Peachy Keenan (Sugar Rush [Wreck-It Ralph] Racer)

This is my Sugar Rush OC, Peachy Keenan!

He’s based on Gummy Peaches. Statwise, he’s quite fast, has mediocre maneuverability, but he’s pretty sweet.

Though actually, he’s a huge jerk who thinks he’s a ladies’ man (he also seems to forget that he’s 8, or 10, or something).

And he gets that powdered sugar stuff freaking EVERYWHERE.

Since I’m not a fantastic artist, I’ll just give a quick breakdown of his character design:

Somewhat steampunk/Victorian vest/puffy shirt ensemble in various shades of orange and pink. Buttons are gummy peaches. Pants are brown, maybe corduroy. Shoes are leather and shiny. He has goggles the lenses of which are gummy peaches. His hair is orange with a red streak and little bits of a pink.

His car follows the semi-steampunk theme. It has exhaust pipes (that shoot tons of that annoying sugar stuff EVERYWHERE) and a fairly flimsy carriage, though unlike many Sugar Racers his car has a door. The wheels are, naturally, gummy peaches.

The tree in the picture is made of a Twizzler and some sour gummy straws.


A Very Icarus Thanksgiving

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

No, wait, wrong holiday. My bad, let’s start over again.

‘Twas the night of Thanksgiving, and ‘round table long,

Icarusflies had dragged all her alts along

To celebrate with gratuitous food and thanksgiving

The miraculous off chance that they were still living.

And now Icarus tired of rhyme

Because it took up way too much valuable time.


The table stretched off into the distance, and even if she squinted Icarus couldn’t really see the end. It didn’t matter anyway…the far end of the table was where all the lame alts had to sit. They didn’t even get decent dessert; it was probably all year-old fruitcake down there anyway. All the good stuff was up here near Icarus, which is where the characters that mattered were gathered. Now Icarus stood, banging a fork against a Batman tumbler. “ALRIGHT SETTLE DOWN!” The room promptly hushed. “Excellent! Before we begin, it’s time to go around the table and say what we’re all thankful for. Clemy do you want to start us off?” Clementine poked her head out of the turkey. She was dressed as a turkey. Around her were gathered the rest of the Pet Lantern Corps, who were in pilgrim costumes. <<FUD>> chorused the pets, and swarmed off down the table leaving a trail of devastation in their wakes. “Aww, that’s adorable!” Icarus crooned;

“Who’s next? Portrait?” Portrait looked up from her mashed potato sculpture. “Huh, what? Oh, um, I’m thankful for Dorian Gray still burning in Hell.” Icarus was silent. “Yes well…uh…Icarusthat’snotme, what are you thankful for?”

Julius de Flamme stopped toying with the single piece of turkey on his plate. “Julius. It’s Julius. And I’m grateful that you haven’t turned me back into a murderous maniac yet.” Icarus coughed. “Yes, well, that plan fell through and I haven’t had time to come up with anything new yet.” Julius dropped his fork.

“And Fractal! Mr. Sebastian Calamity, what are you thankful for?” Fractal looked at Icarus blankly. “This isn’t what the first Thanksgiving was like, I was there.” Icarus didn’t drop her insane grin. “No you weren’t! You were retconned so you’re not that old, now say what you’re thankful for” Fractal shrugged, and put his elbows on the table. “Randolph Carter I guess, only friend I ever had.” “Fractal, that is a total lie, you have AT LEAST two other friends, and what about your wif---oh, wait, she’s dead. Whoops. Carry on!”

“Mortality!” Mortality stopped sticking peas up his nose. “I’m not even going to ask why you’re doing that Mort. But what are you thankful for?” Mortality sniffed. “Uh…it looks like maybe I’m not stuck in quantum limbo anymore? IDK, maybe I’m just thankful for eggnog.” He sneezed, and peas flew everywhere. “Ew…that’s gross Mort. Ooh, Premonition! What are you thankful for?”

Premonition was just sitting there sullenly. “I SHOULD be eating dinner at the White House, but noooo! I have to be in this dump with a bunch of Looney Tunes. When I rule the world this will all be different…” He started mumbling under his breath. “So Premonition is thankful for being president, that’s fair. Enjoy it while you can Premo….hehehe…Io, what have you go to say?”

