The Best of Solenoid Spin

So recently I've been working on getting all my non-multipass profiles backed up so they aren't GONE FOREVER. And then after I backed them up I started turning them into multipasses. One of the non-multipass profiles was….SOLENOID SPIN! Since I can only create 3 new e-mails a day, and I had used them up for the day, I almost ended up creating a 'Save Solenoid Spin!' movement…and then it was midnight, I created new e-mails, I linked Solenoid, and that was made moot. But anyway: In the process of backing Solenoid Spin up I went through his ENITRE forum history and picked out the best parts. Now in one place, (with context!) for your enjoyment, the Best of Solenoid Spin!


And you'd better enjoy this…I almost died laughing in the process of making this thing. xP

Text is in spoilers because there's a LOT of it.

In the Vis Vires Base

Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin said:
" >spins in< Goooooood DAy! "
An arm slaps him in the head an Figaro turns to Sol

Mind holding in those muppet arms of your in when your spinning?

@Figaro: Muppets are puppets and puppets um.....kill people!
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: OMG!

Figaro switches his playlist to a marathon of Metal songs and his body starts to crackle with electricity

Please for the love of god, be quiet.
@Figaro: When I was walking up the stair, I met a man who wasn't there/he wasn't there again today, oh how I wish he'd stay away....

what were we talking about again?
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Rubbing his temple he shrugs

How people like you make me ponder the idea of shooting myself in the head to silence you.
@Figaro: >singsong voice< You can't touch me 'cause I'm magnetic!
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Eye begins to twitch and he simply calms himself down an sits down

"Dont kill the idiot, dont kill him hes got his uses dont kill him" he begins to tell himself
@Figaro: Hey, you hear voices in your head too? >claps Figaro on the shoulder< Just listen to 'em, they're usually right. Bananas DO make good toothbrushes!
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: wants to snap the mans hand off at the wrist but cant help but laughing hysterically at his remarks.

Figaro slaps Sol on the shoulder replying with "Ya know, your a very strange fellow."
@Figaro: Strange, everyone says that....I think it must mean "Good day" in Portugese.
Post by Figaro (406 posts) See mini bioLevel 7
@Solenoid Spin: Actually to say good day in Portugese you must say "Imafookingretad"
@Figaro: Really? I've always wanted to know Portugese! >yells to random lady across street< " Imafookingretad"
Post by Cellywyn
@Solenoid Spin: I was never one for killing for the sake of killing... in your case entertainment. She shrugged. And even if I were I think I would've grown tired of it by now.
@Cellywyn: Grow tired of what? What were we talking about again?
Post by Cellywyn
@Solenoid Spin: Pies. Smiles sheepishly.
@Cellywyn: Pie! I love pie! Except for blueberry. >eyes darken<
Post by Cellywyn
@Solenoid Spin: I'm partial to cherry pie myself.
@Cellywyn: Ooh, cherry is good! Especially with cheese sauce!

@Solenoid Spin: Blueberry pie is great!

@Donnieman v5.1: Did you just liked the blueberry? >glowers<
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Grabs hand an twists it around behind his back

Please stop touching me lets him go
@Figaro: Wheee! That's not how you foxtrot though, this is! >spins around wildly<
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Figaros shirt cuff gets stuff on Sols arm and he is spun along with him

@Figaro: Round and round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knooooows! >spins faster<
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: begins to grow nauseated

Post by Figaro (406 posts)
@Lady Tlieso: No worries the idjit let me go
@Figaro: >at top of lungs< DREIDEL, DREIDEL, DREIDEL, I MADE IT OUT OF CLAY!
@Homicide: Hey! That's one of my favorite words! Have you ever tried saying it real fast? Homicidehomicidehomicidehomicidehomicide....
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Donnieman v5.1: Leans over to him and whispers in his ear, indicating Homicide. I'd try to stay on her good side.
@Lady Tlieso said:
Runs over and yells, "Secrets! I love secrets! Tell me, tell me!"
@Solenoid Spin said:
Jumps Agh, get out of here you Shoos him away
@Donnieman v5.1: >Thinks this is another game< Nah nah, can't catch meeeeee!
Post by Homicide
@Solenoid Spin: .... she sighs as she pulls out a pistol and holds it loosely in her right hand. Where going to be talking about your death soon if you dont calm down...
@Homicide: Ooh, is this the game where I catch bullets? I don't like that game?
@Donnieman v5.1: >bumps into barrier< Huh? Well, under and out! >spins, drilling through the ground beneath him, and pops up outside barrier<
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Frowns at the hole in the floor. What the hell?!
@dreadmaster: Boss! Over here boss! Bossbossbossboss! Hi!
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Walks over to the gaping hole in the floor and points. What......The.....Hell?!
@Lady Tlieso: It's a hole. Have you never seen one before? I can dig another if necessary.
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Stand and stares at him for a bit before exhaling loudly with a shake of her head. I think there are bananas in the kitchen. Walks away.
@Lady Tlieso: Bananas! I love bananas! >Spins into kitchen, and comes back with a banana in each hand and banana peel on his head<
Post by Lady Tlieso
Stares at the peel on Solenoids head curiously. How the hell does it stay on his head?
@Lady Tlieso: >wonders why he Krazy glued the banana peel to his head in a moment of lucidity<
@Solenoid Spin said:
" @Octagon Mistress: Ooh, another lady. Hi there. "

Hi Weird puppy like person :P
@Octagon Mistress: Puppy? I might have had a puppy once. Not really sure....Oooh, gun! Can I try it?
Post by Lady Tlieso
Hears Solenoid ask for the gun and casually stands up and moves behind the large stone throne.
@Solenoid Spin: Eyes teh excitable Solenoid then watches Lady T duck behind the throne. Not sure thats a good idea...
Post by Solenoid Spin (
@Octagon Mistress: Yes? Thanks! >grabs the gun and starts spinning around with it, shooting wildly<
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: .........nevermind...mongoloid
@Figaro: Ooh, that rhymes! Solenoid, mongoloid, solenoid, mongoloid!
@Figaro: What does your name rhyme with....cheese! Yes, that definitely rhymes! Figaro, cheese, Figaro, cheese! FIGARO, CHEESE!

@Dollface: Waves back Nice to meet ya.

You guys are nuts :-P

@Donnieman v5.1: You have nuts? Peanuts or almonds?
@Solenoid Spin: Ummm, almonds. They taste better.
@Donnieman v5.1: GIMME!
@Solenoid Spin: Drops a bag of almonds and jets
@Donnieman v5.1: >Grabs the almonds.< Aww....these are barbecue. I don't like these. >throws them at Donnie<
@Lady Tlieso: Look what I got! >holds up bag of marbles< Apparently I lost them, but they were in a drawer all along!
Post by dreadmaster
@Solenoid Spin said:
" @dreadmaster: You're no fun. >pouts< I don't like you. "
I don't care. xP
@dreadmaster: You will care! I'll rip out your spleen! I'll eat your heart! I'll...OOH SHINY!!!
@Lady Tlieso: >eyes suspiciously, but relaxes< I'm bored. Are we going to kill people soon? Dread said I had to keep a 'low profile', but I'm having trouble killing people hunched over.
Post by Homicide
@Solenoid Spin: .......pulls out her gun and points the barrel at his head Say you like me again, and I'll spray your brains all over the wall.
Post by Figaro
Walks up to Sol with a smile

Hey buddy, wanna try a new trick? huh huh huh?
@Figaro said:
YES!!! YES!!!
@Figaro: Do you need a hug? >hugs Figaro, getting blood all over him<
Post by Figaro
Now what have we learned Sol?
@Figaro: ....Don't put forks in electrical outlets? Because spoons are better!
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin:

Holy sh!t...that actually made sense. Am I losing it? Sol made a full sentence which half made sense
@Figaro: ....Want a hug?
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Want another zap?
@Figaro: >Tries to remember why that's bad, but ends up with the equation zap=toast<
@Figaro: Does zap equal toast, or does zap not equal toast...that is the question. Answer: Spin around! >does so<
>realizes he is being ignored! This cannot be! Decides if no one notices him in the next few seconds he will do something drastic<

The First Pudding Mention

@Warsman: Get what? What do you have that I want? Are you selling pudding?
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Wonders why Sol has not noticed his marbles all over the place but decides not to say anything.
Hello Sol, how are you tonight?
@Lady Tlieso: Orangy-purple!
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Orangey what?
@Lady Tlieso: Orangy purple. What, you've never felt that way?
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Brow wrinkles, Felt orangy-purple? No I can't say that I have. What does it feel like?
@Lady Tlieso: It feels like when you fall into a tub of jello that is full of ravenous sharks and pizza, while spinning at Mach 2.
Post by Warsman
@Solenoid Spin:

In a refrigerated portion of the hell-furnace I just conjured :3
@Warsman: >Runs inside furnace< Hey! I don't see any pudding!
Post by Warsman
@Solenoid Spin:

Shuts and locks the door and cranks the heat up to DUDE, WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!
@Warsman: >Thinks this is the best sauna ever, but wonders where the pudding is< DO YOU HAVE ANY TOWELS?
@Warsman: >looks at sign. Decides it says 'pudding'< PUDDING!!! >tries to eat sign<
Post by Warsman
@Solenoid Spin:

Holds the pudding cup high above his head, as if it were holy

This are delicious must nom it!


Post by Lady Tlieso
@Donnieman v5.1 said:
" Avoid the 'Noid! :P "
Another team motto! lol
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Can it Sol, you're making my ears hurt.
@Lady Tlieso: Can=FOOD!

