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SIKED about this!

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I know I am in the minority, but Superboy Prime. Punch reality back to the old DCU.

Put me down in the minority as well. Prime was a killer and he was a badass. And I think Hank Henshaw will be back as well even though Im the minority there. It WOULD have been smarter for him to come back as the first Green Lantern like ThomasElliot said tho. Dopplegangers are always popular so I think we will see more Superman-esque figures in the future. Wheres Red Tornado?

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This is so exciting I love when these bigger events come along. Sounds like some of you knew this was forthcoming can someone shed some light for a noob such as myself? Or at the least point me to some back issues when I can get some sort of idea what this may end up being about exactly. I started reading DC comics when Blackest Night was coming about and have been hooked ever since. I liked Marvel when I was a kid but nothing like I do mow that I have found DC. Anyways thanks.

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According to the roster there are still 3 characters that haven't been announced yet if I've done the math correctly.

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I've spent more time with the demo and Lex is the character I've had the most fun playing as.

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Just got done getting a handle on Batman. I will try Luthor later but since I'm not great at games in general I will have to take my time with each character in order to be able to play worth a damn. Although some parts don't make a lot of sense seeing how I defeated Doomsday with Bruce Wayne the game is still a blast. I too wish I had a chance to play as flash JLDoom.

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Does anyone know how many characters will be available in game? Its kind of a let down that their showing off all the super moves already. And why is it always about Hal Jordan? Ive always liked John Stewart better or even better Guy Gardner. They better put Atrocitus in this sh*t!

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This looks amazing! Why cant the actual Superman comic live up to something like this? This to me is the way Supes should look. Younger and without a lazy eye. I always thought with the reboot they would keep Superman and Batmans friendship in tact. As knowledgeable as Bruce is, I thought it would be great for him to be somewhat of a mentor to Kal. But I suppose that's why I'm no writer.

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Heres what would be great to see in the game.

- Capt. Cold or possibly Mr. Freeze. (A Sub-Zero type certainly needs to be in the game).

- Clayface or even Beastboy. Actually both would be great and there powers are so unique.

- Killer Crock as another Brute would be awesome but there are many Brutes to choose from Im just a fan of him. Mongul would be another great choice I think.

- Zantanna - We need a magical character.

- Lobo for obvious reasons

- Blue Beetle or Martian Manhunter though I would prefer Manhunter over Beetle to each his own.

- Atrocitus!!! One of my favorite characters! Could you imagine him going around and barfing firey blood all over his enemies. Sa~weet.

- Poison Ivy

- Raven. Her dark sorcery would be a welcome addition.

- Cyborg Superman. He just looks F*ing awesome.

I would also love to see end bosses who were extremely hard to unlock as playable characters such as Nekron, Brainiac, Metallo or Darkseid, Ares, Doomsday ETC.

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Batman Beyond will be new to me, but I'm excited to try it out.I like how DC has come out of the gate but I think next year things are going to really start coming into focus. Cant wait for JSA I hope it becomes an ongoing series and I especially hope for the return of PowerGirl with or w/out a new origin.