Io stopped his siege on Portrait’s mashed potato castle (he was using a pea catapult). “The Wii U. I am thankful for the Wii U, and I will play Mario Kart on it until my arms fall off. Mort, fire the machine gun!” Icarus stared on in disbelief. “That…that explains the peas. And Io, you don’t want to joke about losing your arms.” She winked evilly. “But you’re such an adorable Russian, I’m sure not TOO many horrible things will happen to you this year…maybe…in comparison…uh…enjoy your Wii U Io! Starheart?”

Starheart stuck its head out of the kitchen, where it was in charge of cooking the copious quantities of food. “I am thankful that I have to put up with this outrage for about a century, give or take some” Icarus was silent for a moment. “I’m taking you with me,” she whispered, eyeing the sentient star. “SOLENOID SPIN!”

A mass of turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes stirred. “PUDDING!” it shrieked, then spun around, spattering the spilled food everywhere. “Of course…why did I even ask? Salamander?”

“I’m pretty sure I’m lying dead somewhere, you didn’t even have the decency to let me die on panel” the young lizard-man mumbled. “I guess I’m thankful that I don’t have to put up with your shenanigans anymore.” Icarus laughed, and patted Salamander’s shoulder. “Oh, you’re not dead yet…there’s still much in store for you.” Salamander put his head down on the table. “There is no god….” From further down the table, Ethereal Murk shouted, “THERE’S NOT ANYTHING YOU DUMMY! IT’S ALL MEANINGLESS!”

“Wait your turn Caroline! Ooh, Ultimate Polaroid, you’re next!” The serial killer stopped Instagramming his food. “My only appearances were literally my getting brutally murdered….twice. And that second time you left me being dragged under a city, what could I possibly be thankful for?” he caught Icarus’ glare. “Instagram…I’m thankful for Instagram…” he muttered, cowering. “Good. Meteorite?”

“WWE.” She said, putting Polaroid into an armlock. “YEAH! Go Meteorite!” Icarus cheered. She let _sLeNdErMaN__ do his own thing…no one wanted to mess with Slenderman.

“Zem, we know you’re thankful for everything, and we do NOT want a rendition of the Mattress song. That goes for all of you Zems, I do not want to hear ONE PEEP out of any of you. Or so help me, I will call upon the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Raal to eat you.”

Algernon the Ghoul was gnawing on a turkey. Icarus pet him on the head. “You can’t talk, but I know you’re going to thank me for assuming that your entire race was wiped out in the aftermath of Dream-Quest to Unknown Kadath. You’re welcome Algernon.” The ghoul whimpered. “Um who’s next, who’s next…ooh, Masquerade!”

The young Japanese hero leapt up at the mention of his name. “I am thankful that I got to be included in this magnificent event!” The nearby alts gave each other meaningful glances…the poor hero didn’t realize that it was a poor idea to be happy in front of Icarus. She had terrible, terrible fates planned for them all. “You know it Masque! I WAS going to kill you, but you can stick around a little longer…that RP fell through anyway, and your bros didn’t really want to be the new Masquerade.” The young hero fell to the floor in shock.

“Hansel, you’re not allowed to talk, part of the court ruling…um…oh. Uh…Ubik. What…what do you have to say?”

He smiled, and time slipped between his teeth. “It’s wonderful to be here. I’m thankful for Oracular Inc, and the wonderful opportunities they have provided for me.” Icarus wasn’t listening, she had already run off down the table.

“Where’s MO? Oh…” Icarus lifted up the tablecloth, where Midnight Orchid was hiding. “What are you thankful for MO?” Midnight Orchid hissed. “The rise of the Man Made Gods and the new Clockwork World”. Icarus dropped the tablecloth. “Yeah, okay. Whatever.” She passed by a bunch of alts that had faded into obscurity, and rounded the other side of the table.

Daedalus had vanished from his spot, and was back near the head of the table trying to take Julius’ plate. Icarus didn’t want to deal with him right now, so she moved on to Afterimage, who was pulling on one side of a drumstick. Clementine held the other one, and was growling. “Hey AI! What’re you thankful for?” The guinea pig took a few steps backward, almost yanking the turkey leg away from the speedster. “Food. I’m with the ‘pigs on this one.” Afterimage said, and went back to her tug-of-war. All of a sudden Clementine yanked the drumstick free and rapidly dragged it down the table.

