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For those of you on the vine familiar with the likes of RPGs like dragon age, diablo, wow, guild wars, elder scrolls etc, lore-wise I can't seem to understand how a rogue/assassin character could fight and survive maybe even kill a mage/wizard character. In D3 there is the wizard who can create black holes and transform themselves into beings of pure arcane energy, as well as freezing time. My point is that in all of these fantasy worlds you have magical characters with so much power, how could a rogue - who are typically armed with daggers and bows and other gadgets - take on someone so powerful and win?

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I'm going to be constantly posting up my sketches and full black and white pieces, I would love to hear feedback from you all.

Thank you very much :)

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Sorry for the late entry, I just wanted to get a quick doodle out there!

Thanks :)

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I'm very interested in seeing how deeply Cyclops' powers are altered due to him being the Dark Phoenix. Optic blasts that are very powerful, to the point of being extremely difficult to control, just doesn't seem enough to me. Would it be possible for him to develop a secondary mutation as a result of being a host for the Phoenix?

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Cyclops and his children - Cable, Rachel Grey, X Man, Wolverine, Iceman, Archangel, Magneto, X-23, Psylocke, Legion, Sunspot, Cannonball

This would be really awesome :D

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Alright, I hope I don't have to move this thread to the battle forums, but if there ever was a serious fight to go down between the two - not just h2h - then its safe to assume that Bruce would take the majority of wins over Ollie, or would it be more even?

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Do you all think it would ever be possible (in the New 52) that Ollie would be on par with Bruce, in terms of martial art skill, maybe even strategic ability?

I'm currently under the impression that Ollie is inferior to him and regarded as just another street level hero.

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@zeeguy91: you're absolutely right!!! :D i'm sooooooo excited for this, can't wait to see what brings 'em into this whole "inhumans surfacing everywhere" stroyline o.O

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I've got a feeling wolverine and nightcrawler are gonna be in this, has anyone seen the upcoming new wolvie costume?