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Love the Kitty Pryde cover I'm a huge fan of her!

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Awesome! definitely pumped for September!

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Supergirl is my kryptonite :P
Good or bad she's still awesome
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Hmmm well I joined a while ago and basically started hanging out on the forums during the summer, so I decided it was time to finally say hi to everyone :P

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Yeah definitely check out the DC relaunch in September... I think I preordered about 20 of their #1's and I'm pretty pumped about it. And it'd be good to look for one of the new Marvel series starting this fall too. Other than that I'd say just go to a comic shop or bookstore and pick up a trade (the big books not the individual issues). Just flip through it really quick before and check out all the art and if you like what it looks like then get it and read it. Most of the trades contain a whole story arc (unless they specifically say pt 1/2/whatever) so you shouldn't have too many problems jumping in. If you're worried about just jumping in you can always check here on Comicvine for reviews of an issue/story-arc and see what other people think of it, and even get some of the background for the bigger books if you're not starting with a #1 issue.

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@RainEffect said:
 Honestly, I think Marvel is trying to be too politically correct lately. It's not necessary. I'm not saying I'm against ethnically diverse heroes, but Marvel shouldn't feel they need to bend to the political spectrum.
I agree completely... It sounds like Marvel's main point about Miles is that he's "diverse" instead of actually focusing on his character. I think it would've been much better if they had ignored the race issue from the start and slowly brought out his background through the story. It''s not hard to tell he's not white, so by announcing exactly what his race is they're just trying to play politics.

There is only one race, and it's called the human race... you shouldn't have to make distinctions just to up your sales.

Hopefully though the story will be well written, and I look forward to seeing what Miles real character is about since they haven't shared anything but his skin color so far basically.
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I use comic shops to buy the individual issues and then buy trades and larger books online at either mycomicshop.com or midtowncomics.com-- they both have great prices a lot lower than what you'd find in stores.

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 Gotta love someone putting Superman in his place
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If only there were that many beautiful comic-loving girls where I live haha

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I use mycomicshop.com and midtowncomics.com... both seem to be pretty great. It looks to me like midtown has cheaper prices on preordering weeklies but from everything I've seen mycomicshop has cheaper prices on trades and such. Plus midtown bags and boards each issue for free

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