>looks expectantly at Lady Tlieso<
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Uses her teke to float a handful of popcorn to him. Fetch!
Post by Solenoid Spin
@Lady Tlieso: >Notices popcorn and starts chasing it around room<

NOM, NOM, NOM, eww that last thing wasn't popcorn.....NOM
Notices paint that Precise left

Spins in it and it splatters EVERYWHERE
Post by Lady Tlieso
Stares at the huge mess in awe.
Post by Figaro
@Lady Tlieso: leans in closer to her ready to kiss her only to get splattered with paint. His body starts to steam an he glares at Solenoid

"SOL!!" and bolts shoot at Sol
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Paint splatters his face and he wipes it off lifting Sol into the air

@Figaro: >Thinks for a moment<

You said to go stick my head in a pig if I recall correctly.
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin: Exactly!!! Now why dont you go stick it, and leave. leans in an whispers "Theirs five chocolate pudding cups in my room, in the fridge, u get the room messy i will kill you. SLOWLY!"
@Figaro: PUDDING!!!
Runs into Figaro's room leaving a trail of paint despite Figaro's warning
Post by Figaro
@Solenoid Spin:
get tackled ...again

Sol...what have I told you about braking before you hit me
@Figaro: Um......I thought I broke plenty of stuff before I hit you....
@Lady Tlieso: Lady T >pokes< Lady T >pokes< Lady T >pokes<, Lady T >pokes<....
@Precise: >Sneaks up behind Precise and attacks his hair with a pair of hedge clippers<
Post by Precise
@Solenoid Spin: Feels a piece of his hair cut off DAMN YOU VILLAINS AND YOUR OBSESSIONS WITH MY HAIR!!!
@Boken: INTRUDER!!!

Post by Deathscythe
@Solenoid Spin: She makes a face and turns to find Solenoid far too close to her. She moves slightly forward and eyes the insane man. Something tells me you're the crazed member of the team I've heard so much about.
@Deathscythe: Crazed member of the team? Where?

Looks around
@Deathscythe: Soooooo what are you doing here? DID YOU BRING PIZZA?!
Post by Deathscythe
@Solenoid Spin: I've come for a short visit. And no, no pizza. Ask your fearless leader to get you some. I'm sure he can manage.
@Deathscythe: Aww.....

@dreamaster: >tugs on his sleeve< Dread, dread, dread, dread, dread, dread....can we get pizza?
@Skurz: >pokes< I shall dub thee....Mr. Rainbow Fluffy-pants!
Post by Solenoid Spin (410 posts) See mini bioLevel 9
@Skurz: Hm....I bet Mr. Rainbow Fluffy-pants is Hungry! Would you like some jelly-beans?
Post by Skurz

@Solenoid Spin:
Smells something sweet and nods


@Skurz: Here you go!.....I licked all of them!
Post by Skurz

@Solenoid Spin:Sniffs the jelly beans and recognizes Spin's spit-stench

Nonononononononono, take them back...


>tries to force them into his mouth<
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Skurz: Smiles sympathetically at him, Please excuse Sol. Manners are not one of his strengths.
@Lady Tlieso: Yes they are! I SO have incredible manners! Like, the killing fork goes on the the right, and the stabbing knife goes on the left!
@Skurz: I brushed my teeth this morning! With pudding!
Post by Solenoid Spin (410 posts)
@Desiderina Redhead:

I think the room is great, will look better with more bloodstains, I like pink because it's a form of red, and they make good strawberry milkshakes, I'm sure Lady T likes pink but she just won't admit it, she wears pink underwear, I know since I destroyed the washing machine once, Figaro got really mad because it wrecked his favorite T-shirt, and he made me all tingly in a painful way. I just spin and spin and spin and spin and it destroys stuff, so I spin more, I LOVE THE CIRCUS my favorite was the time the lion at the tamer, and everyone was screaming, and there was blood everywhere and EVERYONE IS MY FRIEND!

>forgets to take breath and starts to turn blue<

Solenoid and Icarus

For a time, Solenoid held IcarusMach9 hostage. He was totally convinced he was a Martian. These next interactions are from that time. (Though they include some unrelated dialogues)

Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin said:
" @Lady Tlieso: Hey! I found a beam thingy! >collapses the support beam< "

Stop destroying the house or I will take your Martian away and send him back to Mars. Looks at him sternly. Do you want me to send him away? Do you?

@Lady Tlieso: >clings tightly to Icarus who was attempting to read a book<

NOOOOO! Don't take my Martian! I'll be good and not destroy the base until next week, I promise!
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: One month or it's off to the red planet for him.
Edited 1 year, 1 month ago
@Lady Tlieso: Fine! A month! Don't send him to Venus, my Martian doesn't want to go home!

Icarus:! For the last time, I'm NOT REALLY A MARTIAN!

Sol: Sorry Lady T, he doesn't speak English. >pats Icarus on head<
Level 9
@Lady Tlieso: O_O

OH NO I KILLED LADY T! Oh wait, there she is....


Post by Darkchild
@Lady Tlieso: looking down an realizing he just licked Sol instead of LT he pulls out his foot long tong an starts to rub it feverishly while glaring at T
@Darkchild: EWWWW! Two can play at that game! >tries to lick DC<
@Lady Tlieso: Have you seen my Martian recently? I can't find him.
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: The last I saw he was in one of the lower rooms talking to himself.

>continues to run around screaming<

@Lady Tlieso: Not...not the ROOMS OF DARK SCARINESS!
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Facepalm They are not the rooms of dark scariness Sol, it's the library.
@Lady Tlieso: Is that where those nice shreddy things are?
Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Answers in a muffled voice since her face is still in her hands. Yes Sol. Reminds herself to put locks onto the library tomorrow.
@Lady Tlieso: :D

SHREDDY SHREDDY SHRED! >runs off to library to shred stuff, finds Icarus, gets distracted and drags him back to the main room<
@Warsman: >hides behind sofa<

Icarus: Oh, please do kill him. I would, but every time I try to stab him he thinks it is a game and spins me around until I wish I were dead.

@Lady Tlieso: >Waits for absolute worst time to interrupt...any minute now...<
@Lady Tlieso: ....I forgot.

Icarus: >Without even looking up from book< You forgot that you had an intricate plan to JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND LET ME OUT OF THIS MADHOUSE!!

Solenoid: Oh NOW I remember! What do Martians eat?

Post by Lady Tlieso
@Solenoid Spin: Scowls and looks over at Icarus, What would you like to eat?
Post by IcarusMach9
@Lady Tlieso: His liver with some fava beans and a glass of Chianti comes to mind...
Post by IcarusMach9
@Lady Tlieso: >sneaks in<

He's asleep (namely, I hit him on the head with a baseball bat until he passed out) I'm free!
Post by Lady Tlieso
@IcarusMach9: Turns on the security system
Not so much.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Lady Tlieso: What...the...WHY did you do that?
Post by Warsman

I like you. You can be my meat pet.

Puts a leash and collar on Mach9

Post by Lady Tlieso
@IcarusMach9: The way I look at it that you may have cost me a valued team member which would put me at a loss. So until that team member is fully functional you will be taking his place. It's really te only fair thing to do.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: What is WRONG with you people? I'm no-one's pet!

@Lady Tlieso: Fully functional? FULLY FUNCTIONAL?! He wouldn't be fully functional if you gave him a brain transplant!
Post by Warsman


Quiet you!

Cow tazers

Post by Lady Tlieso
@IcarusMach9: Then it looks like you'll be with us for a very, very long time. Do you have any food allergies our chefs should be aware of?
Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: GAAAAH! >holds head< Please...don' that. You ever had electroshock? I have, and it is not pretty.

@Lady Tlieso: ...I hate you so much right now. And I don't have any allergies.
Post by Warsman



Thinks about what Mach9 says...then shocks him again

Post by Lady Tlieso
@Warsman: Looks at his tazing of Icarus with a approval.

@IcarusMach9: Rolls her eyes I could care less if you hate. You'll still do what I say and be polite about it.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: >grits teeth<

Please stop. It unravels my mind and leaves me struggling to regain control again.
@Lady Tlieso: Why you little....DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU? I HAVE KILLED DEMI-GODS!
Post by Warsman

Looks at Mach9 carefully...
Pudding man?

Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: The pudding man is lying unconscious on the floor in a pool of his own blood.
Post by Warsman


C'mon, boy, we need to find Scooby Doo and solve this mystery!

Post by Lady Tlieso
@IcarusMach9: Looks at her nails in boredom And I have Demi-Gods who cater to my every whim. Killing them is so typical, now getting them to follow orders, that takes real talent. Looks at him critically I could teach you alot.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: ...Seriously? Oh I so wish I was able to die right now...

@Lady Tlieso: Just means they're soft. Don't compromise! Ever! Unless the person is in your own head!
Post by Warsman
Good idea! Then I'll resurrect you as a metal, unfeeling, Necron canine to serve me willingly for all time until the end of eternity :D

Raises war scythe
Post by IcarusMach9
@Warsman: Yeah...I don't think that will do a whole lot. Might lose a limb or two, but they always grow back...
@IcarusMach9: I can always find a way to put you out of your misery. I'm sure your body would be a fine specimen to donate to science.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Donnieman v5.1: Oh, it's been done. I'm sure I have my parent's notes around somewhere if you want them.
@IcarusMach9: Oh? Hmmm, interesting.
Post by IcarusMach9
@Donnieman v5.1: You say interesting, I saw vivisection. Potayto, potato
Post by IcarusMach9
@Lady Tlieso: I like the midnight sun. Oh, which reminds me: If I end up in the dark I'll kill you all, or destroy anything nearby. Just thought it was fair to warn you.
Post by Lady Tlieso
@IcarusMach9: You're afraid of the dark? Grins wickedly I'll be sure to keep that in mind. See to having one of the butlers move you to a higher floor if you'd like?