Ultimate Portrait was staring in awe at her normal-universe self (who had sent up tiny painted dragons to protect Mashed Potato Fortress). “Is that me? I’m thankful for that, she’s AWESOME” Ult Portrait said. “I’m glad to hear it, since I think only one of you can live” Icarus said nonchalantly.

“Now then, Ethereal Murk, what are you thankful for?” The girl was staring glumly at her food. “Nothing. The universe is meaningless, and thus there is nothing to be thankful for. I am thankful for that nothing.” Icarus rolled her eyes. “Nihilists SUCK.” She muttered.

DragonflyBoy was noisily demolishing an ear of corn. “Heeeey, DFB!” He looked up, wiping his mandibles. “Uh…why did I have to come all the way here I mean…my parents kinda had dinner all planned out an’ my grandparents had come all the way from the Midwest.” Icarus frowned at him. “Because I said so. Now what are you thankful for?” DragonflyBoy looked around. “My parents. Everyone else’s seem to be dead, why is that? I’m just happy that mine aren’t.” Icarus patted him on the back. “They’re not dead YET DFB, there’s still time.” She walked off whistling.

“Well,” said John G – Icarus put her hand over his mouth. “Hey. You are a secret. People can’t know who you are yet. Keep quiet or you will regret it. Now eat your turkey or something, and don’t let people know you exist. Same goes for the rest of you” Icarus gestured at John’s tablemates. “And you” she pointed to a few others. “Keep it hush-hush.”

“Ah, Herbert West!” Herbert hid a syringe behind his back. “I was not reanimating the turkey. You didn’t see anything” Icarus laughed. “Herbert, Herbert, Herbert…well, what are you thankful for?” Herbert hung his head. “Jeffrey Combs” he whispered. “He is an absolutely perfect person.” Icarus clapped her hands. “And since no one is going to top that, I declare this Thanksgiving…WON! Good job guys, now enjoy this time when no one is trying to kill anyone else to relax a little.”

Twas the night of Thanksgiving, and all ‘round the table

Icarus’ alts sat in mortal terror of their creator who was obviously…wait! It looks like Icarus wasn’t quite done.

“I forgot to say what I was thankful for! Well, I’m thankful for each and every one of you. I love you guys”

Twas the night of Thanksgiving and all ‘round the table

Icarusflies hugged each and every alt that she was able.


Icarusthulhu, devourer of P'nn't B'tt'r Cthulhu

This evening, due to nostalgia (perhaps induced by the Silver Key, or visions of childhood brought by a dream) I suddenly desperately wanted edible playdough. This is a wonderful substance my mother would make for me as a child, casting aside all hopes of me eating dinner later. It’s a simple concoction, and I’ll lay out the recipe:


1. Peanut Butter

2. Powdered Milk

3. Honey

4. Sprinkles, or other decorations.

Method: Mix together a few tablespoons of peanut butter and honey. Add in powdered milk until it’s no longer super sticky. Put down some confectioners sugar or more powdered sugar on your work surface.



This being accomplished, my cursed fingers brought forth a figure drawn from the crippling nightmares I suffer constantly when the moon is high…dread Cthulhu! My mother and I then proceeded to decide which color of sprinkle was sufficiently eldritch. The sparkly ones. Definitely those. I made a tiny cultist, and Cthulhu was ready to take over the refridgerator.

Except, no, wait, I ate him. Icarusthulhu, devourer of stuff, strikes again!


Welcome Onigiri!

So as you may know, my beloved elderly guinea pig Tater Tot passed away last Thursday. This left my other guinea pig, Marzipan, all alone. Guinea pigs are social animals, so it isn't healthy for them to live alone. So on Saturday, my dad and I drove to the middle of nowhere to to the one petstore in something like 50 miles that had female guinea pigs. There was only one left, huddled in the little purple house, and I liked her immediately.

Marzipan's still pretty confused about this furry new thing that's invaded her house, but they seem to be warming up to one another.

So without further ado...a warm welcome to Onigiri!

Marzipan and Onigiri (look at the size difference!)
Here they are again!
Marzie, Oni, and the dog, Calypso
Onigiri gets her closeup
Here she is again
Marzipan is very, very confused.

