, a trivia contest. It's really simple: I'll post a question in my status, and in this blog. The necessary information will be available in a bio or RPG post (I'll give warning if you need to sift through posts). The first person who answers correctly (you can either PM me, wall post me, or comment on the blog) will get a prize. Prizes are variable, but there WILL BE ONE.

You can choose either

1. A picture of your character

2. The inclusion of your character in one of my fan-fics (probably Tangent)

3. Something else, just discuss it with me and I'll decide if it's reasonable.

If you're not familiar with the RPG characters in question, there's this lovely blog here which lists all of them.

So let's start this off with an easy one: What is the name of Orpheus Ziev's (aka Premonition's) company? he name of Orpheus Ziev's (aka Premonition's) company?

--Oracle Incorporated, answered by Hydra Bob

Another easy one…: What knife from literature does Portrait frequently use in her battles?

--Subtle Knife, answer by Obi Wan Kenobi

NEXT QUESTION…a little harder this time, you might have to delve a little. Mortality, AKA Anton Bierce, originally had another name before I decided that it didn't fit his personality very well and changed it. WHAT was this name? Hint: It's still closely related to his current name (Anton, not Mortality).

--Ambrose Chekov, answered by Nobody

Now because I like making people look at absurdly long bios…what was the name of Fractal's wife? AND how did she die?

--Lenore, burned at the stake, answered by Ripper1

Awesome work people! Next question, a little different: Which character has a blood feud with the Whatelely family? Hint: his non-super name is Andy Whippoorwill ---Glory Nights, answered by Dark Huntress.

Okay, next question: Counterfeit IS what character from classic literature? Name the character and book.

--Gavroche, Les Misérables, answered by Queen's Halo

Who is Rubix's sibling? --Klein, answered by the Wanderer

What is Matrushka's relation to Io? --Granddaughter, answered by Talon

Who killed Solar Orchid? ---Thunderstone, answered by lazystudent

Icarus/Julius have a phobia of what?---Darkness, answered by Icarusflies when no one could get it.

Who does Klein consider his arch-enemy? (you may need to post-hunt for this one)---DaggerKlutz, answered by Fable

What was the name of the scientist (last name is sufficient) who did NOT survive the accident that created Fugu's gang?---Tucker, answered by Fable

Matrushka is in a relationship with whom?---Chernobog, answered by Johnslamby

Fractal has been shown to have one real friend…who is it? ---Fractal, answered by ReEnforcer

What is the name of Solenoid Spin's arch nemesis?---"Cat", answered by Slight

Next question: What does N.Y.A.R.L.A.T.H.O.T.E.P stand for?


Character Sketches

So I decided to upload some of the stuff from my sketchbook because I was bored and can do that kind of thing. 

Sorry for the image quality, I haven't bothered learning how to use my scanner yet. And it's not like you're missing high levels of detail with these things anyway.

All characters are created by me, I'd be happy to direct you to some stories featuring them (because I am a WAY better writer then I am artist) if you ask. DO NOT use these characters without my permission.

If any artists want to try their hand at drawing the characters I'd love to see those. *hint hint*

Anyway, the sketches and commentary stuff:

Super Sloth

Super Sloth
Super Sloth is exactly what he sounds like…a super-powered sloth. So he has a cape. His power is creating ziplines out of nowhere and uh…hanging on them. What do you expect, he's a sloth!

Requiem is a mysterious character. I can't really say more, but you can read his first (and so far only) appearance here. This is actually my original character-design sketch, so it's what I was referring to when I was writing his description.

Here we have Premonition. This is him during his costumed-villain days, not his senatorial days. Not that there's really all that much difference…

King Mab
This is King Mab, who uses chaos theory to his advantage.

And here's Io, everyone's favorite crazy Russian super-hero!

Mortality LOLcat-style
Mortality, who doesn't seem unhappy with being captioned. He's Herbert West's lab assisstant, which explains the caption. (If you can't read it it says: 'Your Ressurekshun is not relevant to mah interests')

Tidal Ripple
Tidal Ripple, forgotten sea-god.

Fractal, ancient warlock and current interdimensional mage.

Midnight Orchid
A really bad drawing of Midnight Orchid (I ignored MY OWN reference drawing because I was bored and didn't have it with me)

Anyway, that's what I've got for now. If I can find the sketchbook I took with me to Peru this summer I'd be able to put up more drawings, but I think the notebook was destroyed as a biohazard. I dunno.

Legostalgia, Part 2

So it's a race against time as a)The My Chemical Romance Concert approaches, and b)I started going down on the medication that (as an unexpected side effect) was suppressing my immune reaction to the Lego paint I use.

I probably have 2-3 more weeks that I can paint Legos before I start having allergic reactions again, so I really need to kick things into gear. Today I finished up my Killjoys set, which I hope to give to MCR at the aforementioned concert.

If I have time soon I'll make the Chainsaw Vigilante and the Umbrella Academy. I also promised two of my RL friends that I'd make them Lego portraits, and I need to have those finished by this Friday.

Edit: Woke up this morning, and my allergies are DEFINITELY acting up again. I guess that's that. 

Anyway, here are the Killjoys pics (click to enlarge):


Uncanny Resemblance?

So I'm a bit of a Pokémon fanatic, and naturally HAD TO HAVE Pokémon White when it came out. 

Imagine my surprise when I got to the Elite Four and saw this guy:

 Elite Four Grimsley
My first thought?

 Klarion…dun dun dun…the witch boy

 And yes, Grimsley totally has a Liepard.


And just for the record, I beat the Elite Four months ago. I've just been too lazy to get pics of Grimsley for this blog.