Other stuff

This is post-Icarus, but I can't find the source and I've already gone through more than 200 pages.

@Donnieman v5.1: @The Dark Huntress: >flying tackle completely destroying the moment<

@Donnieman v5.1: ...Because I am the Pudding Guardian, and to kill me would be to instill the wrath of pudding!

"Hm….something along the lines of 'AAAGH! GET THAT MANIAC AWAY FROM ME!' and then….and then…THEY CHASED ME WITH A BROOM!"


Solenoid's Posts

Actual RPG posts. Context only given in case of Icarus.

Solenoid Spin had been ushered into the meeting room. He was not particularly happy about this, he had been busy playing that game where you try to get a ball attached to a string into a cup. Except he was using someone's eyeball (complete with nerve string) as the ball, and their marrow-removed thighbone as the cup. The door slammed behind him and he slouched over to a chair. Across the table were the bosses, Dreadmaster and Lady Tlieso. Then there were some other people, but Solenoid didn't really care. He was more interested in how far back he could lean his chair. Dreadmaster started to talk. Solenoid payed absolutely no attention. In the middle of his speech Solenoid fell over with a loud THUMP. From the floor he could see Dreadmaster grit his teeth but continue to talk. From his position on the ground Solenoid could see Homicide's feet. She was cute, and Solenoid liked her. He was going to ask her to go out on a killing spree with him one of these days. He could also see Dollface swinging her feet slightly, not quite able to reach the floor. Solenoid didn't like Dollface, she was always stealing his food.

Dreadmaster stopped talking, and everyone got up. Solenoid spun to his feet, badly scuffing the persian carpet. He saw Lady Tlieso stifle a murderous look as she saw him. Solenoid cheerfully waved at her, and spun over to where his buddy Figaro was standing. "Work together we are?" Solenoid asked, forgetting which order the words were supposed to go in. " Unfortunately beat it. I need to get ready." Figaro shocked Solenoid, and he spun out of reach. That hurt...

A few minutes later, Solenoid arrived at the portal. It was kinda sparkly...Solenoid leaped through, and experienced the familiar vertigo of being thrown through space-time. Solenoid quickly looked at the whole yard, leaving furrows of dirt in the manicured yard. Spinning was a destructive means of transport. Solenoid was again distracted by what Figaro was holding in his hand. "These yours buddy if you kill everyone down that hallway" They were shiny....and Solenoid loved marbles! He immediately zoomed down the hallway. The violent wake tore the guards limb from limb. Solenoid paused at the end of the hall. A guard raised a gun, his arms shaking. Solenoid spun again as he fired. The bullets froze in mid-air, trapped by Solenoid's magnetic power. Then with a final spin, Solenoid sent the bullets rocketing back down the hall. More guards collapsed. Solenoid finished them off by spinning over their throats. But he should wait for the other to catch up now. He wanted that bag of marbles. But it could be a surprise! Solenoid pressed himself back against the wall. By a strange coincidence his striped costume matched the wallpaper perfectly. Giggling slightly he waited for his ambush.

Solenoid Spin waited impatiently for his own team to arrive. He wanted to ambush them. This was getting boring. And there were important people right around the corner that Solenoid could be killing. And he was hungry, and his feet hurt. This was boring. Solenoid Spin decided he was going to look around. Dead guard, dead guard, dead guard with shiny thing! Jackpot! Solenoid Spin liberated the dead guard of his keyring. It was indeed very nice and shiny. And the keys looked nice and sharp. Solenoid could do some damage with them. What was he supposed to be doing again? He didn't quite remember, but he knew if he did it right Figaro would give him a bag of marbles. Dollface had managed to lose all of Solenoid's old marbles under the couch, and Lady Tlieso wouldn't let Solenoid spin under the couch to get them.

Solenoid's old, rickety, derailed train of thought was then thrown off a cliff. More guards! Gleefully he spun at them, slashing their throat with his new set of keys. And one of them had a sandwich! This day was getting better and better. Solenoid sat down to eat his prize, when he found himself being sucked through another portal. It was blue and sparkly...

Solenoid materialized back at base. There was an unfamiliar woman there. And Solenoid's sandwich was gone! The woman (who happened to be Paradox, not that Solenoid knew or cared) must have taken it. Solenoid's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you shall rue the day you took my sandwich. You shall rue!" Solenoid began to spin, faster and faster. Then with a mighty cry, he launched himself at Paradox. "I shall eat your ear!" He screamed, intending to do just that. The unfinished 'Nom' was already on his lips.

Solenoid Spin spun spinilly, spiraling sporadically, something, something....anyway, he was spinning very fast towards the sandwich-eating intruder near the ceiling. He had not been so utterly furious since Dollface had taken his pudding. A voice floated up from below. " Nitwit, Catch!!" Ooh cool! Solenoid was a nitwit! Figaro had told him that that meant 'furiously spinning person.' Oh, right....Figaro. They had practiced this. Actually, Solenoid remembered their drill now.

The first time it was drilled. "Dumb@$$, catch!" Solenoid Spun. "GAAAAH!" and fell to the floor in a smoking heap. The second time it was drilled. "Moron, catch!" Solenoid Spin spun and collapsed the floor in a smoldering heap. Third time it was drilled..."Imbecile, catch!" Solenoid was busy trying to get his food away from Dollface, and was shocked, upon which he collapsed on top of his pudding cup. He was starting to detect a pattern here...

But this time was different. This time he was spinning really, really FAST! And he was mad! This time this was going to work! The electricity coursed across Solenoid, and then vanished for a moment. Then with an ear-splitting CRACK a concentrated electrical blast spread out from his fingers towards the evil sandwich-eater. At the same time, Solenoid felt the clicking sensation that indicated his magnetic powers in full gear. And when magnets and electricity get one really, really strong electromagnet. And hopefully a sandwich.

As Figaro took on Paradox, Solenoid Spin mostly worked on keeping his balance. He had landed back on the ground, which was not quite as stable as it had used to be. Or maybe it was more stable? Eh, didn't matter. Paradox was running towards Solenoid now, and he had started to spin again. His momentum was such that small rocks were being crushed into dust when caught in his slipstream. " Sol! Start spinning, slight chance of turbulance on the way" Figaro again....and didn't he owe Solenoid a bag of shiny marbles? Yes, yes he did! Solenoid Spin was indignant. First his sandwich, now this! "Alllreadddy spinnnnning" he said. Though it was getting harder. The ground was definitely shaking now, and Solenoid was having a difficult time keeping his balance.

In a brief flash of insight, Solenoid actually thought of a tactical maneuver. Figaro had created a vast pillar of Earth, which Solenoid leapt on top of. From here he could throw himself at Paradox, quite probably ripping her to shreds. (And a sandwich? Did people dissolve into sandwiches?) Spinning once more to build up speed, Solenoid jumped towards the melee below.



Solenoid Spin sat in his room looking at his new kitten. The nice family down the block had given it to him. "Hey! Give back our cat!" is what they had said as Solenoid spun off down the street with it. What nice people. It was a little kitten, with twice as much fluff as actual body. It glowered at him angrily, bloodlust in its adorable little eyes. Happily Solenoid grabbed it and hugged it, squishing it to himself. It yowled and scratched his face. Solenoid ignored this and started thinking of a name. Eviscerate? Pudding? Figaro? Yeah, Figaro was a great name! So original! Solenoid was going to go tell Figaro all about it. He grabbed the kitten, put it on his head (where it promptly started biting him) and spun to the main room where Figaro was lazily watching television. Solenoid Spin jumped on him. "FIGARO GUESS WHAT!" Figaro shocked him, and Solenoid fell to the floor. The kitten, now statically charged with its fluff all on end, landed on his chest. "I don't care dimwit. Go away" Figaro said, flipping the channel. "Okay, I'll tell you all about it! Meet my kitten, Figaro." Figaro turned off the TV. "You did NOT name that THING after me. Change the name. Now!" The kitten looked at him, then ran over to Figaro and started to use his leg as a scratching post. "YOW! SOLENOID!!" Figaro blasted him again, and threw the kitten at him. Crying, Solenoid ran to Lady Tlieso, but promptly forgot what it was he came for. Then he remembered. "LadyTLadyTLadyT! Can my kitten Figaro fly the team plane? Huh? Can he? PleasePleasePleasePleasePlease!" Lady T looked at him tiredly. "Yes, fine Sol. Do....whatever it is" Solenoid ran off to put the kitten in the plane. In the hallway he ran into Dreadmaster. "Hi Dread! Have you met Figaro yet?" Dreadmaster ignored this. "...Sol. I must ask you a favor. Please watch over the team until either I or Tlieso make it back to the lair, would be much appreciated." For a moment Solenoid just stood there while Dreadmaster ran off. Then he got an evil grin on his face. "I'M IN CHARGE!" he yelled, and ran off back to where the rest of the team was.

"I'M IN CHARGE!" Solenoid yelled again. The sudden noise startled the kitten, who dug its claws into Solenoid's head. "First order of business: Dollface, give me all your pudding."

