Calculations of Lightning #11

NY Comic Con

It was big, it was loud, it was great. On Saturday, I attended the DC Universe panel.  Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, Keith Giffen, and others, revealed part of the fate of the DC Universe. They discussed what the Final Crisis Aftermath was going to be, the future of Green Lantern (and the Green Lantern Corps), the order of Batman R.I.P and Final Crisis, and much more. Even with all that, each writer succeeded in claiming how another writer at the table was horribly mean to them.

On the exhibit floor, many people were in costume (the main difference between Comic Cons, and other cons). There was a person wearing a paper maché Hulk costume that was AT LEAST 7 or 8 feet tall. The most common costumes were the Joker, and Harley Quinn, and of course, Batman. Other notable costumes were Rorschach, Kid Flash, Princess Peach, Toad (from Mario), several Naruto characters, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Green Lantern, and others that were less recognizable. Storm Troopers, a wookie, and other Star Wars characters were also present.
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Calculations of Lightning #10

I was looking at one of my comics a few days ago. It was one of the Final Crisis comics that reprints an older story. On the credits page it mentioned that it was printed on recycled paper. I wonder if that was to make it look like the cheap paper they used to print old comics.

Weekly Comics (spoilers, highlight below to see entry)

Adventure Comics #0
The story, about the Legion of Superheroes was really not all that good, but it was a nice contrast to the Origins and Omens section. Seeing the transition from the light, happy old comic to the dark, new comic was extremely interesting. The art contrast was also extreme, and made the book worthwhile.

Legion of Three Worlds #3
The main problems with this book are a) I have no idea who most of the characters are, and b), I cannot remember what happened in the first two books. In the comic, I was impressed by Superboy-Prime's power. I seriously doubt that any other characters, including Kryptonians, have ever burned through Superman's hand. The return of Bart Allen was highly predictable, though it did solve some problems. However, it raised more than it answered, including does he remember his death, is this the same Bart Allen that died, and how  the Rogues react.

Bonus 10th post feature!

Recommended comics:
    Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. This comic is a must have for fans of Batman's Rogues. And for people who don't like Batman's Rogues it is still a must have. For example: In one scene, two of the guards talk about who could beat Batman. One mentions Michael Jackson. Example 2: One of the chapters is also almost entirely in rhyme (thanks to the Demon)
    I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League: The facial expressions are so great, and the characters' conversations are so inane, that somehow, against all the odds, it is a great comic. I thought it was better than the first in the series, Formerly Known as the Justice League.
    Rogue War: It makes sense even without reading any other Flash collections. It also contains two Rogue profiles, Mirror Master, and Heat Wave. There are epic battles, great illustrations, and a great conclusion for fans of the Flash, or of the Rogues.
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Calculations of Lighting #9

Characters that used to be major, but are now minor
  1. Vulture. He was one of Spider-Man's first enemies. Now he mostly appears in video games.
  2. Riddler. He really lost most of his reputation when he became a detective. While he does solve cases, most of his intelligence seems to have vanished, and he is used partially as comic relief. (See Gotham Underground)
  3. Anima. She was nominated for a  Squiddy in 1995, but was rarely seen after her own series. Her most recent appearance just had her getting killed.
  4. Plastic Man. He used to be a member of the JLA, but he doesn't really make many appearances anymore.
  5. Ra's Al Ghul. He has made appearances recently, but he is not as much of a threat as he was before. He was most recently (as of Faces of Evil) bested by Nightwing in a sword fight.
More to come, if I think of any
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Calculations of Lightning #8

Characters that used to be a joke, but now play major roles
1. The Calculator. He used to wear a purple costume shaped like a pocket Calculator. Now he is the information broker for the criminal underworld in the DC Universe. He was also one of the heads of Alexander Luthor's Secret Society.

2. Mr. Freeze. He used to be Mr. Zero, simply another gimmick villain. Then after his popularity in the animated series, he became the tragic character he is today.

3. Lobo. He was supposed to be a short lived parody of the typical anti-hero, but he was surprisingly popular, and became a somewhat major character.

4. Neron. He was never supposed to appear in a major role again after the Underworld Unleashed crossover. Instead he became a major demon in the DC Universe.

5. The Joker. He was originally going to die in his first appearance. And now he's well...he's the Joker.

More to come when I think of them!
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Calculations of Lightning #7

Who would win?

Darkseid vs. The Joker

Terrain: Apocolypse

Darkseid would attack with his Omega powers. The Joker would dodge a few times making witty remarks. Then the Joker would regain his powers from Mr. Mxyzptlk. He would then turn Darkseid into a rabbit. Conclusion: The Joker wins.

Why? Because he's the Joker and for some reason no-one seems able to kill him for any length of time. He would then go on to reshape the Multiverse again.
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Calculations of Lightning #6

Old Characters Rebooted

The first one: used signal-themed weapons, mostly to attract attention, sometimes fought Batman. Tortured by Dr. Moon and Phobia.

