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Schedule UPDATE....Where I'll be, and What I'll Try to Get Done


The update ended up being pretty accurate: I spent all of the 7th working, then I was at my grandparents, where I posted twice. :P

Now I'm home and have RL work again.


I just got home the other day, and naturally I accomplished nothing at camp...it was very busy, I did not adjust to the schedule, and since I spent all day writing for camp (which was cool) I wasn't really up for writing during my free time.

Now I'm basically going to head right back out the door to my grandparents' houses. I'll be gone for a while, don't know how long. I have Internet at one of their houses, but not the other. I can usually get some writing done there.

However I've got some real, unavoidable, work that I will get in serious trouble if I don't finish. So I need to get that out of the way before I can do anything else fun. I'm putting aside Tuesday (Aug. 7) to do that. If I'm online then, I should NOT be.

To all of you I promised RPGs, etc, sorry for the delays. I still hope to finish everything, I'm just getting work done much more slowly than I hoped, and the amount of RL stressors/work I have to deal with are just intensifying.


Where I've Been

Sorry for my absence as of late...it's been very busy as of late. I erroneously assumed that I would have free time this summer, so I probably overcommitted myself to stuff. Originally things would have been slightly more freed up, but there was a massive power outage in my area and I was basically shipped off to my grandparents' house until things were fixed at home...I don't really get Internet at my grandparents' house so that accounted for about a week.

Then almost immediately I attended a medical program at a university. It ran from 9 am to 9 pm with no breaks, and quite frankly I was too tired for Internet at the end of the day. Then I got home, was there for less than a week and now...

Where I'll Be

I'm at another college for a writing workshop. I'll be here for two weeks. It's my first day, and I'm kinda exhausted right now...presumably I'll adjust, but until I know what kind of energy I'll actually have I can't promise I'll actually get anything done....this is particularly relevant for RPGing since if I'm writing all day I might not be able to deal with that at night too. But I'll address that below. If you need to reach me, leave me a PM, I'll probably get to it pretty quickly.

After the program, I probably won't have Internet at all (or none followed by some, followed by none, etc) because I'll be looking at MORE colleges, and also actual vacation. I'll update that once I actually know where I'll be going. :P

I should be back for sure late August, though I have a TON of stuff I need to get done to prepare for the upcoming school year.

What I'll Try To Accomplish

For most of you, this doesn't really apply...I'll probably be around being chatty or whatever the heck it is I usually do around here. I've seen TDKR so you can send me spoiler stuff if you want to talk. Actually since I'm away from home and don't know anyone here messages are always really appreciated. But I digress. The following really only applies to RPGers, so you can skip to the Icarus being Random section, also known as additional notes.

I really want to keep up with RPGing while I'm here. There's some really big stuff going on, and I can't just leave y'all in the lurch. So my first priority is the Presidential Election RPG and it's spin-offs. Next are the smaller unrelated RPGs that I'm in right now...I can only remember one at the moment off the top of my head, so feel free to let me know if I'm forgetting one. There's also my 'secret character' RPG stuff, which is of equal import. If you know who the character is, please don't post it here...send that profile a PM and I'll either confirm it there or GUESS WHAT?! You just messaged a random person. ;)

After that comes Clockwork World. Once I actually get that started it will be pretty important to me, but it might take a while since there's a lot else going on.

And if by some miraculous incident I STILL have time/energy/inclination I'll get to work on some of the things that will get my characters out of limbo since I realized recently I can't use about half of them due to unexplained story arcs. : /

So I think that about sums it up.

Additional Notes

As like, two of you know, there was a bit of a hair disaster before I left. As in, somehow my hair ended up being dyed green and I looked like a sno-cone. One emergency hair session later it's blue again. But that did take a total of something like 5 hours. :P

Since I'll be traveling who-knows-where, it would be awesome to meet up with some of you if I'm in the area! Uh...I have no idea how I'll figure out if you're in the area, but I'm sure we'll think of something.

I'll try to get my dad to send me pictures of my guinea pigs to post here...apparently they glare at him when he tries to feed them.


Is it time for me to retire?

This has been weighing heavily on me recently...is it time for me to quit the RPG scene?

I still love it, but let's face it, I haven't been very reliable recently, and it makes me feel awful to leave people hanging.

This situation is not likely to change anytime soon...my life is a hectic mess, and I cannot predict what will happen more than a few hours in advance. I either get sick, busy, or there's some crisis. Maybe things will improve once school ends for the summer, but I really just don't know.

On the other hand, I'd probably be bored and miserable without the writing, and I'd miss all you guys. And I do occasionally get my act together and post.