Dollface wasn't listening! This wasn't fair, Dreadmaster had specifically left Solenoid in charge! If he said to hand over the pudding, then that pudding was supposed to be handed over! He would deal with Dollface in a moment. This was pudding warfare, and you couldn't go into pudding warfare without eating some pudding first. Solenoid walked into Dreadmaster's room, took some of his pudding, and walked back out. As he pulled open the lid of the pudding cup, Figaro (the cat) grabbed it and ran off. Solenoid sunk to his knees. "NOOO! My best friend ran off with my pudding!" This was bad...he had exhausted his own pudding supply earlier that day, and Dreadmaster's room had gone into lockdown. If he didn't get pudding soon well...he might have to eat something nutritious!

Solenoid spun towards Dollface's room. She was holding a blade, but that was no problem. Yay magnetism! Solenoid focused (or as close to focus as he ever really got) and the blade flew towards him. It stabbed him in the leg. Yeah, Solenoid always forgot that being the center of a magnet could hurt. He stopped spinning and began hopping around on one leg trying to get the blade out of his other leg. At that point, Figaro the cat, covered in pudding, showed his guilty face. "You! Pudding snatcher!" Solenoid yelled, and threw the knife that he had just succeeded in getting out of his leg at the cat. It missed by a mile and hit the building's main power switch. There was a shower of sparks and then everything went black. "OH MY GOD I JUST UNLEASHED A GHOST!" Solenoid yelled, having not the slightest idea what was really going on. "Does anyone have any pudding?"

Solenoid was terrified. There was a ghost on the loose! Spare him, take Figaro instead! Not the cat Figaro, the person Figaro. Solenoid loved his cat. Which pretty much guaranteed that it wouldn't survive for long. But Solenoid Spin had seen his true love a few days ago...she was so beautiful. Way better than Homicide. Solenoid knew she was the one for him the first moment he saw her sitting on that laboratory table. Oh Bertha the beaker, Solenoid would work up the courage to propose to you one day. Just don't get too scorched by hydrochloric acid in the meantime.

Solenoid was unaccustomed to this 'thinking'. Even if it was about something as wonderful as Bertha. But since he was thinking he was oblivious to everything else. As a result he was standing in the middle of the room, a string of drool dripping to the floor. He didn't snap out of it until he heard Donnie's mental message. " Listen up you idiots, it's time for you to sit down and cool off. There is no ghost and there will be no pudding wars. Solanoid, I don't care who put you in charge because they're gone now and obviously didn't know what the hell they were thinking in doing so. As far as I'm concerned, with Dreadmaster and Tlieso gone that leaves ME in charge. If anyone has a problem with that they can take it up with me. " Solenoid's eye twitched. Dreadmaster had left HIM in charge. HE WAS IN CHARGE! DONNIE WOULD NOT TAKE THAT FROM HIM!

"NO! I'M IN CHARGE! I'MINCHARGEI'MINCHARGEI'MINCHARGE!" Solenoid yelled at the top of his lungs. He was going into full tantrum mode. And unlike a toddler, who just threw himself on the floor and screamed, Solenoid spun at Mach 3 and screamed. Which was actually highly dangerous. Solenoid had already begun to spin. Faster and faster. All the magnetic objects in the room began to pull towards him. "I'M. IN. CHARGE!" For what must have been the twelfth time that day, Solenoid decided that this meant war!

Solenoid Spun faster and faster, enjoying the fear in the rest of the team's eyes. Or maybe it was just speed blurring, but whatever it was Solenoid liked it. Actually, he liked most everything to do with spinning. The spinning, the cool breeze, the spinning, the pudding getting in his eyes from where it had been spilled on the floor, the spinning...though he did not like when his teammate got caught up in his slipstream. The air around him heated up, and he started spinning even more to cool it down. Ew...and there was drool going into his face. "You want a drool fight! I'll give you a drool fight! Bleh, bleh, bleh!" Solenoid drooled too, hoping it would end up getting on his annoying teammate.

Then, a glittery shiny caught his eye. "Hey Shortbus and co. LOOKY SHINY!" Solenoid stopped short, sending everything caught in his slipstream flying. "MY SHINY!" he yelled, and dove out the windows. The shiny was a painful shiny. It made his brain all fuzzy...and...mean shiny...

Solenoid passed out, still trying to hold the electric marbles.


Solenoid Spin was in the meeting room. There was apparently a very important issue about Darkchild. So needless to say, Solenoid was paying no attention whatsoever. He had discovered that the meeting room chairs spun around, so he was seeing how fast he could spin "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Solenoid yelled, drowning out key mission details. This was great. So far, Solenoid had spun around 3,872 times. At 3,876, the chair wore out and fell apart, sending Solenoid flying across the room. "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" he yelled, even louder than before. He skidded across the floor, and landed next to Lady Tlieso. She was holding something small. It was staring at Solenoid. Solenoid stared back. This....thing....was pure evil! Solenoid made a face at it, and it started to cry. NOOOOO! Sonic attack! Solenoid ran back to the other side of the room. This was not the end evil baby! Oh now, Solenoid would have his revenge!

Of course, Solenoid was promptly kicked out of the meeting room. He sulked outside the door for a moment, and then went to find his cat. Figaro had absolutely forbidden calling the cat Figaro, so Solenoid had to find a new name. "You shall be known as....Fluffy!" Solenoid told it. The cat glowered at him, and hissed. "No....I dub thee....FLUFFY THE DESTROYER!" Solenoid held Fluffy over his head, and it wiggled free, scampering off to find someone it actually liked. Forgetting that he wasn't allowed in the meeting room, Solenoid walked back in.

"Hey guys, I have an idea! Let's go make a giant pie, and then fill it with dead people!" With that, Solenoid was kicked out of the meeting room AGAIN.


Icarus threw open the window, a flash of lightning illuminating him in full for a single instant. Then darkness closed in again, that cloak of black that hid the players of the piéce de vivre from the audience of the eternal watchers. Icarus breathed the electrically charged air, looked out into the storm. He could feel the damp window ledge beneath his feet, and the wind whispered in his ear, trying to tear him from his perch and throw him to the streets. "Where to?" Icarus muttered. Darkchild could be anywhere. My guess? Just fly. Something is guiding you, and no matter how twisted it is it must have some purpose. Ah, so Julius actually planned to help. That would make things much, much easier. Icarus had the brains, but he much preferred to just slash his problems to ribbons of flesh and bone.

End the resistance to the wind. Plummet towards the pavement. Then...defy gravity, metal wings spread, harnessing the fickle storm. Watch the street grow smaller, smaller, until it is no more than a ripple in the darkness. A riverbed of frozen tar. Then the world fades away. Flashes of a world not your own, yet all too familiar. Icarus' face was beaded with sweat, the effort of hovering between his schizophrenic world and the reality around him. Nothing had destroyed him yet. But this psychological effort might be enough to shatter his fragile mind into tiny, irretrievable shards. Icarus, hold it together, you're slipping. And much as I hate you, I fear something much, much worse would take your place. Plus, Darkchild depends on us. Icarus shook his head, barely avoided a plane. Wait...what was unusual, this was in none of the known flight paths. Another flicker of knowledge from that other world deep within the psyche. "Julius, I'm going to follow them. They'll lead me to Darkchild." Icarus banked sharply, then flew over the plane. It was fast, but it was no challenge to match its velocity. Icarus, there's something here. I don't know what but....something is stirring in our mind. Could it be Daedalus? We've encountered him before, but I thought that was a fluke of having most of our body blown up." Julius retorted angrily. "Julius I can NOT deal with this right now. I'm channeling info on how to suppress it, I've used that on you more times than I can count. Don't think it's Daedalus, he seems to be a near-death persona, don't think stress is quite enough to bring him out." Silence for a moment, and Icarus glanced down at the plane. Unusual make...he hadn't seen anything like it before. Aerodynamic structure wasn't optimal, but only Icarus knew the true best forms. It worked, whatever...or whoever...that was, it's quieted down. But I'm frankly more than a little worried about this one. Icarus gritted his teeth, trying to focus on the delicate mental task of figuring out what the hell was going on. "Julius, one crisis at a time, okay? Unless this persona starts doing something standards of unusual, not yours...don't bother me. I really am somewhat worried that we'll REALLY go off the deep end if I don't get a handle on this schizo-future vision thing." Icarus rolled, avoiding a bolt of lightning. Hm...plane was descending, they were below the cloud level now.

Icarus circled lazily a few times, waiting to see exactly where the plane would land. Then, going at several times the speed of sound, he crashed down besides it. Okay, I must ask: WHAT was the point of that? Icarus brushed himself off. "Because I could Julius. You have much to learn. Now shut up so I can think." There were people getting out of the plane. Icarus walked off a little ways. People were not particularly happy when they thought they were being followed, and Icarus intended to do just that. If there were any mindreaders among them Icarus' mind would probably just sound like static. Magic? Well, Icarus couldn't do much about that. He had no idea what made those of the magical persuasion tick, despite having torn quite a few of them to pieces. But they were too interested in their goal. Except for the one that was practically bouncing off the walls. He was pointing at Icarus and saying something, but he had decided to remove all his vowels from his speech for the day. Icarus understood that sort of thing, due to his psychology classes, extensive genius, or the fact that he was completely insane himself. Didn't matter really, no one was paying that one any attention. A smirk crossed Icarus' face. He could have fun with this. He walked over to the hyper man. "Hey there. I'm a Martian. I've come to tell you the secret of the universe." Julius of course had to chime in and attempt to ruin Icarus' fun. Icarus, don't. How would you like it if people treated you like that. Icarus broke off from his game with the man to answer this. "Frankly, I would have much preferred it to the vivisection they put me through. Now shut it, I'm busy." Icarus turned back to the man, who was staring at him with rapt attention. "Now then, the secret of the universe is um....pudding." Icarus had just chosen some random word, not realizing it would have quite that resonance on the now rapidly spinning man. Forgetting to speak without vowels, he ran back to his team. "I knew it! I knew it! The Martian told me the secret of the universe was pudding! Lady T, Lady T, listen! I know the meaning of EVERYTHING now! And I'm hungry. Are we almost done here?" Icarus laughed, and followed the man down the corridor.

