Here is what i would do...

1.) Bring back Stan Lee. 
2.) Disband both the New and Mighty Avengers. 
3.) Give miniority characters more of a push. 
4.) Make better use out of cosmic characters. 
5.) Reform the West Coast Avengers, Infinity Watch, Supernaturals, Avengers, Defenders, Champions, Freedom Force, Invaders, and any other team that isn't being used. 
6.) Restrict Wolverine to being on only one team. 
7.) Buy the rights to Image Comics, Awesome Comics, Chaos Comics, and DC Comics characters that haven't been used in over 10 years. 
8.) Release both movies and cartoon shows that are true to the comic books which they are based on. 
9.) Release either an Avengers or an X-Men role playing video game.  
10.) Let all dead characters stay dead unless they've been either resurrected by Death or some other cosmic means. 
11.) Cancel all plans for that Superior comic book. 
12.) Give Shuri  her own superhero identity and series.  
13.) Bring back Shatterstar. 
14.) Repower all of the Depowered mutants. 
15.) Introduce characters from X-Men 2099 into the regular Marvel Universe.
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Both at home an out in public.

When i'm home i usually read my comics either in my room, my kitchen, or my living room. Whenever i'm out in public i tend to read them while i'm either waiting for a bus/ trolley/ train or while i'm riding one.  I've also read a few while i was at work.
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Iamsam3 Presents: The Nightstalkers

My version of The Nightstalkers line-up:
Doctor Voodoo:  










The Scarlett Witch 







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