I just don't know.

What do you all think? If you want to answer anonymously here's my tumblr, just leave a comment in the ask.


Icarus' NPCs

Just RPG characters that I use on here who don't have their own profiles. Please note that they are still my characters, and may not be used without my permission. Not ALL NPCs are included, just ones for whom I've written up at least some information.

Ult_Tidal Ripple:

Tidal Ripple is an elemental thug. [normal universe counterpart: ocean god]. Rumors are that he worked briefly with Polaroid, though this was never confirmed. He has similar powers to main-universe Io, i.e earth and water control.

He is quite tall, and very tan (though this is starting to fade because of his long incarceration). He has bleached-blond hair that is longer in front than in back (where it's almost shaved). He wears a sleeveless Hawaiian shirt with a palm tree patch on the back, torn jeans, and sandals. Around his right arm he has a tattoo with figures similar to those described on Innsmouth jewelry in H.P Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth'. Around his neck hangs a small phial of water. His chest is ritualistically scarred. Tidal Ripple is primarily a water manipulator, though he has limited control over earth and air, and a minute amount of fire control in the form of lava. Tidal Ripple prefers to avoid hand-to-hand combat, preferring to take down his opponent from a distance. However, he is more dangerous when fought up close, due to the primary water-base of the human form. He is not particularly agile, but he can read movements well enough to dodge close range attacks before they happen...or he can use the water in his foe's body to unbalance them.

Tidal Ripple is morose and quiet. He is slow to anger. While many consider him stupid, he has hidden intelligence...not rocket science material, but he's not a complete lunkhead either. He doesn't care either way if people are present or not, but he seems closer to Polaroid than anyone else. Rumor has it that he was involved in at least one of Polaroid's murders.

Ult_Solenoid Spin:

Solenoid Spin is a technology enhanced human (normal counterpart: spinny-guy) whose enhancements allow him to remotely control electronics and gadgets through manipulation of their electrons. He has no hand-to-hand skills to speak of, but makes up for it by creating electrified armor for himself. Solenoid is tall and lean (about 6'4) with short, spiky, platinum blond hair and metallic eyes (enhanced by implants). He sometimes has some sort of lens-like interface over one or both eye(s). Solenoid wears the aforementioned armor over a labcoat and Tron-like jumpsuit thing. Solenoid's fighting style is highly analytical, judging the target's moves based on behavioral patterns. He considers it more like chess than brawling.

Personalitywise, Solenoid is withdrawn, cold, and quiet. He often talks to himself, and when he speaks to other he mumbles. He prefers to be with machines rather than humans. He is only in this mission for the tech, and doesn't care particularly what happens.

His powers are tech control (as mentioned). He can interface with computers, scramble communicators and other electronics, create a power surge, or devise new gadgets out of pieces or other devices lying around, etc. He is capable of attaching small weapons to his arms and shoulders, though since he must also carry a power source this is inconvenient. He cannot control metal or anything without a current.

Start the Conversation

3-Year Vineversary!

Today marks my 3 year on the Vine! Time really FLIES (see what I did there? Because I’m IcarusFLIES, get it?), doesn’t it?

In that time I’ve:

Made over 360 custom Lego figures.

Discovered Cosplay

Became a moderator

Read LOTS AND LOTS of comics

Started RPGing [Writing as Portrait in this example]

And continued RPGing of course. [Writing as Midnight Orchid in this example]

Made a whole lot of really bad puns (see above…or click this link)

Obtained the trademark/copyright on Vineversary, even though Aztek or Sora actually came up with the term…then proceeded to roll in all the imaginary money I made from that.

Drew some stuff

Submitted 1546 trivia questions, the all-time site record.

Made a few very, very silly videos.

Got 38,944 wiki points (each word links to a different page I’ve worked on)

Made 13 lists

Became the 2 highest ranked Quester (I think), behind only Aztek

Met many of my idols

Created 113 profiles for RPGing

Posted a total of 20,313 times (when adding up all my accounts)

Wrote 186 blogs (when adding up all my accounts…there might be more, I didn’t count as meticulously as I did with the post count)

Wrote a few fan-fictions and stories…one of which won Sha’s Fan Fiction Challenge.

Went on magical adventures with ‘Booster Gold’ (DeviouslyChartreuse)

Forgot what ‘sleep’ is.

Died my hair purple.

Actually, it's still purple! And the weird expression I'm wearing in the first picture is either my 'HP Lovecraft impression' or my 'mom, we've been standing here two whole minutes and I'm not at Comic-Con, what is this trickery?' face.

Wrote 9 reviews…which averages to three a year. From which I can conclude I need to write more reviews.