Icarus entered after most everything else had happened, so he was pretty lost when it came to conversation. But this didn't matter. There, larger than life, was Darkchild. "I was right..." Icarus said, his eyes wide. Moving at Mach 5, Icarus dodged around the man who seemed to be controlling the weaponry, and stopped next to Darkchild. He clutched at Darkchild's hand. "Darkchild, you're back...I was at your funeral but you proved death is just as important as a revolving door." Icarus, you're babbling. Get your thoughts in order or let me talk. Icarus blinked, and decided the latter option was probably best. After a moment, Julius shook his head to clear out the last of Icarus' stray thoughts, and looked up at Darkchild. "I apologize. As Icarus was trying to say, we missed you. Things just fell apart after you died, and we were truly distraught. Icarus will probably kill me for telling you this (not that he actually has a chance) but I think he thought of you as a father-figure....erm, one that didn't try to dissect him at a regular basis." Icarus was indeed not pleased, and forced Julius to the back of his mind once more. "Julius, I am going to kill you, and tear you up, and jump on your grave! Darkchild, ignore him, he's always trying to sabotage me!" Utterly embarrassed, Icarus walked over to where the crazy spinning man was still trying to get the one know as Lady T's attention. As Icarus passed he pointed and yelled "IT'S THE MARTIAN!" He began to spin and inexplicably Icarus felt his metal suit being drawn towards the vortex. Somehow Icarus found himself lying under the man, who was attempting to dance on top of him. "I CAUGHT A MARTIAN, I CAUGHT A MARTIAN" the man sang.----

Solenoid was depressed. There was something wrong with Figaro. He wasn't giving Solenoid good ideas anymore, like jumping into lakes, or sticking his fingers in the electrical outlets. When Solenoid tried to talk with him or tackle him, Figaro would just walk off. So Solenoid would go to Lady T, or Donnie, and spill pudding on their stuff, and they would ignore him too! At least Solenoid had his Martian. But the Martian kept locking himself into the scary dark book room, and Solenoid was afraid to follow him there. Before Warsman would go drag the Martian out of the scary book room for Solenoid, but he was busy watching Figaro.

Solenoid decided that he wouldn't grace the others with his presence. He decided to snoop around Dreadmaster's old room. Maybe he had something interesting in there. The door was locked, so Solenoid broke it down. He poked at some stuff half-heartedly, but it just wasn't the same without everyone yelling at him. Solenoid sighed and went to his room. He poked at the pudding on the bed, and sat on the floor. A plan was brewing. He had to get Figaro back to normal. Somehow. That or he could go take all the neighborhood cats...

At this thought, Solenoid perked up. There were cats! And they would be his! All his! He raced out the door, and angry yells echoed across the city.

CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS! Solenoid raced down the streets, pursuing the highly irritated felines. Solenoid loved cats. Cats hated Solenoid. At least 90% of the neighbors around here had cats. Solenoid intended to obtain eleventy hundred percent of them. He even had his special cat-catching hat on! It had lots of feathers! Shiny feathers...actually, Solenoid was more interested in the hat than the cats were. Every time one of them would try to play with it Solenoid would pull it away and fume.

Now, Solenoid was waiting behind a tree. He was very well camouflaged! That leaf on his head was sure to fool everyone! There! The cat was out of the house! Solenoid used his binoculars (backwards) to see where it was. How did it get so very far away? Solenoid dropped the binoculars in puzzlement. There it was! He picked up the binoculars again. Nooo! It was a sonic-speed super-cat! Solenoid waited a moment, then pounced! The cat easily side-stepped him but did not count on it collar being attracted to him. Solenoid found spinning often did get him what he wanted. Solenoid squeezed the cat happily (it unhappily scratched his face) and ran to his wagon. In it were a dozen cats, all yowling viciously. Solenoid put the current cat into the cart, and went to the next house.

Dawn rose to the sounds of many people wondering who took their cats, and why on Earth there were pudding cups everywhere. It also found Solenoid wearing all the cats (live and unharmed) like a coat. He rushed into the base, where absolutely nothing had happened. Yeesh! Did anything get done around here without him? Solenoid walked over to Warsman, who was looking murderous and holding a cup of coffee. "Servant guy! Take these cats to my room!" Solenoid had not quite gotten the picture that a)Warsman could beat him to a bloody pulp, b)Warsman was higher ranking than him, and c)Warsman was mad. He left the cats and went to bother the Martian until something interesting happened.


Solenoid had no idea how he got where he was, what he was doing, or who that dashingly handsome man who looked exactly like him was. There was pudding involved though. Much, much pudding. And that was all that mattered.

The cause of Solenoid's amnesia was his trip to the mental world known as the Land of Pudding. It was also called Solenoid's frontal cortex. Which was more than a little mushy at the moment. So while he had been on 'autopilot' acting the same as always, he had really been pretending he had been launching cats with catapults into pudding pits.

But now Solenoid was back in whatever his concept of the real world was! " Sol, take point with me. We take down the first wave, Darkchild follow with Dollface and make a road for myself and Homicide.We will get close to the leader, once he falls the others will follow" Figaro yelled. What on earth did that mean? Was Solenoid supposed to go sharpen pencils? This didn't really seem like a good time for that. Or was it...were pencils really the super-secret weapon to end this battle?

While Solenoid was pondering, Figaro was getting swamped. " Sol what the f@#k are you doing? Get in here..." Solenoid glanced at him and decided whatever it was he was supposed to be doing could wait. He went back to thinking about quails and how to make them explode. " You help me the rest of the trip, I will supply you with a lifetime of pudding now get the hell down here NOW!!" Those were the magic words! Solenoid immediately started spinning as fast as he could. In his mind, the Flight of the Valkyries played. "BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER BADGER MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!" he sang. Then he charged into the swarming masses. Blood spattered everywhere as Solenoid cut through them. A pancreas landed on his head, and made a very jaunty beret. Figaro was saved! Solenoid would get his pudding! Hurrah!


It was Solenoid Spin's day off. Actually, the Vis Vires had called it something else. Something more like, "Sol, if you don't get the hell out of here for a day we're going to kill PLEASE clean up that mess and just go" day. It seems they didn't like Solenoid's present to the team: Filling the training room with bunnies. What would they ever do in case of a bunny invasion now? Well, Solenoid could save them! He was prepared for all cute fuzzy animal attacks.

Solenoid was actually quite happy to have a day off. Today was 'new pudding day' when the supermarkets restocked their pudding. And rumor had it that there was a new, super-fancy pudding being released today! Solenoid could hardly wait! He even had his special 'new pudding day' hat on! It was an empty pudding cup embossed with smiley faces. Solenoid had made it himself! He was very proud of it.

Now he strolled down the streets to the Wonderland land of Wonder Supermarket. (Also known as Giant). As soon as he walked into the automatic doors. (Literally walked into them...he never did quite get the hang of those. The managements' eyes widened with happiness. Some of them even fainted with joy. "OH MY GOD IT'S THE CRAZY SUPER-VILLAIN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" One yelled, opening the door for Solenoid as he fled to the parking lot.

Solenoid stepped inside, and immediately raced to the pudding isle. There was SOMEONE ELSE THERE! HOW DARE THEY TOUCH HIS WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL PUDDING! Solenoid Spin's eyes narrowed, and his hat slipped slightly down on his head. Not only that...but they were putting the LAST BOX of the new fancy pudding into their cart.

Solenoid Spin did not hesitate. "FOR MEOW MIX!" he cried, sliding across the newly-waxed floor towards the oblivious bald shopper.

Solenoid's feet skidded along the floor. He decided that this must be what surfing was like. Nothing could beat floor surfing. Except maybe absolutely nothing could beat pudding. Speaking of which...the pudding stealing foe was right in front of Solenoid. Then he vanished! Solenoid wondered if this was just another figment of his imagination. No, no...Solenoid could not have imagined something as terrible as that pudding stealing monster.

Naturally, Solenoid completely missed DaggerKlutz. He skidded by at high speeds, heading straight for the laboriously stacked canned pudding display. Things seemed to move in slow motion as Solenoid crashed into it face first. Now usually Solenoid would love to be surrounded by pudding. But this pudding was different. This pudding was evil. This pudding was....SUGAR FREE! "No! Sugar-free one weakness..." Solenoid gasped, extending his arm dramatically. The pudding fell off him as he moved.

Happily, Solenoid raced away from the display of EVIL! He skidded around a corner to the cereal isle. This was the backside of the shelf from the pudding isle. Solenoid pushed the shelf. He would trap this nefarious fiend under boxes of pudding and Lucky Charms! Munching on a handful of the latter, Solenoid upended the shelf.