Goodbye Tater Tot. :'(

Earlier this evening, my beloved guinea pig Tater Tot passed away. She was very old for a guinea pig, but it still came as a major blow to me. When I checked in on her this morning she was having trouble breathing or moving. Her friend, Marzipan, snuggled with her until the end.

This afternoon I held Tater Tot and watched Dr. Phibes Rises Again with her. Tater Tot, my dad, and I watched this together when I was younger. I actually tried another movie first but it wouldn't play...only Dr. Phibes would.

Goodbye Tater Tot...I love you, and you will be missed.


Silence of the Cupcakes

I wanted to give an introduction to this post but…I have no idea why I made these. They just sorta…happened.

So I’ll skip the intro and jump straight into the pictures.

These are Silence of the Lamb cupcakes.

This is me after I finished making the Silence of the Lamb cupcakes.

It took about three hours to bake/frost/decorate these things. Since I started at 10:30, it means I was up until 1:30 throwing red sprinkles at demon lambs. My parents walked in around midnight and found the kitchen looking like an axe murderer had been baking there.

Except worse, since there was congealed corn syrup EVERYWHERE. Frosting is hard!

The cupcakes themselves are Betty Crocker recipes. The lambs are basic yellow cupcakes with a cooked frosting that’s a waking nightmare….I just wanted to throw it all down a well. The cupcakes originally sort of…melted, since I didn’t have a proper cupcake tray and just stuck them in the oven in their containers. They cooked properly, they just formed a cake rather than a cupcake. Gave them a better, more lamblike shape actually. Eyes are red M&Ms, split marshmallows are the wool, the nose is a Junior Mint, the ears are Oreo halves (the lame not-chocolate kind), and there’s a slight sprinkling of red sprinkle sugar, or whatever it’s called.

The pink cupcakes are the yellow cupcakes except they have Kool-Aid powder and almond extract in them. I actually found a muffin tin for those, so they turned out a bit more cupcake-shaped. They’re glazed with a corn-syrup (at this point I would have dealt with a maniac with a dragon tattoo rather than try to cook corn-syrup again) almond glaze, and the letters are just decorative frosting things.

Serve while fresh, ideally following a meal of liver, fava beans, and complemented with a nice chianti.

The cupcakes may scream, but they’ll stop if you eat them.

Garnish with moths if desired.


NYCC 2012: Icarusflies Strikes Again, the Returnining

The wheels of time turned…. the pages of the calendar flipped…and Icarus watched it all intently. Because on October 13, 2012, Icarusflies would be at New York Comic Con. Everything was set…the bags were packed. But this time would be different…because this would be…A ROAD TRIP!!!

That Friday, DeviouslyChartreuse’s (formerly Booster Gold and Ice) mom pulled up at Icarusflies’ house. Icarus raced outside with an enormous duffle bag that would have held an entire family’s belongings for a week. The enormous duffle bag was mostly full of comics. And a stuffed Cthulhu.

In the car, Icarus revealed her collection of H.P. Lovecraft themed radio shows. They listened to the Dunwich Horror and The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Icarus acted as a translator, translating New English-->Normal English. Then Icarus fell asleep and everyone had to fend for themselves through the seas of ‘Ayuh’s.

After several hours of ‘are we there yet?!?’, [No.] ‘Can we have burgers?’, [Fine] ‘Cthulhu, more like NOPE’, […] and ‘OH MY GOD WHERE’S THE TRAIL MIX?!’ […] Icarus & co arrived in New York. They promptly left all the bags for the responsible adults to deal with, and stared at the sign for a nearby salon. DeviouslyChartreuse’s sister (who shall be referred to as Porrim for the purposes of this blog) knew of a magical salon sign that offered ‘pedicures, blow-dries, perms’ and….MANCURES’. Not manicures. MANCURES. Eventually everyone somehow ended up in the proper hotel rooms. Icarus placed Squishthulhu in the most inconvenient place possible, and then everyone went to sleep.


Icarus, Porrim, and DeviouslyChartreuse had to be reminded to use their inside voices. But….COMIC CON!!! They had all woken up about three hours early out of sheer excitement. It did end up taking about that long for everyone to get all suited up and ready to go. The elevator ride to the lobby was the most awkward ever for a bunch of random guests.