And finally…made a whole lot of friends! :)

Chilling with the Comicvine Staff at Sloppy Joeys!

Homestuck Troll

This is my OC Troll, MODIEL AKEERN.


His interests are RACING, SKYDIVING, and other ALTERNIAN EXTREME SPORTS. He will participate in Extreme Role Playing only if promised EXTREME TERRAIN as a setting. Modiel is also an ANARCHIST, interested in taking down the social structure by force. He loves BOMBS, and other similar devices. However, despite being a GREAT MECHANIC he is HORRIBLE WITH COMPUTERS.

Modiel is proud of his FREAKISH YELLOW HAIR, and keeps a variety of HAIR PRODUCTS available of at all times. He does not seem to realize that this GETS ON EVERYONE’S NERVES.

Modiel has an ALIEN INVASION SYLLODEX. He must shoot each item before he can take it out.


Modiel’s lusus is a ROC, which he uses to fly high enough to skydive. He has affixed WINGS to his shirt because they LOOK COOL, and help him control his fall.

Modiel has the power of INVULNERABILITY AT HIGH SPEEDS. When he is moving fast, he cannot be hurt. The degree of this invulnerability varies by speed. Modiel uses this ability to become a TROLL CANNONBALL, and is the primary reason he loves skydiving. He is unable to achieve high speeds on his own, and is FREQUENTLY HURT BY SHRAPNEL FROM HIS FAILED DEVICES.


Modiel TalksVeryQuicklyAndWhenHeRemembersHeAddsWingsToHisText >v<

Modiel’s horns are curved back along his head, pointing upwards near the tips. He likes this because it makes him more AERODYNAMIC.

(If you don't read Homestuck, you should…here's a link)


Modiel is now canon!

The following excerpt was taken from Andrew Hussie's (the creator of Homestuck's) tumbr:

cruxtrudeir asked you:Will another 12 alternate trolls be introduced?That would be such a s#!(load of trolls!!!!!
Do we need twelve more? I mean, if I introduced twelve more trolls, I might as well introduce another hundred. Right?
Which might be fine??? Hey, who wants me to introduce a hundred more trolls? Any takers? Probably lots of people, I bet.
How about if I introduce 10,000 new trolls? Watch this.
I hereby declare all of your fantrolls to be canon.
Yes, even the s#!^^y ones.
(I think I answered two questions from that guy. How is that even fair??)

Ted and Booster's Wonderful Adventure to the Unknown

--written by Icarus 'Ted' Flies, and Deviously 'Booster' Chartreuse

On this glorious weekend in September, Ted and Booster were scheduled to go to New York to see Silence! The Musical. The parental figures thought this would be easy as pie, as Booster and Ted were SO mature and ready to deal with this. They were SO wrong.

It began at Ted’s house, when Booster arrived, ringing the doorbell cacophonously. This brought Ted’s dog running with the fury of a thousand belly rubs. Ted’s dad herded the dog back inside, and took the reigns of the mighty chariot that would take Ted and Booster to the train station. The trip was taken up with deep introspection on spirit animals, mainly Grant Morrison and Superman, and discussing why Starfire is awful and why Dan Didio must pay. Ted’s dad remained in stoic silence throughout this maelstrom of chatter for the duration of the trip.

At the train station, Ted’s dad once more ran over key facts: Not to take candy from strangers, unless they also had puppies. Booster and Ted agreed, and charged into the unknown. The train ride itself was simple: get on the train, do not jump off of the train, and sit down on the train. They managed to not screw that up.

Once they arrived at the station, they two heroines quickly got their bearings and headed towards Midtown Comics, a Valhalla on Midgard. Before them was a rich banquet of colors and dialogue, and COMICS! They bought all the things. ALL OF THEM.

While Booster giggled and flailed over Guy Gardner, Ted flailed and giggled over Impulse. They soon found favorable action figures: A Choco-wielding Martian Manhunter for Booster, and an Arkham Asylum Scarecrow for Ted. Pleased with their decisions, the two left carrying the heavy burdens of their spoils.

The challenge loomed of getting to the other side of the city: The Taxi. Ted and Booster ran about trying to find a taxi stop. There was one right there. Really right there. It was glorious! The two heroes flailed their arms in front of them, trying to grab the attention of a cabby. After three failed attempts, one pulled up next to them and began to speak in an inaudible eldritch tongue. The two heroes were astounded, and climbed into the car a bit terrified…where would they end up? France? Chicago? The moon? It was a great mystery. After flailing about trying to find the intersection of two streets, to accurately direct the cab driver, and many failed attempts at communication, they managed to find their way to the Theatre. It was a grand Theatre, and they knew at once that their destinies would become entwined with it. They observed the poster of Silence! And they giggled, and they high-fived, and it was good!