The shelf creaked, and slowly upended. Like a lovely, pudding-filled Titanic, it sank to the grocery store floor. There was a sickening crash, mixed with a 'splortch'. Pudding, like blood, oozed out of the shelf. Solenoid watched in horror. What had he done?! That poor, innocent pudding! And now the cereal was contaminating it, little crunchy marshmallows and flakes of (bleh) Oat-Bran and the like. Solenoid sank to his knees. "OH PUDDING GOD! FORGIVE ME THIS SLAUGHTER!" He cried, beating his fists in the pudding whose life ended much too early. Where was the pudding-stealer? He was supposed to break the pudding's fall! This was all his fault! Solenoid picked up a mashed cup, Hamlet style. "Oh Yorrick, I knew thee well! Rest in peace knowing that thou shalt be avenged!' Solenoid let the pudding cup fall to the ground, no longer clean or newly waxed.

From empty air, the pudding-stealer appeared. " Y ou truly are a clever opponent. Had I not recognize you as the mastermind you are, that previous attempt would have defeated me. But I, the evil DaggerKlutz, am too smart to be fooled by you, master planner. I can tell you are a professional at psychological warfare. The Meow Mix comment made it very clear to me. But whatever your motive to attack me, I will not allow your words to get to me" Solenoid screeched. THE PUDDING STEALER WAS ALSO A GHOST!!! A few synapses clicked in Solenoid's brain. Very, very few synapses. "YOU ARE THE GHOST OF PUDDING PAST!" Solenoid yelled, looking around wildly for the ghosts of pudding present and future. They had to be here somewhere! They must be trying to tell Solenoid that he wasn't eating enough pudding.

The ghost picked up a broom, and ran towards Solenoid. He closed his eyes, no doubt focusing on the ghost-power that would make the broom hurt if it hit Solenoid! Solenoid had to think of something, and fast! The ghost was aiming so masterfully at Solenoid, he was bound to hit him if he just stood there! But what to do?

Solenoid spotted a nearby toddler sitting in a cart. That was it! Toddlers had such awesome, unstoppable power....Solenoid raced over to it, and picked it up. The toddler's face scrunched up in anger, and it prepared to scream mightily. Before this could happen, Solenoid hurled it at the Ghost.

Warning: The RPers in this RPG are trained professionals on a closed forum. Do not attempt.

The toddler flew through the air, spreading his arms and making 'vroom, vroom' sounds. He was immensely happy pretending to be a plane. His Thomas the Tank Engine bib flapped slightly, splattering jam on the floor. Solenoid was confused. He thought the child would shriek, it's terrible, terrible, banshee scream. Whenever Solenoid went anywhere near Kaz, Lady Tlieso's son, horrible pain always followed. Solenoid would pick up the kid, and spin him around, and then the kid would giggle, or scream and then Figaro would run in, yelling. Then Solenoid typically passed out.

But this toddler was not screaming, and Solenoid seemed to still be conscious...this was very curious indeed. Perhaps...perhaps...the pudding stealer had an infant-protection shield! That had to explain it! He did seem to levitate the child in mid-air, and send him running off in the other direction. Solenoid stared after him, as he ran to his mother and started yelling "MOMMY MOMMY! I CAN FLY! VROOM VROOM!" He ran around her in circles with his arms out, still making plane sounds. Solenoid considered joining him. That looked fun!

Then something hit him in the head. Due to his mushy brain, Solenoid didn't feel much. He did wonder what hit him though So Solenoid picked it up. It was an Organic Peanut Butter lid. Solenoid felt his heart begin to race, and his eyes widened. Peanut butter was....NUTRITIOUS! Solenoid couldn't breathe! This was horrible! " You will never defeat me. Mwuhahahahahaha!" Solenoid turned, still clutching the peanut butter cap. More of the lids hit him in the chest and face. He could smell the nutrition on them! Solenoid screeched, covering his head, and running away. He tripped over a janitor's bucket and mop, and slid towards the fish counter. He crashed into the glass, flipping over the counter. There was a haddock staring at her. No...he thought they were only legend! The haddock...the greatest weapon of all time.

Solenoid picked it up by the tail, and leaped back over the remains of the counter. He raced at the pudding-stealer, and swung the fish at his shiny head.


Solenoid Spin woke up, leaping out of bed. The owner of the bed was currently cowering in a corner, wondering how this maniac had ended up in his house. Solenoid completely ignored him, and ran straight to the pantry. He rummaged through it eagerly, looking for his favorite snack. There was none. Solenoid tore through the packages wondering if maybe it was hidden. BUT IT WASN'T. Now Solenoid was angry. He ran over to the person who owned the house, and who presumably stocked the cabinets. Solenoid grabbed him by the collar. "Where….is the PUDDING!" he shouted. The man sobbed slightly, wondering what he had ever done to deserve this. "I…I'm diabetic. I can't have pudding!" Solenoid Spin's breath caught in his throat. "NO PUDDING?! You…you are lost to me!" Solenoid threw the man to the side, and leaped out the window. It was time to get some pudding.

He spun as fast as he could to the Supermarket. All his friends were there, screaming in terror! They must have been waiting for him since his last visit! Who knew that fish could explode? Solenoid shook his head, lost in fond memories. Then he broke through the front doors, and zoomed over to the pudding aisle...




Solenoid stared open-mouthed at the shelves, and then shrieked, "WHERE IS THE PUDDING!" A terrified sales clerk, obviously offered up as sacrifice so that the rest of the sales clerks could flee for their lives, answered, "I'm sorry sir…it seems all the pudding in the world has vanished."

At this point Solenoid had two choices: He could collapse into the floor in a coma…or he could stage a daring rescue mission to restore pudding to the world! IT WAS TIME TO SAVE THE PUDDINGS! AND GO ON AN EPIC QUEST! Solenoid was going to call it…PUDDING QUEST!

olenoid stood in the middle the not-so-super market, not exactly sure where to start. It seemed hopeless…all those fruits and vegetable at that table over there were mocking his lack of pudding! He glared at them for a bit, but they WOULDN'T STOP! Solenoid wouldn't stand for it! He tackled the table, splattering fruit remains everywhere. He madly pummeled the pulpy mess, only stopping when Big Bird appeared near him. " Hello, my name is OSTRICHARD, how may I help you?" Solenoid's eyes filled with tears. " sing my ostrich-like skills of deductions, I deduce that you want pudding, and are displeased by the general absence of it. Therefore, I will help you! For it is the duty of a hero, like me, to help all of human (and ostrich) kind, even those dressed in clothes as ridiculous as yours!" Solenoid went to give Big Bird a giant hug. "BIG BIRD! I THOUGHT YOU DIED AFTER I HUGGED YOU TOO MUCH!" He had missed Big Bird. The one one Sesame Street was a blatant fraud! "And it's the Pudding QUEST. Not pudding hunt." Solenoid was completely decided on this matter. Hunting for pudding did not convey the importance of finding it…but to QUEST for it! That showed how deadly serious Solenoid was.

Another person crashed through the ceiling. Solenoid completely ignored them, intent on hugging Big Bird. " Alright... where is the pudding and who do I need to kill to get it, because i've got a serious pudding craving." Solenoid began to cry. "THE PUDDING IS GOOONNNEEE!" But…maybe there was pudding in this guy's head! Solenoid abandoned Big Bird, and began trying to gnaw the other man's head.

This was not a good start to the Quest. On the other hand, it could have been much worse. At least Solenoid remembered to wear clothes this time.


This is What Happens When I Can't Use the Computer

Hi! Here for another Bloggy Monday, your favorite guinea pig-themed mod, ICARUSFLIES!!! >waits for applause<

Anyway, since I've been posting all the 'big news' type junk when I felt like it, I needed to come up with something for today's bloggy monday. The result is a story about what happened in class one day when my teacher decided it was a computer-free note-taking day. Considering that I basically LIVE on the computer, this wasn't his best decision ever. So computer went off…and the story begins!

A quick bit of background information: My class (English) had just finished Heart of Darkness. The plan was to watch Apocalypse Now (which is based on Heart of Darkness, fun fact), and take notes on the cinematography, the juxtaposition of light and dark, etc.

So here's my page of notes:

Please note that that is for the ENTIRE HOUR LONG CLASS PERIOD. Obviously I got frustrated of taking notes by hand after about the first five minutes of the movie, and drew a picture of a snail on a razor, a piece of metaphor that had caught my interest. By contrast, when I'm allowed to use my computer I'll usually get a full few pages of notes that I can actually READ and no random doodles. I get distracted less easily that way because I have a very strict NO INTERNET policy during class. I NEVER EVER go online when class is in session.

Anyway, the other result of Apocalypse Now was this:

A new RPG character. Um….yeah, I think I spent more time on this than the notes. AND I STILL COULDN'T DRAW THE FREAKIN' PITH HELMET. >_<

Or anything else for that matter, but the pith helmet was what really annoyed me.

Also, then a puppy appeared in the movie and any degree of focus I had for main plot totally vanished. Or notetaking skills anyway…I'm pretty good at remembering film details, with the exceptions of the stuff I actually wrote down.

Also, please don't ask me to clarify what my notes say…I really can't read them. The best I can tell it's something along the lines of:


Some random quote from someone which I probably found amusing at the time, but the laugh value of which has been erased by the illegibility of the last part.

Flailing around covered in blood

Something Something from water….probably says purity but it doesn't look like there are enough letters.