The new one...
An enemy of the Ray, he is able to use special symbols to mess up the Ray's power. Ex., if the Ray attacked Signalman as light, he could use an electronic signal to redirect him somewhere else, if he was a teleportation frequency, Signalman could re-direct him. These signals would (naturally) look somewhat like tiny road signs.

Costume: Shirt: Mainly green, white Spiral at center, line leads to left shoulder. This line turns into an arrow going down the arm.
    Pants: Green
    Gloves: White, with green arrows over each finger
    Helmet: Metallic white, like Ray's, but jagged, triangle at the end nearest the face.
   Cape: Green edged in white, covered in random symbols

Note: I will try to attach a sketch if I can figure out how to scan it onto my computer.
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Calculations of Lightning #5

Why I named a blog Calculations of Lightning, when most days it has nothing to do with either calculations or lightning.

Two of my favorite characters are the Calculator and Weather Wizard. I wanted a name that somehow included all my favorite characters, but I had to settle for two, because Fear of Demonic Calculations of Lighting, or Fear of Demonic Calculating Lightning didn't work very well. 

Weekly Comics (Continued) (Highlight below to see entry)

Faces of Evil: Cheetah
Why is this Faces of Evil: Cheetah? Cheetah only appears for a page or two. Shouldn't this be Faces of Evil: Genocide?

Final Crisis: Revelations
This actually made a whole lot more sense than most of the other Final Crisis stuff.

Faces of Evil: Catwoman
Since when has Catwoman cared about poaching? Isn't that more Poison Ivy's thing? Either way, lucky for the rhino that it was freed. Otherwise the next series might be Hush vs. a Rhinoceros: Payback  

Tiny Titans: Faces of Mischief
Yes, it's Tiny Titans, but this issue is hilarious. It incorporated Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Darkseid as a lunch lady, and Jericho as a toddler. What more could you ask for?
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Calculations of Lightning #4

Characters no-one I know has ever heard of:

Today's character...Zebra-Man! He was a super-villain who developed a device that repelled everything! He used it to fight Batman, creating the (Very) short-lived Zebra Batman. Needless to say, Zebra-Man was never a major character. The lesson: Herbivores don't work for super-villain themes. Especially to fight Batman.

Now that there have been entries on Zebra-Man and Kite-Man it's time for...Who would win? Kite-Man vs. Zebra-Man! (Failed villain edition)

Zebra-Man would repel Kite-Man. Kite-Man would be unable to do anything because all his kites would be repelled. Zebra-Man would try to punch Kite-Man. It wouldn't work because he forgot to turn off his repel field. This continues exactly like this for two hours. Then Batman shows up. He defeats Zebra-Man, and while punching him accidentally elbows Kite-Man in the face. Kite-Man passes out. Batman takes them both to Arkham where they are laughed at by the other inmates. The lesson: Failed super-villains fail when fighting each other.
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Calculations of Lightning #3

Weekly Comics

Possible Spoilers! Highlight below to see the entry.

Faces of Evil: Brother Blood, with references to Reign in Hell
Wow. I had never actually read anything with Brother Blood in it before. I would say that he would be one of the worst people to be a 'mother' to. So when did Misfit and Traci 13 actually join the Teen Titans? And is Misfit still on the Birds of Prey? This issue raises another interesting question: What part does Trigon play in the war in hell? Also, one of  the Teen Titans claims that Brother Blood drains powers, not blood, but that directly conflicts with the flashback earlier. All in all, a great comic.

Reign in Hell #7
For a series called Reign in Hell, this is really slow paced. There are also so many different things happening that nothing really happens. I expected a fun series with lots of appearances by dead characters, and maybe Judge Death in the background, but it's been really disappointing. Plus, you don't put the result of a fight on the cover! I mean, Satanus holding Neron's severed head...and then winning the fight? At least print a variant cover with Neron winning. Also, there are a whole lot of demons left over from a demonic reversal spell.

Final Crisis #7
I actually kind of liked this. I really didn't get it, but I still liked this last issue. Hopefully more will be explained in the aftermath, and Legion of Three Worlds. But Infinite Crisis was way better.

More to come!
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Calculations of Lightning #2

Who would win?
Todays battle: Animal Man vs. Sabretooth
Animal Man has the advantages of being able to copy Sabretooth's powers, as well as any animal abilities.
Sabretooth has the advantages of being experienced with his powers, adamantium bones, claws, and the willingness to kill.

Terrain is the Amazon Rain-forest.

This would probably end in a draw. In the rainforest, Animal Man would gain a number of abilities. His main chance would be to copy a spiders ability. Spider-web is incredibly strong, so he might be able to trap Sabretooth for at least a few minutes. This is probably as close to winning as either is going to get. Sabretooth would have many hiding places for a stealth attack. If he could surprise Animal Man, he could hurt him badly. Chances are, neither could really disable the other, as both would have a healing factor, and if Sabretooth destroyed one of Animal Man's limbs, he could grow them back with the abilities of a lizard or an insect. Eventually, Sabretooth could probably win, due to his sheer viciousness.

Conclusion: Draw,  Advantage Sabretooth
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