Finding that they needed sustenance the two headed down the block in order to find some kind of food, but they were accosted by hipsters at every point. They were drowning in irony and bands they had never heard of. All seemed lost. But from the gloom emerged a saving light. A sushi place. A sushi place that didn’t look like it would give them food poisoning. They fled the hipster-infested streets, and entered the domain of the Food.

The scene was pleasant and green, and almost immediately they were served and seated. They were brought sushi handcrafted by the gods themselves. As they ate, tears streamed down their faces at the sheer wonderful taste of this magnificent feast. There would be no better food ever consumed in their lifetimes, and they knew it…they consumed each bite as if it would be their last. Too quickly it was over, and they paid and left, and decided to ironically go to the park, which was hipster-central, and had a fairly rich history.

As they headed down the street, they were intercepted by a man begging for money. He complimented Ted hair, and then he asked if “you got any money, I promise I’ll pay you back”. Knowing they had no change, the two apologized and headed towards the park. Immediately they come in contact from someone who was pretending to be in Assassin’s Creed. They were not amused.

Booster walked towards the right-hand set of benches and noticed a man urinating on a bench. She quickly turned away towards the children’s park, and somewhat safer benches. Ted refused to sit after that unsightly mess. Almost immediately they noticed a variety of large rodents passing by, and they were shocked and appalled…but also bemused. What were these rats? What sorcery was this? They sat for a while, noticing a lot of bums and high people scattered around. Hipsters and Goths flooded the park gates like the Trojans into Greece. As it grew dark, our heroes decided it might be wise to depart.

They began to walk in the general direction of the theater. Someone behind them started singing a rap song about their butts. It wasn’t long before the ever-paranoid Ted realized they were being followed by one of the druggies who had been at the park. Ted told Booster who quickly freaked the f&%$ out and they started hurrying down the block. Ignoring crosswalks and other people, they lost their tail.

Now lounging about in front of the theater, Ted attempted to calm down the bothered Booster by explaining how she could beat anyone up. Pretty much yeah. It wasn’t long before Ted once again noticed that the Crazy Guy was following them. Extremely freaked out, the two fled into the theater, where they were asked if anything was wrong by the sympathetic theater manager. He checked outside for them, and told them to sit in the bar, which was playing Scottish bagpipe music on the speakers. There they waited as the production loomed closer and closer. And finally…it was time.

They reverently entered the theater, with its damask curtains projected with the image of a death’s head moth. It was flawless. The wings moved up and down with the fluttering of the curtains. The two headed towards the right side of the stage, where they took seats in the front row.

It was magnificent. Everything they had expected and more. The actors performed their parts flawlessly, and had the two almost falling out of their chairs bursting with laughter. The chorus of lambs and the very mannish and country Clarice worked their way into their hearts. The ever-crude and yet charming Hannibal Lector was beyond perfection. Much of the play’s charm was in its little moments: Clarice being unable to open the mailslot, so handing the folders around the glass barrier to Hannibal. Her tale of her flight with a sheep…first it rained, then it snowed, and then there were bubbles. Scary bubbles. The trail of Twinkies left by Buffalo Bill to capture his victims. Dr. Chilton’s waltz as he offered to show Clarice around Baltimore, because “with the right guide it can be a very fun town”. The fans of moths as Buffalo Bill decided that he was a beautiful woman. Pembry’s attempts to be BFFs with Hannibal. Clarice’s father showing up at random moments because “it’s so lonely being dead”. Clarice’s jokes during the autopsy: “She’s a big girl. Fat. ‘How big is she?’ She’s so big that if she jumps in the air she gets stuck”. Ardelia’s not so subtle attempts to romance Clarice. Clarice stealing Hannibal’s line about eating the liver with fava beans and Chianti…only to be corrected by Lector who said it was actually an indifferent Bordeaux and rice pilaf. Part of the problem about talking about this, is that EVERY MOMENT of Silence! Was flawless. Absolute perfection. The applause at the end left Booster and Ted’s hands shaking and numb from uproarious applause, their voices cracked from laughing so hard.

They managed to flag down a cab almost immediately this time, by accosting it in the middle of the street. This time the driver could speak clearly. They made it to the station with three minutes to catch a train: Ted bought tickets, cursing at the machine that would almost certainly make them miss the only train for the next hour and half. A minute left…they sprinted towards the train only to be betrayed by Booster’s backpack, which decided it didn’t want to be a backpack, it wanted to be a dumptruck, and spilled stuff EVERYWHERE. They picked up, and dashed onto the train, which was almost pulling out of the station. They managed to make it, shaking with adrenaline. The train ride was spent annoying the people sitting near them. Such bad sports! Annoying them with talk of comics and Silence! Oh the fangirling to be had!