At the convention, the three intrepid explorers raced around like a whirlwind. After leaving Porrim in the care of the Homestucks, Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse met up with one of DC’s friends and set off to attend a Buffy panel. On the way there, they ran into…

Comic Vine’s very own Babs! Icarus promptly crushed Babs with a gigantic hug. (It was great to see you Babs!) They chatted for a minute or so, but Babs had to go interview Paul Dini, and there was that panel that…was completely abandoned, because Babs revealed that Grant Morrison was in the show room! Signing stuff! Icarus and DC didn’t need to be told twice.

After a brief panel transition, they were at the Legendary booth. Through some miracle, there was hardly any line. Icarus was SOOOOOOO excited, because Grant was one of the quintessential Animal Man writers, and Icarus had cosplayed Animal Man! And she had met Grant before (at SDCC) and he’s a really nice guy. DC was SOOOOOOO excited because she had never met Grant and he’s her favorite writer.

Icarus made DeviouslyChartreuse’s friend (who for the purpose of this article shall be called ‘Jojo’) carry all her stuff. DC made Jojo carry all HER stuff. Jojo was not consulted as to whether he would LIKE to carry all this stuff.

Icarus got to meet Grant Morrison. First thing he said: “Nice costume!” Yesssss! Then Icarus asked if Grant would be willing to sort of act out a scene from the end of Animal Man. Grant played Grant. Icarus played Animal Man. This is the result:

Then Icarus and Grant talked for a bit, Grant signed some of Icarus’ books, Grant said he liked Icarus’ lemur, and it was great.

DeviouslyChartreuse then got to meet Grant Morrison! She got a hug, and Grant signed her books. It was great.

Jojo got to meet Grant Morrison. He still had Icarus’ and DC’s stuff.

After that, there was about half an hour solely devoted to spazzing out over how great Grant Morrison is.

Then, to Artist’s Alley! Icarus stopped and chatted with former Tiny Titans artist, Franco, while DeviouslyChartreuse and Jojo went to meet The Saddest Man in the Universe. Icarus isn’t entirely sure who that is, but he sounded sad. He drew DC a dog. Franco drew Icarus Animal Man.

They met up again, and headed over to see if DeviouslyChartreuse could commission Amanda Palmer. While they were waiting Icarus saw….G-MAN!!!! She promptly ran over and almost flying tackled him.

They chatted, and then Icarus saw a Guy Gardner cosplayers, and this ensued:

After running around Artist’s Alley for a little while, Icarus, DC, and Jojo headed over to the New52 panel. Scott Snyder stole the show. Wow.

Back on the show floor, Icarus had been getting a lot of attention for her Animal Man costume. Lots of Buddy Baker fans walked up to her, told her how she was the only Animal Man they had seen, and that the Cosplay had made their day. One cosplayers in particular, a Phoenix-Force Cyclops, was super-enthusiastic. Icarus ran into him again later, and he yelled ‘I STILL LOVE YOU ANIMAL MAN!’. DC and Jojo were getting similar reactions from Jojo’s Adventure fans.

That afternoon it was time for action-figure hunting. Icarus was determined to get an Animal Man action figure. DeviouslyChartreuse was determined to get a Martian Manhunter action figure. It took a while, but they succeeded!!! Jojo found a Martian Manhunter WITH A CHOCO for DC. Icarus found an Animal Man/B’wana Beast pack, which she was given a discount on either due to her being Animal Man, or because as Animal Man she had taken her lemur (Horatio’s) cuteness powers and used them for evil. Evil being discounts.

While action-figure hunting, they ran into…Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! Formerly Maxwell Lord and Maxwell Lord, old friends met at a previous convention.

A little while later, our heroes were waiting to meet some friends. It was a yearly tradition, when a bunch of people would go to dinner after the convention and generally just confuse the heck out of everyone in New York. Four Booster Gold/Blue Beetles showed up. They had cookies. There were photoshoots. It was amazing.

Eventually, the gang left to find some food. They were led by Hipster Magneto, John Constantine, and Spider Jerusalem. Dinner ended up being held at a Korean food court, which had the most amazing sticky buns. Sitting at Icarus, Deviously Chartreuse, and Jojo’s table was one of the people who had worked on Skyrim! He was uncredited, but wrote a lot of Cicero’s dialogue.