Kurtz' record sounds like something from Batman: Arkham (…of course.)

Illustration of snail on razor's edge.

Kurtz is considered crazy criminal by the other officers.

Sky somethine something overrage, extreme gloom everything silhouetted

Boat driver something something is black

Billowing smoke covers the sky

…And here's your story for today folks! Hopefully you've learned a valuable lesson: Don't make Icarus take notes by hand because absolutely no one can read them.


The Many Deaths of….(Pre-story feedback)

So as about two of you probably know, I'm starting an RPG/fan-fic series 'The Many Deaths of [insert character]'.

In each edition will be the death of one of my characters, in the manner I've imagined them going. As usual, if left to my own devices I'd probably write the stories for characters no one knows of/cares about. So that's where you come in:

Who do y'all want to see die dramatic, horrible deaths? (Please note that NONE WILL BE CANON). Want to see Portrait's final stand? Premonition overreaching his ambition? Io performing the ultimate sacrifice? Or something else…here's you chance to let me know!

Here's a character list, just in case anyone needs it.

Confirmed characters so far:



Solenoid Spin



Solar Orchid

Zem the Mattress


Slots are now available for 'The Many Deaths of' RPGs! In these you may have one of your characters finish off one of mine in RPG format, rather than the single-sided storytelling I'll be doing for the fan-fic versions.

Just keep it reasonable: All the characters have strengths and weaknesses, and not all can or should be killed by a bullet to the brain.


Earth Icarus

(This blog is a part of the Icarusflies: Revamp project, specifically Blog Monday).

Earth Icarus is thought of as one of the 'lost worlds of the Multiverse'. Here familiar, yet not so familiar, characters roam the cities. They work on a regular basis with characters from the 'Vineverse'. (Most often found in Afterimage's posts).

Please note that while they're total rip-offs, they're MY total rip-offs. Ask me before you use them in anything.

Here's an introduction to some of them (AKA the ones I've drawn). Expect this blog to be updated regularly, there is, after all, an entire universe of these guys. Let's start with part of the Weasel family:

The Weasel Family

Night-Weasel is a man defined by tragedy who made it his goal to wage war against criminals. Playing on the fear of the 'thing in the dark', he honed his body and mind to perfection and took up the role of Night-Weasel. Night-Weasel prowls Dusk City, a crime-ridden land full of masked psychos.

Night-Weasel's partner is also his son! Ferret is not the first to go by that name…he's the fifth actually. Trained by Night-Weasel, Ferret makes up for his un-intimidating costume with wicked claws.

The original Ferret, Dark Otter relies on his acrobatics rather than the tooth-and-claw tactics. Dark Otter protects Red Valley, a city slightly outside of Dusk City.

The second Ferret, James Tadd was brutally murdered by the Pierrot. He returned to the land of the living when Pinnacle-Alpha bent the fabric of reality itself. Furious with Night-Weasel for not avenging him, James took up the helm of the Red Fox and dished out a harsher type of justice.

(More Weasels to come)

The Speed Freak Family

Speed Freak is not the first to go by that name, but he is the one most associated with the mantle. William Winick gained his powers through the 'speed blitz', a super-charging of the cells. He fights crime in Chicago, with his daughter Afterimage, as well as Kid Freak, synapse, and the ORIGINAL Speed Freak, John Granger.

Afterimage (Note: total OC, NOT 'inspired' by another character. Click link for bio).

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Uh…it turns out that Oracle Inc. is a real, major company. You know, the one that owns Java. Due to my not wanting to get sued over the use of the Oracle Inc. name, which I didn't know about at the time I made Premonition's company, Premonition's company is now being changed to Oracular Inc.


Icarusflies at SDCC 2011! (LOTS of pictures)


On Thursday I left for the convention…some of you might remember my frantically complaining about the scripts I had to get done while I was busy not writing scripts. Well, I managed to get them all done on the plane: three scripts total, one full length and two more writing samples to show that I could do different styles. And it only took being cooped up in an airplane without Internet access for six hours for it to happen! There were some fairly major delays on the way up…I don’t know why, but I arrived in San Diego at about 1 am, their time, 4 am my time. By the time we were checked into the hotel, got all unpacked, etc, it was 2:30….5:30 by my internal clock. Six hours of sleep later, I was bouncing around like a hyperactive chipmunk. Which brings us to…


YAY FINALLY!!! My mom and I got into costume (Vera/Manchester Black for me and Menagerie for mom) and headed downstairs for (ugh) BREAKFAST. How dare she waste my time with nutrition when I COULD BE AT A COMIC CONVENTION!! I also printed out the scripts I had written the night before, along with some wonderful character sketches by our very own CaptainCockblock.

Badge pickup, then we headed over to the DC 52 panel.

On the panel were Jim Lee, Dan Dideo, and some other people I can’t remember. The discussion was about the PROCESS of the 52. Jim Lee went over his artistic process and what he was thinking when drawing Justice League. Jim Lee and Dan Dideo went over how DC decided on the 52. It didn’t honestly seem all that well thought out. They even admitted that it was really designed to boost sales. Many of the fans had ideas or solutions that would have improved things immensely, storywise at least. Still, the energy was nice and many of the stories looked like they would be good even though I’m still skeptical about the reboot itself. Someone high up at DC (I don’t remember who) gave me and my mom each a signed copy of the promotional 52 booklet because we were in costume.

After the panel we went to the convention floor. As usual it was big, loud, and amazing. We wandered around a little bit, but we had to break when my costume began falling apart…it turns out that the maxim I learned in nursery school about how not to use a ton of glue was incorrect! I should have used ALL the glue! But it was lunchtime anyway, so we headed back to the hotel to eat and change. Then it was back to the convention center! Wandered around the gaming area of the convention center, with particular focus on the Capcom Booth…I was hoping there would be something cool featuring Albert Wesker. It was around then that the world started spinning…not just tilting, actually spinning. Mom managed to drag me onto the shuttle bus and got me to swallow a bottle of water. We’re still not totally sure what happened, but mom’s main guess is that I got dehydrated. Whatever the case, we stayed at the hotel until it was time to decide whether I could make it to the showing of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Live that we were scheduled to see. A zombie invasion would not have kept me away from that show.

Mom and I walked down to the Gam3rcon building, where the show was going to be performed. Naturally there was much singing in the line. The show itself was extremely well done…the Gam3rcon people had adapted the blog to the stage, using clever lighting tricks with a screen to add the visual effects. All the actors had great voices, and the production was absolutely fantastic…they even managed to add in a few extra scenes seamlessly.

After the play, mom and I got some dinner and watched Black Swan on Pay Per View. Okay, maybe not so much ‘watched’ as ‘covered eyes and complained at all the nudity/sex stuff’. And then mom was covering HER eyes during all the violence/horror stuff, so maybe between us we saw the whole movie.


YAY SATURDAY! I insisted on going to breakfast in costume (Indigo Lantern), and did so. Then it was onto the shuttle bus for the convention! They made me weapon check my Indigo staff. The guy doing the check thought that was ridiculous, and glowered at the door lady who had sent us over…he had bigger things to deal with. Like chainsaws.

We headed over to the Spirituality in Comics panel with Grant Morrison and Deepak Chopra, plus Deepak’s son Gotham. They gave a fascinating look at how ancient mythology shaped modern heroes, as well as how modern heroes are creating a new mythology. Grant touched on some of the key symbols, such as the lightning bolt. On the way to this panel we ran into none other than…INFERIOREGO!! He was in a bit of a hurry, but it was really nice getting a chance to say hi.

After the panel, mom made us go back to the hotel so that she could dump some of the stuff out of the bag I made her, I mean, she was nice enough to, carry. I had kinda/sorta/maybe put about 50 comic book boards in there, along with my sketchbook, a normal book, two programs, and some rocks. And duct tape. We had lunch (again with the nourishment! Yeesh!) and then…

We’re going down to South Park gonna have ourselves a time!

(Friendly Faces everywhere! Humble folks without temptation)

And so on…

I sang the song about four times before we actually got to the little South Park replica area. I went and procured a bag of Cheezy Poofs while mom waited in line, then I made a South Park version of myself. Then I sang the Cheezy Poofs song. I’m just going to say it now, my mom is a saint.

Okay, I wanted to insert the song earlier, but I forgot to mention that I had asked for some commissions from artists before we went down to South Park. Now we headed over to pick them up…I’m kinda embarrassed to say this, but I have NO IDEA who the artists were. If you recognize the signatures maybe someone could tell me? Whatever the case, the work turned out AMAZINGLY. I had asked for Doctor Who meeting Booster Gold (because they’re both time travelers) and Ted Kord. While I was picking up the Ted Kord sketch I noticed something…FRANCIS MANAPUL WAS DOING SKETCHES AT THE NEXT TABLE!! I raced over to get in line. Francis Manapul was not only doing sketches, he was doing FREE sketches. Totally worth the hours I spent in line. He drew me a Weather Wizard sketch!

…I don't know why this is upside down. It won't turn over, sorry.

During my time on the convention floor, I managed to find Tiny Titans writer Franco! And his bodyguard, Jimmy the Muscle. I knew Jimmy pretty well from New York Comic Con when my friend and I waited by the Tiny Titans booth for an hour to get sketches.

After all this running around I was pretty tired, and (especially with the three hour time difference) it was late. Back to the hotel, where once again I insisted on going everywhere in costume. Mom and I watched Limitless, which was pretty bad, and then I realized that I hadn’t tied my tie for the next day’s costume. Neither mom nor I know how to tie a tie…but someone might!