They were picked up at the station by Ted’s aunt. She drove them to her house, where a dog promptly tackled Booster. This was Wonka, a chocolate lab who was overjoyed to see PEOPLE. The rest of the night was spent reading comics and playing with action figures. And eventually the two decided to get some rest.

They woke up bright and early due to the screaming of the three cousins, all their happiness and stuff in tow. THINGS BEGAN TO GO WRONG.

Again, the adults assumed that Booster and Ted actually knew how to use trains. Or follow directions. Or walk. They managed to get on the train to Grand Central, but once arriving it took them a considerable effort to get tickets and find the shuttle to Penn Station. Somehow they ended up in Time Square instead…~ten blocks from their destination. Time was ticking, and they had only a half hour to board their train. The two set off at a sprint, with no idea which way they were even supposed to go. Two sets of helpful tourists pointed them in the right direction, the people of New York being of no help whatsoever.

At one nefarious intersection, Booster’s backpack once more embraced its life’s dream of being a dumptruck. It spilled all over the street…and without their knowledge, Martian Manhunter martyred himself to the cause of catching trains on time. It was sad. Tears were shed for the heroic green warrior, lost in the mighty city.

At the station, which was unhelpful and had no signs, Booster and Ted frantically ran like chickens without heads. They bought smoothies, and headed over to the wrong train. Some malevolent brute pushed Booster, whose smoothie went flying over the floor, luggage, and pants, of all nearby. Dirty looks were given, even as she apologized. The two heroes left the unsympathetic line-waiters to their sticky fate, and went to the RIGHT gate. Here they got on the train and set out once more. They were not dead…they were covered in smoothie, tears had been shed, and a green life had been lost, but Booster and Ted had survived their trip to New York.



Icarusflies' Reviewed Webcomics

In addition to my normal stash of paper comics (I'm pretty sure I support my LCBS almost singlehandedly xD), I read a LOT of webcomics. Here's a list of the ones I read, and why you should too! Or ones that I really hate, and that you shouldn't read!

Please note that I try to read as much of any given webcomic as I can before writing up the review. So comics with 1000+ entries will take longer than brand-new webcomics.

Feel free to suggest webcomics, and I'll review them and put them on the list!

To be reviewed

    • Axe Cop
    • Achewood
    • Brentlefloss
    • Creased Comics
    • Clarissa
    • Overcompensating
    • Goats
    • Gunnerkrigg Court
    • Love and Capes
    • Freakangels
    • Lightbringer
    • Cyanide and Happiness
    • Ronin Revolver
    • Rice Boy
    Homestuck---This is not a traditional webcomic. Told almost in the form of a text-based RPG, it chronicles the journey of a set of humans and a set of trolls as they try to save their universes. This webcomic combines comedy and drama in a webcomic so good that I ended up yelling at my computer screen and embarrassing myself. (Updates depending on what kind of thing the author/artist has to do.) Rating: 10/10

String Theory--A beautifully illustrated tale of a mad scientist and his descent into super-villainy. All the characters have depth, and distinctive looks that set them aside from anyone in the webcomic or comic universes. Please note that the art improves as the story goes along…give it at least until Act II before you judge. Trust me, you'll be hooked. (Updates Wednesdays) Rating: 10/10

Dr. McNinja ---The tale of a ninja, who is also a doctor, and his mustachioed 10-year-old assistant, his gorilla receptionist, and s time-traveling space mayor. Also, clone Ben Franklin. Despite the seeming randomness, Dr. McNinja has a detailed (but easily understood) plot, and a lot of cleverness! Plus, it was written by the Deadpool: Fear Itself guy. (Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) Rating: 10/10

The Punchline is Machismo --- Usually single-page stories, this series revolves around a clinic to help adapt the SUPER MACHO characters (mostly video game, but some comic characters too!) to everyday life. In charge of the clinic is Commander Bad@$$, who is helped/hindered by wimpy Pokémon trainer Jared, and his Gyrados, Mr. Fish. (Updates Mondays) Rating: 10/10

XKCD ---Internet and math humor. Single strip/panel stories, with occasional (short) arcs. This is a classic, but if you're not interested in tech you might want to pass. (Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Rating: 7/10