From left to right (counterclockwise): Icarus, DC, Cicero, Spider-Jerusalem

After dinner, everyone left to go sing some karaoke. They tried three different places, but since several members of the group were under 21, and the karaoke bars were, well, bars, they weren’t let in. This was a great loss to karaoke everywhere. So everyone just ended up standing on the street talking until Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse were picked up by DC’s parents.


Everyone was pretty tired on Sunday, but that didn’t stop screeching like a rhesus monkey upon waking up and realizing…COMIC CON WAS STILL THERE!!! Back to the convention, where the day was spent wandering the convention center. While there, they ran into Cicero again! Unfortunately, they still did have to get home. So at an unreasonably early hour, Icarus and DeviouslyChartreuse (and Porrim, who had been hiding with the Supernaturals that day) left the convention and got into the car.

Where they all promptly fell asleep for five hours.

It was amazing.


An Evolve or Die T-shirt

Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery

Comic Vine stickers + pins (THANK YOU G-MAN!!!!). One of these is on Icarus’ computer as she’s typing this.

Animal Man + B’wana Beast action figures

Court of Owls mask

Battle Pug stickers

Animal Man sketch

Grant Morrison signed Animal Man and Doom Patrol books.

(Doom Patrol has now been signed by the artist, author and inker! Yay!)


Even more in the gallery!


For Anyone Interested....(Umbrella Academy: Dallas spoilers)

The Vietnamese text in Umbrella Academy: Dallas (when Séance is about to leave to stop 00.05 from assassinating Kennedy) roughly translates to:

Séance: Thank you for taking care of the child.

Vietnamese Woman: Where you are going is no place for children. It is safer here.

Séance: I'm really sorry about what happened to his mother.


This just makes the wait for Hotel Oblivion that much harder.


Emoticon Guide (now with added abbreviations!)


Because let's face it, when faced with a face going :3 you don't necessarily know what the heck is going on. Never fear, Icarus is here to explain what a : / is, and when to use it.

If I missed anything let me know and I'll add it.

:) ---this is pretty straighforward. You are smiling.

:D --You are now super-enthusiastic.

^_^ ---Contentment, can be substituted for :)

:] ---still smiley. Seriously, if it looks like a smiley, it's probably a smiley.

8) --Crazed smiley. SOMEONE has had too much sugar. Or glasses.

B) --Sunglasses


d(^_^) ---thumbs up!

;) ---You know what I'm talking about/it's a secret/jk/flirty. Just depends on the context.

-_o ---It's a secret/mystery/non-flirty smiley.

O_O --shock/disbelief/OMG

O_o ---Wut? or OMG, did this actually just happen? Or WHY?!

-_- ---annoyance


@_@ ---Really surprised or overwhelmed. Also: Shiny object.

x_x ---Dead

>_> ---shifty eyes. It can mean most anything, from 'yep' to 'I c what u did there'. When used with <_< it means looking around warily or sneakily.

:3 ---Pleased with oneself. Or making cat faces.

&D ---Same as 8D

^.^ --Same as ^_^

>:) ---Evil grin

>:D --Diabolical grin

>:( --angry/upset

D:< ---angry/distressed

>_< ---angry/annoyed

>_o --winky

t_t ---dead

: / --'eh', 'meh', whatcha gonna do, mild distress, empathy

xD --laughing

xP -- MEH

:P --Yep/whatevs/okay/mild annoyance/tongue in cheek

;P ---Mock annoyed/joking

D: ---distress

:O or :o ----SHOCK! SURPRISE!

:( ---upset

:'( ---crying

;_; ---crying

$_$ ---MONEY

:S ---Unhappy, confused

Random Emotes

-----/\^-----/\^-----/\^-----/\^-----/\^---_________________________ -flatlining heart monitor

/)(^3^)(\ ---Rainbow Dash

:<) -- Happy Mustache Man

:<( --Sad Mustache Man

:^) -- Happy Man w/ Nose

:^( --Sad Man w/ Nose

>:^( --Angry Man w/ Nose

<"/ --phineas

c"| --ferb

:€ --Bane


I almost CERTAINLY forgot some of these, but paste 'em in there and I'll translate them/add them.

LOL---laughing out loud (duh)

alsfdkjadslfkjasd;lfjkasd----this is a keyboard mash. It signifies excitement.

