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Oil field worker. Diesel engines Tech. Work hard and play even harder. 4wheelers, cars, fishing, water skiing, anything outdoors related I LOVE IT! Also, I have found love in DC Comics. Practically every character. From their A class to their D's E's andF's. Superman being my favorite. And am very much looking forward to the relaunch. When I'm not working or if I'm just taking a break picking up a comic is a great way to get completely lost and If I get a chance to stop at the comic shop I tend  to lose quite abit of time. I don't give a damn about some little buttface kid who wants to come talk shit cause Deadpool's way cooler than Deathstroke or some dumb shit like that. If your looking for that argument you'll have to find it elsewhere. I'm to old for that crap 30 yrs this April to be exact. I pay my due's and don't have the patience to listen to you. I very often more than not can act a little juvenile albeit an educated one but really love recommendations, opinions, and just all around thoughts on anything comic related or otherwise for that matter. I have many leather bound books.