Let's Be Friends Again --- A webcomic dealing with current events in non-webcomics. This is often a mixed bag…extremely funny parodies and acute observations are mixed with a lot of raunchy humor. You never quite know what you'll get. Still, usually the good stuff outweighs the bad. (Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Rating: Highly variable…from 2/10--10/10, rarely with anything in between. I'd recommend browsing the archives for some of their better stuff.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete ---A webcomic about video games. It features a crazy man named Ethan, his wife, his best friend, and his Xbox robot. Yes, it's a Penny Arcade parody, but it has more story and I personally prefer it. (Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Rating: 7/10

Romantically Apocalyptic --A webcomic about an 'eccentric' (or crazy…either one) German Captain (Zee Captain!) in a post-apocalyptic earth. Stunning visuals, usually extremely funny. (Updates….whenever it updates). Rating: 8/10…would be 10/10, except for the weird update schedule.

Hark! A Vagrant! --- Strips about books, history, and general silliness. The art style is charming and the subject matter is often quite sophisticated without losing its humor. This is an absolute classic webcomic, there is no reason for you NOT to be reading it. (Updates…no regular schedule, but usually once every week-week ½) Rating: 10/10

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name ---The tale of a paranormal detective and his friends. Some famous mythological creatures are referenced in this compelling mystery tale, illustrated stunningly. Please note that while it can be a little difficult to get into, it becomes extremely compelling. It hasn't updated since Valentine's Day though, so if anyone has heard anything maybe let me know…? (Updates: Usually daily, until the writer vanished) 8/10 due to the update schedule. 10/10 ignoring that.

Boxer Hockey --Boxer Hockey is a sport where you hit a special frog into the goal by whatever means necessary. Featuring the charming Ritz and his friends. (Updates SUPPOSEDLY Sunday and Wednesday, usually not quite that often) Rating: 7/10

Buttersafe ---A series of stand-alone strips about absolutely anything. Recurring characters include The Saddest Turtle and Veiny Dog. (Updates Tuesday and Thursday) Rating: 7/10

Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs (Also known as Guinea Something Good)---Daily pages about guinea pigs in various misadventures. (Updates all weekdays) Rating: 6.5/10

This is a spin-off of another series formerly called Featuring Talking Guinea Pigs, which can be found here. This is a story about somewhat depressed space-faring guinea pigs who time travel back to older Russia. Rating: 4/10

Gutters --Pages about current events in comics. Recently it's grown a bit more cynical than it is funny, but much of the earlier stuff is hilarious. (Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Rating: 7/10

Insane Yeti Squirrel --The aventures of a Yeti Squirrel…no one knows quite how that happened…and his friends Jak and Tyler. Often heavily steeped in video game or meme culture. The style is slightly cartoony, and usually highly detailed…please note that this is NOT the case at the beginning of the strip if you're reading through the archives (Not updating currently according to the writer on Tumblr). Rating: 9/10

Rare Candy Treatment --- Strips set in the Pokémon universe. All sorts of pokétopics are addressed with hilarious twists. (No update schedule, usually updates every week ½ or so) Rating: 8.5/10

Dr. Cat ---A comic about a cat, who is also a doctor. Features Dr. Cat, Lawyer Cat, and some human people…but who cares about the human people. Absolutely adorable. (Updates Fridays) Rating: 9/10

Also check out Cat Ghost Comics for this artists (adorable) non Dr. Cat work. Rating: 9/10, but it rarely updates

Looking For Group --An epic quest to save the world!…which might possibly be a MMORPG, but no one really knows. Featuring the likes of Richard the Warlock! FOR PONY! This comic started out extremely funny, but became less so as it began to focus more on the story. (Updates Mondays and Thursdays) Rating: 5/10 currently, 8.5/10 earlier.

Johnny Wander ---Excerpts from the days of a bunch of roommates. Featuring the ever-morbid John! A bunch of cats! Ananth the Hat Wearer! And Yuko! Vaguely Manga-ish art style, very pretty. (Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays) Rating: 8/10

Battle Pug --- Once upon a time there was a mighty warrior…and his pug. Do I really need to say more? Okay fine…it's made by comic professional Mike Norton. It does start out a little slow, but it's worth it. (No update schedule, usually updates once or twice a week). Rating: 9/10

It's a Good Life ---The misadventures of a man, his wife, and their guinea pigs. ADORABLE and witty. Also comics about movies, pop culture, and why cops don't like storm trooper hats. (Update schedule: comic finished, no more updates). Rating: 8.5/10

Bearmaggedon ---This just started, but it's apparently going to be about a Bearpocalypse!! By the creator of Axe Cop. (Updates: Wednesday and Friday) Rating: So far it's a fairly mediocre 4/10, but it did just start.

