Ian Idyll (RPG)


Ian Idyll grew up in a normal home and went to school normally, however he soon realised he could time travel through time and teleport to places.

Ian kept his ability to himself, using it when it benefited him. He enjoyed his trips to the past but rarely ventured too far into the future. At times his trips made him feel like a watcher, but he quickly returns to his own time in fear of being stuck in the wrong time and experiencing other dangers. And teleportation is very useful but he is careful not to use it around people so they won't notice him disappearing or appearing.

He went to university and then became a journalist. At times, Ian uses his ability to travel forward in time to gain future knowledge that would assist him during his own time, and because of this, his peers consider him to be a very good journalist despite not knowing his true methods.

His alignment is best described as true neutral as he believes in doing what he thinks is right but is flexible and will make decisions that others would not like to hear or see. He doesn't want to be evil nor does he encourage mean/evil behaviours but at the same time he would never dare say he is pure/ideally good/heroic. He does what he believes is right for that particular moment.


Gender- Male

Hair colour- Dark Brown

Height- 175 cm

Weight- 168 lbs

Eyes- Green

Race- Human, Mutate

Age- 28

Nationality- British, Scottish


He can manipulate time and space. He does this by ripping the space like an invisible wormhole, or folding two far away points, on a paper, together; thus decreasing their distance.

Manipulation of time:

- He can time travel/move through time at will, going both forwards and backwards, and into different time streams/dimensions.

Manipulation of space:

- He can move/teleport instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between.


This may be hard to do since he is a time traveller but I'll try.

1) Wayward Girl

2) Elysia - CVnU Location

3) London England ( CVNU Location) (Abigail Aensland)

4) CVnU: New York City (Carter Adwell)

5) Gothic City [CVnU: Living Location] (Cain & Alex)

6) Voices from the dark

7) London England ( CVNU Location) (Iggy Knightfall)

8) A Baby's Breath...So It Begins. (Actual Event)

9) Watch The Throne