BRB---be right back

BBL ---be back later

TTYL --talk to you later

BBT --be back tomorrow

GTG ---got to go

SMH --shaking my head

IDK --I don't know

IKR --I know, right?

IMO --in my opinion

IMHO --In my honest/humble opinion

WTH --what the heck! [usually WTF]

lmao ---laughing my @$$ off. Add extra letters for extra degrees of entertained

noob ---an annoying juvenile person

newb --a new person who doesn't know the ropes yet

RPG --Role-Playing Game...or Rocket Propelled Grenade

IC --In character

OOC --out of character

PIS---plot induced stupidity

CIS ---character induced stupidity

WIS--writer induced stupidity

TOAA ---The One Above All

TDKR --The Dark Knight Returns

Pre-Crisis ---Happening before Crisis on Infinite Earths

Post-Crisis---Happening after Crisis on Infinite Earths

BFR ---battle field removal....changing the battleground

SBP --Superboy Prime

RL--Real life

IRL--In Real Life

CV--Comic Vine

IIRC --If I remember correctly


Please don't @reply me in this thread....I get a message whenever someone comments already, so you're sending me two messages each time you @reply, and since I get really excited each time I get a message it's disappointing....and kinda annoying. :P


Icarusflies' FAQ

Q: What the heck is that thing in your avatar?!

A: That is my guinea pig, Clementine. She is probably wearing something, though I mix that up periodically. Unfortunately, Clementine died a few years back, so this is my way of honoring her memory.

Q: You're a guy, right?

A: Nope. I'm a girl.

Q: Do I have to call you Icarus, or can I give you a nickname?

A: You can basically call me anything you want as long as I know you're talking to me, and it's not offensive. Some of my current nicknames are Ic, Icky, Ica, Icas, Port, and Porty, but you can also call me The Most Excellent and Awesome Mod, or anything else you think up.

Q: I have a character I want you to make a Lego of, will you do that?

A: I'd love to, but I can't. I need to find new paints before I can try making any more Legos.

Q. WHY can't you make me a Lego?

A. I developed an allergy to the paints I used. I need to find new paints that are easy to use, dry quickly, don't run, and stick to plastics. I was using Sharpie Paint Pens before. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Q: Do you read [insert series here]?

A: IDK because this is an FAQ post, but I'd be happy to talk about it with you.

Q: Will you comment on [insert thread here]

A: Yes, unless it's offensive or in the battle forum.

Q: Will you help me with [insert Quest here]

A: Sure!

Q: Who are your RPG characters?

A: Here's a handy-dandy list! YAY!

Q: Will you help me learn to RPG?

A: I'd love to, but if I'm busy I might not be able harm in asking though!

Q: You promised you'd do [insert thing here], but you didn't...why not?

A: Because I either forgot, was busy, was feeling sick, or a combination of the three.

Q. You're always sick.

A: Well theoretical questioner, that is not a question. Also, I am always sick because I have health issues. I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which basically means my autonomic nervous system doesn't work properly, so I can't regulate things like pulse or blood pressure. As a result, I feel tired, dizzy, nauseated, get migraines, and sometimes other symptoms. This also exacerbates any other bug I might have picked up so if someone gets the sniffles I get the flu. I have some other health problems too, but that's the main one.

Q. How do you become a moderator?

A: Always be kind and courteous to others, follow the CV rules, contribute to as many areas of the site as you can, be helpful, and find a way to make yourself stand out. Also spend an outrageous amount of time online.


A. ....

Q. Gentle moderator, might I kindly request to know why I no longer have the capabilities to post? I have truly seen the error of my ways, and have found the light.

A. Well, thank you for being polite hypothetical banned user! I need to consult with the other moderators before I can unban you, but if you hang tight I can talk with them to see why you were banned, and if I can unban you.

Q. What should I do if I see you walking down the street?

A. Yell 'ICCCAAARRRUSSSS' and give me a hug. Obviously.

Q. May I send you presents?


Q. May I have your Facebook so I can friend you?

A. I'm afraid I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know (with VERY rare exceptions), but you may have my special Comic Vine Facebook page

Q. May I see your Deviantart?

A. Sure.

Q. What about your Tumblr?

A. I don't know why you couldn't have asked for all those sites at once, but yes you may have a link to my Tumblr. If the link isn't working, I probably changed my URL and forgot to change the link to it here. Just shoot me a PM and I'll fix it.