The Perry Bible Fellowship --- Individual strip comics, about everything from space to snails. Dark humor, very witty. Art style is simplistic figures on highly detailed backgrounds. (Update schedule: unknown) Rating: 8/10

Dinosaur Comics --- Featuring the same dinosaurs in the same poses, Dinosaur Comics is all about the text. It's extremely clever, very ironic, and I should like it…but I really just can't get into this one. I think the graphic style, even of the text, just really turns me off of this one. (Update schedule: Monday? Wednesday? Friday?) Rating: 7/10 on the cleverness scale, but as a comic I'd give it 3/10.

Penny Arcade -- This is THE classic webcomic. Revolving around comics and video games, Penny Arcade is the template for most other webcomics. And yet…I can't really get into it. Yes, it's funny, but the quality of the humor is just so variable. When it's good, it's really good, but when it's not this comic is a total bore. (Update schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Rating: 7/10.

Problem Sleuth --This was the MSpaintadventure that came before Homestuck. Sadly, Problem Sleuth lacks much of what made Homestuck great. There are moments of hilarity and extreme cleverness but this comic is just SOO slow paced! Lots of things are happening at once, and most of them are boring. Which is really too bad, because if this comic was just a few hundred pages shorter it would be really great. (Finished updating) Review: 3/10. HOWEVER!! if you make it through this entire webcomic AND Homestuck, the extras are wonderful! Those get an easy 10/10, but you do have to read both series for them to really make sense.

Hyperbole and a Half --- This is a dramatized blog about the daily adventures of a woman. Absolutely HILARIOUS, with a simple-yet-expressive art style. This has literally made me laugh until I cry. (Updates: extremely erratic) The comic gets a 10/10, but due to the irregular update schedule I'm bumping it to an 8/10.

Jhall Pokémon -- A series of strips about Pokémon. Some are funny, some aren't, pretty decent over all. Some are not entirely appropriate though. (Updates: Whenever) Rating: 6/10

Scandanavia and the World ---Stories about various Scandanavian nations (personified of course). Other countries appear frequently, most usually America and Russia. The strips are very cute and funny earlier on, but the strip gradually turns into more of a Hetalia/country shipping thing. (Updates ?) Rating: 6/10 at first, 2/10 later.

Hipster Hitler --- This should be offensive. Really, really offensive. But somehow…it's not! (And don't start arguing with me on this, I'm Jewish, if I thought this was offensive I WOULD SAY SO!). The art style is very clean, and yes, there are many, many exasperated expressions. Hipster Hitler is just…SUCH a hipster! And he has a different parodical t-shirt in each strip. Also, there's Broseph Stalin and Guido Mussolini. One nice thing about this comic is that while, yes, it makes fun of the war it does NOT make the people who died seem stupid, or insignificant. (Updates: ?) Rating: 8/10

White Ninja --- Strips about a really, really stupid ninja. Usually quite surreal. Simple style, no storyline, usually pretty enjoyable. It does get old after a while, but my guess is most of you aren't attempting to read the entire archives in as little time as possible. (Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Rating: 6./5/10

For Lack of a Better Comic --- A gag-a-day comic about nothing in particular. It's fun, but not really unique. (Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Rating: 6/10

The Bug Zapper -- A cute little webcomic about a superhero who fights bug-themed villains. Fun characters, charming animation style. Please note that this webcomic is kid friendly! (Updates: I think I read somewhere that it updates weekends?) Rating: 6.8/10

Pictures for Sad Children -- This is a webcomic following the adventures of several people who are absolutely miserable, in a world full of miserable people. It's highly and wonderfully surreal, but also extremely depressing. (Updates: I don't think it updates anymore) Rating: 8/10

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -- A gag-a-day comic in the style of single-panel newspaper comics. The jokes are tired, the illustration is boring and without individuality. (Updates: Probably Saturday). Rating: 2/10


At the Lovecraft Festival of Madness

Today's Blog Monday is a review of the Lovecraft Festival, which I attended during my vacation.

So my grandparents managed to get tickets for the H.P Lovecraft Festival…please note that they knew NOTHING about Lovecraft, and only thought to buy tickets due to a ‘subtle’ tip from my parents. (HEY Icarus’ grandma, look what I found! Icarus would LOVE this!). Yep. Subtlety. Anyway, they announced that we were going to see it and I promptly spazzed out, as everyone knew I would. By now I think it’s quite clear that I spazz easily and in a major way. So week and a half goes by, blah, blah, blah, I save my Batthulu shirt JUST FOR THIS. But then I realize that I ALSO brought my Miskatonic Shirt, and there was great quandary! Batthulhu won out…because it’s BATTHULHU and more recognizable as a Lovecraft icon.