I headed back down to the lobby, where I asked the concierge to help out…he was extremely confused, pointed out that he was already WEARING a tie, and then finally realized that no, I didn’t want him to take the tie, I needed it for the next day.


NOOO!!! My last day at the con. Well, I was determined to make the most of it! Today’s costume was H.P Lovecraft! So we headed down to the convention and I made my way straight towards the Cthuliana booth I had noticed before. It was…NIRVANA!! They had SOOOO much Lovecraft stuff, and I just stood there in a daze. Until Gerard Way walked past. Yes, you read that right. GERARD WAY WAS RIGHT THERE!! If there was one high point of the trip it was being at the Cthuliana Booth talking to Gerard Way.

Later I stumbled across the Dr. McNinja artist. I had no idea he’d be there, so this was a very nice surprise.

At another booth there was a Cthulhu cosplayer! Pictures were a must.

At one point an alarm went off telling everyone that the previous alarm was being taken care of. People who were totally unconcerned before began to panic a bit.

We walked over to the Hall H line to chat with one of my mom’s high school friends. Her son was a big Doctor Who fan.

Eventually it was time to go home…I was sad. I am still sad. I considered holding onto one of the pillars in front of the building and not letting go, but that wouldn’t have really solved anything. Oh well.

More pics:

Fore even MORE pictures check out the SDCC 2011 folder in my gallery.


Icarusflies: Revamped

Recently I’ve realized that while I’ve been on Comic Vine a whole lot, and even though I’ve been keeping up with my mod-work, I haven’t really been as much of an active presence on the site. In some spirit of revampiness, probably inspired by the whole 52 DC relaunch thing, I’ve started working on how to fix that. The problem has always been that I have TONS of ideas, but I don’t get around to implementing them. If I have a fixed schedule I’m more likely to get stuff done. I’ll also be making an effort to change certain things (listed below).

What’s Changing:

Wiki: I’ll be working on writing for the Wiki again, rather than just occasionally updating my favorite characters. I’ll also be writing issue summaries and uploading images, things I’ve never done much of before. I’ll be doing a lot of formatting to conform with the CV style guide.

RPGing: HERE’S the major change. Until now my characters have largely been anti-social, interacting only with each other. I’d like to expand their relations with characters that are NOT mine. Please, please, please send me a PM if you want our characters to interact. I’ll also be hanging out in the IC chat threads (Loners, team threads, etc.) so if you don’t want a full-blown RPG stuff can still happen. A few of my characters WILL be redone. I’ll be trying to use some of my newer or previously unused characters, while also working on character development for my favored characters. I might schedule certain periods when I will ONLY use one character so they can develop more fully.

Fan-Fics: I never update, I forget about my stuff. Time to start writing more and keeping things consistently going. I’ll be starting with a new Tangent and the continuation of the Whatever Happened To…? Series, as well as a few one-shot stories with my characters.

Forums: …I don’t know, maybe I’ll comment more. It’s kind of ridiculous that I only have a little over 6,000 posts (admittedly I have a LOT more when you factor in my other profiles, but still).

The Week

Please note that this may vary if I’m busy or travelling. When school starts up again I will likely not be able to update everything as much as I would like. Certain portion of this (particularly the writing) may be put on hiatus if I feel sick or overly tired.

Blog Mondays: Mondays are blog days. I don’t know what I’ll write about, but I’ll try to write one up on Mondays. It may be opinion, poll, stories, whatever. It might be random pictures of what my guinea pigs did. Blogs might occasionally be reviews, or videos.

Bio Tuesdays: I have a LOT of characters. Very few of them really have a comprehensive bio, or if they do it’s not up to date. On Tuesdays I’ll choose one character, and give them a bio. Since some bios are lengthy, this may be a multi-day operation. I might also spotlight a certain character in my blog, set up a drawing challenge, etc.

Wiki Wednesday: On Wednesdays I’ll be setting aside time for wiki editing. Most likely completing a bio for some obscure character, but also formatting, writing issue descriptions, or uploading images. I MAY put together a list of the upcoming Wiki Wednesday edit lists.

Talkative Thursdays: Thursdays will be my social days…on Thursdays I’ll randomly contact a user and have a conversation with them. Might be a new user, might be someone I know.

Fan-Fic Fridays: Fridays are usually good times for writing…I don’t have anything due the next day, and unless I go out with my family I have almost the entire night to do what I want. So on Fridays I will attempt to write up a free-standing (or serial) story. MOST of these will probably revolve around my OCs, best known in the RPG section. I might turn my hand to actual fan-fiction, but that’s a very big ‘if’. Due to the intensive nature of fan-fics, and the issue of my usually writing double-digit page ones, it’s possible the fan-fic will not actually go up on Friday. If not, I will make an attempt to get it up Saturday.

RPG Saturdays: I’ll be RPGing every day…I have to, or I’d fall WAY behind no matter how few of the things I take part in. But on Saturdays I’ll make sure to actually post in as many things as I can. Saturdays I’ll also try to come up with a new RPG idea, which will NOT be implemented immediately, but will be written down for backup.

Scribbly Sundays: Sundays are not fun days for me. I tend to be busy, if I have work I will almost certainly have put it off until then, and my sleep schedule gets completely thrown off. As a result, I rarely do much good writing on Sundays…so on Sundays, I’ll be working on art. A sketch, a painting, something on Deviantart, just something artistic. Some days I’ll take requests, others I’ll do my own thing.

Your role:

Each day I’ll have a different kind of user-feedback type of thing. That means you if you haven’t figured this out. Please, please, please don’t be shy…I love hearing from people and I do hold suggestions very highly.

Mondays: On any day during the week, you can send me a blog topic. I might not use it, but I will definitely take it under consideration. When I remember I do write down my pull list in the Comic Previews forum. You may ask for a review of any title I’m getting (I will NOT go out of my way to buy a new series) and I’ll try to get a review up.

Tuesdays: This is easy. My character list is here, just suggest a character and I’ll work on the bio. I’ll go by number of votes unless I’m feeling inspired, and if there are no votes (or a tie) I’ll just choose.

Wednesday: I might set ‘themes’ some weeks. You can help out and edit the pages too! Or you could suggest a page that it seems I might know enough about to edit, or which has major formatting issues you’re too lazy to deal with.

Thursdays: Shoot me a PM! Unless my computer’s being glitchy, I’m in a rotten mood, or I forget, I almost ALWAYS reply. I’m happy to chat about whatever, so don’t be shy!

Fridays: Here’s where input matters…on Fridays I’m willing to set up a collaborative work with another writer. I am also willing to concoct a story about one of my characters if you express interest. The condition here is that you MUST actually comment on it once it’s done or I’ll ignore all your requests in the future. (Don’t worry about missing it…I send links.)

Saturdays: If you’re an RPGer, tell me if you want to RPG. If you’re not, go read one and leave a comment in the OOC. On Saturdays I’ll also try to frequent IC chat threads, so ask and I’ll send a character over there to interact.

Sundays: Leave a suggestion! My deviantart is, but I also tend to put everything on Comic Vine. I’ll draw both established characters, and my OCs.

Other things:

I’ll finally get Icarusflies’ Guide to Everything done to help out new users.

I’ll continue to make RPG/Fan-Fic related videos, and see if I can get some real costumes together for those…on that note, I’ll find a video camera so I don’t end up using my computer’s webcam for all the filming.

I’ll try to learn my limits so I don’t end up with too many commitments and no way to fulfill them all…this includes learning to say ‘No’ to RPGs even if they look REALLY FUN. Also, not joining twelve teams when I can’t post in the team RPGs…with that in mind I may be quitting a few teams soon.

I’ll work on my lists some more. I have a few, but I’m sure I could come up with some cool new ones.

So there you have it…the rebooted Icarusflies! Now you can place your bets for how long this will actually last. :P

There will be a few other things changed within the next few days, I'll announce them (or not) as they happen.


New Alt?

Oh look, new character ideas! But I don't really want a dozen new alts right now…so how about you vote on which character idea I should turn into a profile. :)

They'll all become profiles eventually (probably), but only one for now.

1st contestant: "Cat"

"Cat" is Solenoid's arch enemy. He is a fully grown man who dresses in a pink fluffy cat suit and has made it his life goal to steal Solenoid's pudding. No one else takes him seriously.

2nd contestant: The Dada Dozen

Each member of this bizarre team has a different artistic power…yeah, they have some relation to Portrait but I'm not telling. :P

3rd contestant: Killzo the Clown

A clown who wanted to be a hero, but children were scared of him…so he turned to crime!


Daily Plan

Eh, might as well try to get myself onto some sort of ComicVine schedule…I have SO MUCH in my head but there simply aren't enough hours in the day. So I guess I'll try to set out something reasonable, update this every day, maybe say if I managed to complete the previous day's or something…maybe I'll create a prize of some sort for the CV community if I meet my goals as a way of inspiring all you people to nag me about actually finishing this stuff. For now I'll keep this to the RPG side of things.

So for Wednesday July 6th:


Post in Speak Mnemosyne and set up the two battles. Start tweaking Mortality's bio so it's a bit more up to date.

(To any RPGers reading this: I have NO IDEA what I need to post in right now. Shoot me a PM if I'm in something of yours, kthxbai)

Accomplished Yesterday: (July 5th)

Posted in Io/Malice battle. Began tweaks to Mortality's bio. Got distracted and didn't manage much else.

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