Q. May I talk to you?

A. Heck yeah! I love chatting. Send me a message any time!

Q. Who are your favorite writers/artists/characters/bands/movies?

A: I keep all that information in my 'about me' section on my main page...which also links back here because we all know my blog is secretly Inception. A lot of information is also kept in my lists...though some of them are admittedly a bit out of date.

Q. You called me know I'm a girl/don't identify as male, right?

A. I call EVERYONE dude. Or bud, or buddy, or friend, or some permutation of your username, or your username's initials. If I'm talking to a group of people, I WILL call the collective 'guys' regardless of gender. If you have a problem you can let me know and I'll try to use your pronoun of choice, but just don't take this could be a three-legged gender-neutral space squid, I would STILL call you dude.

Q. Will you recommend me [something]?

A. YES!! I prefer recommending on a personalized basis, so I don't have any up to date ready-made lists right now. But if you want suggestions for an ongoing comic to read, a trade to read, a webcomic, novel, movie, TV show, food, anything else that's legal, I would LOVE to give you some recommendations.

Q. I know you're just being friendly, but I'm getting kinda fed up with you messaging me all the time.

A. Just say so. I'll leave you alone. But I need to know I'm bothering you so that I can stop. I won't be offended, PLEASE just let me know. I like chatting, I like being friendly, but I understand that some people might find that annoying/overwhelming.

Q. Can I talk to you about my problems?

A. Absolutely. I'm always here to lend an ear, and if there's anything to do to help I'll try my best. I'll also keep everything confidential unless you're at risk for harming yourself or others, or unless it's illegal activity. But if you've had a bad day, or you don't feel well, or something's gone wrong, feel free to come talk to me.

Q. I have a serious problem with you, which I've been telling to anyone who will listen.

A. Well, instead of talking behind my back, why don't you message me and we can talk things out.

Q. Why do you use >these< dumb things to denote actions? Are you some kind of noob?

A. It's a habit I picked up from my best friend when we IMed in middle school. I was never really able to shake it. If I'm doing any sort of serious RPGing I'll use italics or just describe stuff (depending on the situation), but if I'm fooling around or not in character >these things will be everywhere<

Q. How many alts do you have?

A. 130 if I counted correctly. Not including things like team pages, or this account. Also please note that some alts have more than one character associated with them.

Q. What pets do you have?

A. At the moment, I have a dog and two guinea pigs. The dog is Calypso, the guinea pigs are Blini and Onigiri.

Q. Didn't you used to have more pets?

A. Yes...I used to have other guinea pigs, and my sibling had a hedgehog that I often took care of. Unfortunately they passed away, and I miss them very much. The guinea pigs were Marzipan, Tater Tot, Clementine, Peapod, and Sweetpea, and the hedgehog was Dobby. I also had a Beta fish named General Grievous, but I don't think I've ever mentioned him here before.

And you might be thinking of Charlie the Capybara, who isn't mine but who I played with when I was on a school trip in Peru.

Q. Did...did you really just say 'gosh darnnit', 'okey-doke', or 'coolio'? Or some other thing like that? Also, why do you include things like 'um' when typing, you don't need that.

A. I type like I talk. And I talk like Mr. Rodgers if he used horribly outdated slang.

Q. Why do you use $@&% or something like that for cursing? You could just take out a letter or substitute ONE symbol or something.

A. See above comment about Mr. Rodgers. I don't curse in real life either. It makes me uncomfortable to do so online.

Q. When are you usually online?

A. Schooldays, I'll usually check in a few times between 8 am and 1:00 pm (depending on when I get breaks), and then I'll be online off and on between about 2pm and 11 or 11:30pm. On weekends and holidays, I'm online off and on between about 12:30 pm and some ungodly hour between 1 and 3am. EST by the way. Recently I've been banned from being online past about 10:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 am on weekends though.

Q. You're cranky today, what's your problem?

A. I'm probably sick or tired. Either one of which can make me a bit grouchy. If I get less than four hours of sleep I don't function very well...and on a good night during the week I get about five and a half.

Q. Was this blog REALLY necessary?

A. No. But I wrote it anyway.