In the meantime, my grandparents tried to distract me with the Spiderman Musical (they’re theater buffs…er….they like taking us to the theater even if it’s not really in their tastes) which I’ll be seeing tomorrow…no dice. LOVECRAFT. FESTIVAL.

FINALLY, the day came. We took the train into New York City (I listened to Unnatural Selection for almost the ENTIRE TIME. [It’s a long song, so that’s not saying all that much] Then Scott Pilgrim for the rest. Got into the city, my grandfather picked us up and we drove into the theater district for dinner. Dinner passed in a haze of ‘what time is it?’ ‘Icarus, there is PLENTY OF TIME’…. ‘WHAT TIME IS IT?!’ ‘Icarus, there’s still an hour and a half before we have to be there, calm down.’…. ‘Hey, just wondering….what time is it?’ [Grandpa facepalms]. Well, dinner ended, and I pretty much RAN to the theater, despite not knowing where it was. After narrowly avoiding getting lost, we found the theater (Under St. Marks Theater). BUT THEY WOULDN’T LESS US IN UNTIL FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTED!!! AAARRGGH! I paced the block, raced back, refused to get under cover despite the fact that it was raining, and then…WAS LET INTO THE THEATER!

It’s a small place. There were a few rows of chairs, two music stands, and a giant poster of HP Lovecraft. My grandmother passed over some Lifesavers (probably to get me to stop talking Lovecraft) and I was temporarily pacified imagining that I was Cthulhu and they were souls I was devouring. Then….THE ACTORS WALKED ON!!!

Oh, before I go on I’ll just give a quick description of the program: These were two readings, highly dramatized, by two actors. They were going to be performing The Call of Cthulhu and Reanimator. Frank Zilinyi was the policeman/investigator and Herbert West’s assistant. Eric Whitten was the professor and Herbert West. No props, just lighting and sound effects…and it was one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Oh, one more note about props: the microphone was used as a revolver when it was called for.

So they entered, and quoted Lovecraft. Then they launched into The Call of Cthulhu. Speaking in heavy Cajun accents they detailed the cults found down in the Bayou…and the horrid dreams afflicting the psychically sensitive. It was riveting…and might I add, both of them were fantastic at screaming in the grip of insanity.

A quick break, another Lovecraft quote, and then Reanimator began! They added some humor to the normally grim tale…for example, the matter of Herbert West’s incinerator. A rough paraphrasing: “I still had enough of my inheritance to outfit the laboratory, but not to get the incinerator Herbert wanted.” Herbert: “Are you sure we can’t afford it? I do so want an incinerator”…and then, towards the end, Herbert took up a new job as a janitor in an underground theater in St. Marks Place (lots of laughs, naturally), where he sets up a lab and is thrilled to have his incinerator! He performed numerous horrible experiments, burning the evidence, to which he replied: “Well, I love using my incinerator”. Lots of quips, things like that. But at the same time they managed to keep the manic fervor of West, the sense of claustrophobia, and kept pretty true to the story.

It ended, I clapped harder than anyone in the tiny theater, and I’ll probably attempt to contact the actors at some point to say how much I loved it. Yeah, it was so great I’m going to brave the phonebook. That says a lot for me. Walked out, babbling incoherently about how much I loved it, how well it was done, Herbert West, Cthulhu, etc. My brother and grandparents kind of rolled their eyes….they’re pretty accustomed to this sort of thing by now. They liked that I loved it so much, but I think it wasn’t really their cup of ichor. It was EXACTLY my eldritch abomination of choice.

I was in full ‘OMG OMG OMG’ mode, extremely overstimulated by the sheer amazingness, and my grandfather had the bright idea to make that worse with a sugar high. GELATO!!!

I had gelato. Then back in the car, I listened to Shoggoth on the Roof, my favorite Lovecraftian musical, and simultaneously tried to talk about Lovecraft, his life, his works, etc. Eventually I just put Shoggoth on the speaker and baffled everyone. They put up with about half an hour of that, then we got back to my grandparents’ house. I promptly rushed upstairs to get my Cthulhu plushie, and showed it off. Then I raced into the other room to write this while it was still fresh in my mind, and that’s what’s been happening until now.

If nothing else, this proved without a doubt how much of a Lovecraft nut I am….though I think everyone already knew this.

To conclude this blog, here's the only happy picture of Lovecraft I've ever seen:



Due to the hurricane supposed to hit on Sunday, there's a very good chance I'll end up offline for a while. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up if I mysteriously vanish for a while.